19 Bariatric Dessert Recipes - Treat Yourself with Healthy Sweets

Are you looking for ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while committing to lifelong health? Maybe recently you have undergone bariatric surgery, and now many desserts are off the menu? In many cases, deserts are packed with empty calories and will reverse the weight loss you fought so hard to accomplish.  

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up sweets for good. We came up with an idea to review a couple of bariatric desserts and show you how you are able to treat yourself with healthy and delicious sweets.

Bariatric Dessert Recipes

Butterscotch Bars

Are you a fan of brownies? How about making a slight variation of the same cookie? We have the most delicious butterscotch bars that will awake all your taste buds. Using butterscotch morsels will transform this ordinary recipe into something spectacular. 

With one bath, you can make approximately 36 servings. Butterscotch bars include all standard ingredients, like brown sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and of course, butterscotch morsels. 

One serving contains: 148 calories, 2.6g protein, 5g fat, and 23g carbs

image of vegetarian bars

Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Did you know you can actually make bariatric ice cream? If you aren’t a fan of traditional ice creams, you can make cherry chocolate ice cream. This dessert allows you to consume as much as you like without burdening your stomach. 

Made of fresh cherries, bananas, and unsweetened almond milk, cherry chocolate ice cream contains only 126 calories per serving, 2g protein, 4g fat, and 22g carbs.

Cheesecake Strawberries

Who doesn’t like cheesecake? After all, this is one of the most famous desserts worldwide, right? You can adjust it a bit to fit your bariatric diet without butter or sugar. We have prepared you delicious bite-sized treats that will blow your mind. 

And, best of all, they are allowed even in the strictest diets. You can make six servings out of this recipe, while the ingredients you combine include fresh strawberries, fat-free ice cream, and low-fat graham crackers. 

This bariatric cheesecake recipe has 34 calories per serving, 1g protein, 0g fat, and 8g carbs.

Mug Brownie

There is only one thing better than a freshly made batch of brownies, and that’s a skinny mug brownie. By making a brownie in a mug, you resist the temptation of eating an entire pan of traditional brownies. 

The recipe is quite easy to follow and includes only a couple of ingredients, almond milk, cocoa powder, and all-purpose flour. Mug brownies feature 96 calories, 2.9g protein, 1.4gram fat, and 17.6 carbs.

image of mug brownie

Berry Cobbler

There is just something special about berry cobbler, and hardly anyone can resist this dessert. Fresh fruit and crispy crust are a perfect combination.

However, the majority of cobbler recipes include a lot of sugar and butter, which makes them off-limit for most people on a bariatric diet. But there is a healthy alternative for you. Mix fruit with Greek yogurt, sugar, blueberry muffin mix, honey, and vegetable oil. 

One serving has 162 calories, 1g protein, 4g fat, and 31g carbs.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is one of the best bariatric-friendly desserts. In fact, this is one of the most popular desserts among vegetarians. The original recipe usually contains smooth cream cheese frosting and several hundred calories per serving. 

However, a healthy snack is made with low-calorie cream cheese frosting, flour, canned carrot, and milk of choice, just to name a couple of ingredients. 

Carrot cake features 100 per single serving, 3g protein, 2g fat, and 17.2g carbs.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

Instead of buying Reese’s peanut butter cups in the store, you can make your own healthy chocolate peanut butter brownie. For one mug, it only takes peanut butter, cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, egg whites, and water. 

You can make it in a microwave, and it takes no more than five minutes to mix the ingredients and bake the brownie. 

This low-calorie recipe contains only 132 calories, 10.5g of protein, 3.6g of fat, and 17.2g of carbs.

image of Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

Quinoa Sesame Brittle

It seems that these days everyone is eating quinoa, and it definitely got more attention than it deserves. However, it’s a great addition to salads and sweets since it delivers a unique flavor and texture. 

Quinoa is packed with iron and fiber, a great ingredient to keep on hand. You can make ten servings with this recipe, and with only 148 calories, 3g protein, 8.7g fat, and 17g carbs is an excellent addition to your bariatric diet.

Dark Chocolate Mint Bars

Many people only consider cakes and pies to be desserts, but what about small indulgences? We have for you dark chocolate mint bars that will satisfy your taste. One batch contains 24 mini bars made of rolled oats, dark chocolate, unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and other ingredients. 

One serving has 105 calories, 1g protein, 5g fat, and 14g carbs.

Raspberry Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are delicious and easy to make, and when we add fresh raspberries, they take this dessert to another level. The crust is made of wholewheat flour, while the secret ingredient is chopped walnuts, which give these bars tasty variation. 

One batch gives you 16 servings. For the filling, you will use lemon juice, lemon zest, eggs, and fresh raspberries, among other ingredients. 

One bar contains 126 calories, 3.3g protein, 5.8g fat, and 18.6 carbs.  

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

This is another great recipe for warm days. To make chocolate-dipped fruit, you need to melt a bit of chocolate in a double boiler and dip your favorite fruit inside, and that’s it. 

You can dip anything you like, for instance, bananas, oranges, or berries. Once you coat the fruit with chocolate, place it on a parchment paper and wait for it to set. You can even freeze the fruit to speed up the process.

Lemonade Cupcakes

Keeping up with the hot summer recipes, we have prepared lemonade cupcakes. If you are a fan of lemon, then you will love these cupcakes. While the applesauce might seem as a strange ingredient, it’s really the secret that keeps the cake moist and delicious without adding too much butter.  

Lemonade Cupcakes feature only 98 calories per serving, 0g protein, 3g fat, and 18g carbs.

image of Lemonade Cupcakes

Crema Catalana

We just had to include one fancy dessert. If creme brulee is your go-to dessert, you will love crema Catalana. The majority of custard desserts are packed with fat and sugar, but that’s not the case with this one. 

We have smart and healthy ingredients that perfectly align with your bariatric diet. This one also requires a torch to get that caramelized glass on top. And, believe us, it’s worth breaking the crust for that sweet crunch. 

Crema Catalana has 142 calories per serving, 4g protein, 5g fat, and 21g carbs.

Plum Cupcakes

The plum season is just around the corner, so it makes sense to save this recipe. To create mini-cases, you will need all-purpose flour, butter, avocado, eggs, lemon zest, and of course, plum. 

Plum cupcakes have 113 calories per serving, 3g protein, 5g fat, and 14g carbs.

Dessert Guidelines for Bariatric-Friendly Desserts

Low Sugar

To avoid bloating, gasses, vomiting, and other symptoms make sure to use bariatric desserts that are low in sugar or use sugar substitutes. 

Low Fat

Also, bariatric cookies tend to be low in fat. After bariatric surgery, it’s crucial to avoid desserts high in fats to prevent upsetting your stomach.

High Protein

Keep in mind that your body requires a lot of protein, and bariatric sweet treats need to be loaded with protein. Therefore, finding a way to meet your protein goal is crucial at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What desserts are best for weight loss?

There are plenty of options nowadays you can explore, and you can even modify traditional desserts to make them weight loss–friendly. But, to name a few: energy bites, high fiber ice cream, dark chocolate, protein mug cake, fruit with yogurt, and avocado ice cream.

Is jello good for bariatric patients?

Remember that only sugar-free gelatin should be treated as a liquid. Therefore, you shouldn’t consume it with your meal. Wait at least 60 minutes before you have your portion of jello.

Is it safe to eat fruits after bariatric surgery?

Yes! There is always a healthy fruit in your post-surgery meal plan. However, you need to make sure you are choosing the right fruits to eat. For instance, fruits low in sugar and with a healthy dose of fiber should be on top of your priorities. 

Two servings of fruit per day should be enough. You can pair them with protein which will keep you sated for a longer time.


Bariatric surgery is not an easy way out as many people think. While this procedure aims to improve your health, it’s also necessary to enjoy life. 

Of course, this treatment demands discipline and commitment; that’s why these recipes can help you create an eating routine, keep you balanced, and ensure you have the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

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