The Top Rated Meal Kit Delivery Services

Sun Basket

sun basket review

Leading the food kit delivery service industry, Sun Basket has distinguished themselves for their mouthwatering meals, quality ingredients, and reputable company values. Proudly serving USDA Organic, non-GMO ingredients with savory meal plans that cater to a variety of diets, Paleo, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free included, Sun Basket is able to delivery recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Each recipe comes with easy to follow instructions allowing you to grow your culinary repertoire with a meal that can be prepared in about 30 minutes. With options to choose from their classic meal plan or their family plan, Sun Basket helps bring healthy food to the table that everyone will love.


Blue Apron

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With farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients, Blue Apron offers high quality and nutritional meals that are easy to make and fun to eat. The company works closely with farmers to curate sustainable recipes based on what ingredients are currently in season, and their commitment to healthy farming practices ensure that all their meats are antibiotic and hormone-free. When you subscribe to Blue Apron, you can pick between the family plan, which serves 4, and a 2 person plan. Meal planning with Blue Apron is extremely simple as you can choose from the company’s original recipes online and plan weeks in advance what boxes you would like to receive and when.



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With meals ready in 2 minutes or less, Freshly truly takes the hassle out of meal planning and prepping. This newer meal kit delivery service is based on a fresh, never frozen approach to meal delivery, offering a menu of protein-packed dishes that are all natural and gluten free. You can sign up to receive either 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals a week, from their constantly changing chef prepared menu that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their special packaging methods ensure that your meal is never frozen and arrives ready to be eaten within minutes.


Home Chef

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Home Chef is a great meal kit delivery service for newbies as they give you the flexibility to edit your order, skip a meal, and even pause your account whenever you need to. While some other companies lock you into a set meal plan, home chef boasts a flexible and simple subscription service with no binding contracts. All the ingredients are fresh and properly portioned with meals that are easy to cook in 30 minutes or less on average—so that anyone can be a home chef. When you sign up with Home Chef they will create a taste profile for you based on a questionnaire, so that you only get foods that match your profile and nutritional needs. Further, in -addition to their diverse menu, Home Chef also offers delicious add-ons like smoothies and fruit.


Bistro MD

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If you’re tired of the tedious meal planning required to eat healthy on a daily basis, Bistro MD may be the perfect meal kit delivery service for you. This company’s main mission is to provide flavorful and healthy meal plans that can help their customers achieve their dieting and weight loss goals. Bistro MD rejects the notion that eating healthy means eating bland—offering a diverse menu mouthwatering meals that will change your perspective on healthy eating. When you sign up you can choose between developing your own custom plan, or joining their 5-day or 7-day programs. Their comprehensive plan includes 3 dietitian-approved meals per day, meaning all you have to do to lose weight is maintain an active lifestyle and eating everything in your box.


Home Bistro

home bistro review

Unlike most other meal kit delivery services, Home Bistro takes off the pressure of having to ‘sign up’ by allowing you to order as many or as few meals as you please. Each of their meals is chef prepared using locally grown ingredients and comes delivered ready to heat and eat. This meal kit services isn’t the type you would want to sign up for in order to grow your culinary skills, but if all you want is a delicious and hassle-free meal than Home Bistro is perfect for you. This meal kit delivery service can be your saving grace on busy days when there are mouths to feed and simply no time to cook.



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Boasting their company mission of bringing happiness to busy people, Veestro is able to do just that by allowing you to come home to delightful heat and eat meals waiting on your doorstep after a busy day. These meals always seem to hit the spot with easy heating instructions and fast prep times. When you go to order, there are multiple meal packs that you can choose from: a la carte, weight-loss, meal packs, and juice cleanse. The company proudly puts flavor first but also relies on fresh ingredients that are certified vegan, non-GMO, and preservative-free—allowing you to satisfy your taste cravings while being a conscious eater. Vegans can truly trust Veestro, with their dedication to veggies and the impossibility of cross-contamination as the company does not use any animal byproducts at their facility.


Diet To Go

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Diet To Go is a meal kit delivery service that strives to cater to your individual dieting and nutritional needs. Before you place an ord​​​​​er with Diet To Go, you will be asked to complete a free diet analysis, giving your insight into your estimated BMI and recommended daily caloric intake. From there, you can choose from their recommended meal plans or their sample menu, making it easy to choose dishes that align with your weight loss goals. Not only that, but you can choose great-tasting meals from three different menus: Balance, Balance-Diabetes and Carb30. The combined efforts of dieticians, nutritionists, health coaches, and other experts, ensure that each meal offers a balanced to support a healthy lifestyle.


Meal Kit delivery services are revolutionizing what it means to enjoy a home cooked meal. Busy families, singles, and working couples are all starting to embrace this new food trend with open arms, taking advantage of the freshly packaged and easy to prepare recipes. Perfect for everyone from culinary beginners to experienced chefs, these out-of-the-box meals turn the task of cooking into a fun experience for all involved.

Many companies are now offering these meal kit deliveries packed with the just the right portion of nutritious ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a way to build your culinary expertise, or simply a practical solution that can take the pressure off of grocery shopping, delivery meal kit services make cooking easy with their delicious meal planning. In fact, with food kit delivery services, eating healthy and satisfying meals has never been easier! The trick is simply knowing which service to choose.

To help you find the perfect meal delivery for your taste buds—and wallet—we have compiled the ultimate guide to the best meal kit delivery services on the market. We know that not everyone’s tastes, budgets, and nutritional needs are the same, which is why we have performed comprehensive reviews on a wide range of services; We’ve done the research for you so that there’s nothing left to do but say ‘Bon appetite’ and dig in.

Benefits of Using a Meal Kit Delivery Service

From saving you time at the grocery store, to challenging you with fun recipes, meal kit delivery services offer so many benefits that once you try one you may never want to go back. Some of the greatest benefits of using a meal kit delivery service include:

improve culinary skills

Improve your Culinary Skills with New Cuisines

With so many different companies now offering meal kit services, there are seemingly endless options of cuisines to choose from. Whether you want to take a stab at Indian food, Chinese, Italian, or another type of cuisine, you can try dishes that you would never have prepared at home otherwise—and improve your culinary repertoire in doing so. Part of the fun of meal kit services is that you never have to get bored of cooking and eating the same foods meal after meal; you can switch up your menu whenever you please with recipes that make you a bonafide home chef.

save time

Save Time

Between busy work weeks, raising children, and managing all the other tasks of the modern age, families and singles alike are busier than ever. Rather than adding meal planning as another responsibility on your plate, you can take advantage of the preplanned and packaged meals offered by a meal kit delivery service. Forget making emergency runs to the grocery store because you lack an important ingredient to your dish, meal kit delivery services already come with everything you need for a healthy and delicious meal. Some services even offer pre-cooked meals that are ready to heat and eat.

opening meal delivery box

Opening the Box Is Always Fun

From the moment your meal kit arrives at your door, a culinary adventure begins for the whole family. Opening the box is like opening a present—and a very delicious one at that! This can be a great way to get small children excited about meal time and interested in learning about healthy foods, nutrition, and cooking. Even picky children who are normally stubborn eaters may find themselves digging in with ease because of the excitement of getting food delivered and trying to guess what’s inside. From families with small children to couples and even singles, opening a meal kit box and learning how to prepare a new dish offers enough fun to go around.

fresh ingredients

Enjoy Fresh Ingredients and Quality Nutrition

Depending on the meal kit delivery service you choose, you can ensure a healthy and balanced meal every time you receive a box. Many people who work with busy schedules end up snacking on unhealthy sweets or sodium-packed junk food. This is usually because healthy meals require a lot of planning—something that can be hard to do if you don’t have much time. By choosing a healthy meal kit service, however, you can rest assured that you will get the fresh ingredients and quality nutrition that you’ve been missing—without the hassle of planning your grocery list days in advance. Most meal kit services maintain full transparency with their farming practices, food processing techniques, and ingredients, making it easy to find a service that fits your nutritional needs.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Meal Kit Delivery Service

To ensure you pick the perfect meal kit delivery service for you, make sure to consider the following factors.

cuisine icon

Cuisine Options

One of the greatest aspects of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service, is getting to try new dishes with every box. Most of the top rated meal kit services currently on the market, allow you to choose from a constantly changing menu that is prepared by expert chefs. This gives you the power to hand select what dishes you would like to try, creating the opportunity to branch out into never before tasted cuisines.

Cooking new recipes at home on your own or with loved ones turns mealtime from a tedious chore into a fun culinary experience.

When choosing a meal plan, pay attention to how many menu options they let you choose from on a weekly basis, and how often they update their recipes. If you are planning to order more than lunch or dinner, finding a meal plan that includes breakfast and snacks can also bring added value to the table.

The cuisine options with meal kit deliveries are seemingly endless, but if you have a specific type of food in mind, you can look into the background of the company’s lead chef for a good idea of their specialty.

Some delivery kit services will try to accommodate your tastes anyways, offering free taste tests with recommended meals that are designed to satisfy.

nutrition options icon

Diet/Nutrition Options

For many meal kit services, nutrition is a big part of their mission plan. If you have special diet and nutrition requirements, cooking can often take extensive meal planning weeks in advance to ensure that you have all the right ingredients from the grocery store, and the right proportions, ready for the week ahead. With a meal kit delivery service subscription, on the other hand, you can take all this hassleout of meal planning with nutritious recipes delivered right to your door.

When choosing a meal service, look for options that cater to different dieting and nutritional needs. Dieting meal kit delivery services, for example, are currently one of the most popular food trends, with many embracing this convenient way to meet certain weightloss goals. Some meal kit services rely on the expertise of nutritionists and dieticians to ensure that all of their meals are properly balanced and proportioned to support a healthy lifestyle. If you’re trying to meet a personal weightloss goal, try searching for meal plans that let you choose from low calorie or low carb menu options.

In addition to dieting and weightloss, meal kit delivery services can also help you meet other nutritional needs as well. For example, many meal kit services include vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and diabetic options, making it easy to get the balanced nutrition that you need without breaking your food restrictions. If you have special diet/nutrition requirements, make sure you check with the company before subscribing to see if they have options for you.

prep time icon

Prep Time

When it comes to meal kit delivery services, companies tend to cater to two different types of subscribers. On one hand, there are meal kit deliveries designed for the home chef—allowing you to put your culinary skills to the test with new recipes that are fun to cook alone or together with loved ones. These meal kit services come with a set of recipe instructions and all the ingredients that you need to prepare a gourmet dish from scratch. These deliveries are perfect for those want to turn cooking into a culinary challenge and don’t mind spending about half an hour cooking their meal.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a meal kit delivery service that can take the hassle out of cooking altogether, you may be better off choosing a heat and eat service instead. These meal kit services are designed for busy eaters who don’t have time to plan and prep their meals. There are now many companies on the market offering high quality and fresh meals that can be heated in just minutes.

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One of the greatest hesitations when it comes to meal kit deliveries is that consumers worry it will cost too much money, when in reality, many services now offer meals at a value comparable, or better, than that you can find at the grocery store. Depending on the meal plan you choose and the number of servings you need for your family, meals can average anywhere from as low as $5.00 per meal to upwards of $12.00. To get a better value, you may want to consider choosing a comprehensive plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, or you can choose a no-contract service that simply lets you order food a la carte whenever you want.

Checking what the service contract/cancellation policies are before you sign up can also ensure that you choose a plan that is perfect for both your belly and your budget.

company value icon

Company Approach and Values

Another factor to take into consideration before choosing a meal kit delivery service has to do with their company approach and values. Some of the best meal kit services become so successful thanks to the value the place on high quality and fresh ingredients. One way that this is achieved, is by partnering with farmers to create meals from locally grown, seasonal ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Checking for things like preservative free, antibiotic free, hormonefree, non-GMO, free-range, and other such policiescan help you choose a service with a conscious company approach. Not only do these agricultural practices reflect positively on the company’s values, but it also protects agricultural integrity—making your food taste better while supporting local farmers and promote progressive farming practices.

Take the Stress of Meal Planning Off Your Plate!

With meal kit delivery services, anyone can learn to be a master home chef. This modern solution to home cooking makes meal planning fun and simple, creating a culinary experience for the whole family. Whether you are looking to improve your cooking skills, or simply save yourself a trip to the grocery store, our top rated meal kit delivery services can be the perfect solution to a healthy, balanced, and tasty meal. Read our full review to learn more and subscribe to one of our top-rated meal kit delivery services today! flexoffers