Atkins vs. Medifast - Our In-Depth Comparison for 2021

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Dr. Robert Atkins, a cardiologist, started researching benefits of low-carb diet back in the 1960s! The approach he developed is based on eating right, not less! After many years of practice, finally, in 1996, Atkins online was launched! Wide variety of products, tools, and support is available online and at major retail stores! Entrees – breakfast, lunch, dinner and also shakes, powders, bites, bars, treats are all available online for you to purchase and wait for your box to be delivered!

  • Delivery Area: 50 States
  • Average Price: $12.52 For a Daily Menu
  • Shipping Cost: $0 (for orders over $99)
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Another weight-loss, clinically proven meal delivery service is Medifast! This company was established in 1980 and until today recommended by more than 20.000 doctors! Specially designed meal plans – healthy, tasty, and efficient, are available and come along with psychological support, helping you to get through the process of losing weight and maintaining fit! 

  • Delivery Area: 50 States
  • Average Price: $14.25 For a Daily Menu
  • Shipping Cost: $0 (for orders over $250)

Meal Options



Plan & Pricing


  • Easy Peasy Meal Kit $97.99 / kit

    Includes 14 Frozen Meals, 7 Meal Bars, and 7 Shakes

  • Evening Chef Meal Kit $89.99 / kit

    Contains 14 Frozen Meals, 7 Meal Bars, and 7 Shakes

  • Frozen Foodie Meal Kit $74.99 / kit

    14 entrees included


  • Medifast GO Plan $341 / 30-Day Kit

    Meals Per Day: 6

  • Medifast ACHIEVE Plan $323 - $399 / 30-Day Kit

    Meals Per Day: 7

  • Medifast THRIVE Plan $312.90 / 30-Day Kit

    Meals Per Day: 7




Popular Meals


  • Roasted Turkey with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
  • Peanut Fudge Granola
  • Caramel Snack Bar
Chicken Cacciatore by Medifast


  • Chicken Cacciatore
  • Peanut Butter Crunch Bar
  • Dutch Chocolate Shake
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Atkins helps you stay on a low-carb diet while enjoying food. You can order their frozen meals, nutrition bars, shakes, treats, powders, etc. Atkins 20, Atkins 40, and Atkins 100 are three types of nutrition Plans. Shakes come in Tetra Pak’s to stay fresh up to a year without refrigeration. Prices of shakes go from $7.19 to $8.89, and for bars, you would have to pay from $6.89 to $8.89. Meals come frozen and shouldn’t be thawed before microwaved. Although a lot of customers complained about getting already melted meals without any ice left inside! We hope they solved this problem!

Medifast offers three Plans – GO, ACHIEVE, and THRIVE. Medifast GO is for fast and efficient weight-loss; ACHIEVE is for graduate weight-loss while THRIVE is for maintaining perfect weight and lifestyle. Daily Menu contains 4-5 meals, Lean and Green meal, and one snack. Thrive Plan includes shakes, smoothies, and bars, as well. Medifast features guides to help people allergic to gluten, diabetes type 1 and 2, nursing moms, and seniors.

The Quality of the Ingredients

Atkins doesn’t tell much about the ingredients of frozen meals. Food isn’t organic and Non-GMO but still is healthy enough to justify the price of a meal kit. Medifast also isn’t transparent about ingredients quality. One thing is for sure – they use only natural food colors.

Nutritional Value

Atkins diet is based on limiting the input of carbohydrates so that way body will burn fat instead of sugar for fuel! Depending on a diet phase, your daily input of certain ingredients will vary! Portions aren’t that big, but they are frequent plus the shakes, snacks, and treats. 

Medifast dietary Plans have a Lean and Green Meal which you can design by choice and is mandatory each day! All of the 65 meals are low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein, high-minerals! Medifast shakes and sweets are also highly-nutritive and delicious, encouraging you to keep on with a diet!

Recipe Variety

With Atkins frozen meals there’s no much to say about recipe variety. You have 14 meals inside of a kit, different in essential protein and added flavors – poultry, beef, Mexican style, Asian style, pasta, vegetarian/vegan recipes, etc. Both Atkins and Medifast feature entrees – breakfast, lunch, smoothies. Medifast gives more attention to senior and nursing mom’s recipes and diabetic-friendly menus as well.

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The Packaging

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Neither Atkins or Medifast didn’t make this easier for us! They don’t give any information on how food is packed in a box, so we’ll share these very few information we have! Atkins orders are shipped via FedEx and UPS, without any shipping fees for all orders above $99. There’s an option for a Rush Delivery (price is $20 per box). If you live on Alaska or Hawaii, then you’ll have to pay shipping $60 per box.

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The company sends an email with a link where to track your shipment. Already mentioned customer review on thawed meals is a shortcoming. Medifast orders are processed and shipped within two business days. Only Medifast Advantage members have benefits with shipping fees and discounts!

Customer Support & Service


  • Switching plans – Switch to a different Atkins Plan or cancel a pending order via email/phone at any time!
  • Cancellation – Once an order has shipped, it’s not possible to cancel it!
  • Refunds – If a customer isn’t absolutely satisfied for any reason, the company will replace products or give a refund! Returns are not possible if the order is already in the warehouse or shipped!
  • Gift – Purchase and email Gift Certificate to a friend or family!
  • Free Trial – Company gives a free quick-start kit! Weekly/monthly subscription can save you up to 8% per order! Discount codes for 15% off your entire orders are, as well, available!
  • Customizable – Customize your weekly orders online or by phone!


  • Switching plans – It’s possible to switch to another Meal Plan. Make an update on your order by 6 pm EST the day before your order processing date.
  • Cancellation – Cancellation is free-of-charge when made before the mentioned deadline.
  • Refunds – Company guarantees refund or item-replacement if not 100% satisfied!
  • Gift – Company usually sends certain gifts with your monthly orders!
  • Free Trial – No free trial! Discounts for Medifast members! Medifast Advantage Members get free shipping for orders above $250 plus 10% discounts for each order!
  • Customizable – Be free to contact the Customer Support Team for any customization demands.

Our Verdict

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Atkins and Medifast both have decades of practice behind them, and a lot of satisfied customers who managed to lose weight and keep on with a different, healthy lifestyle! Besides food, they have to offer additional guides, books, and a team of people to help them deal with all those changes their body goes through! Atkins low-carb diet is not only good for your weight-loss, but also for reducing chronic issues! In the end, we can remind you that shipping fee and average meal prices are budget-friendly with all Atkins Plans! If you are not a Medifast Advantage Member, you can’t get a lot of benefits. Today, our winner is Atkins!