Best Baby Food Delivery - Reviews for 2021

If you’re a new parent, you’ll know that keeping your baby’s diet nutritious and healthy is imperative. But it’s also very time consuming and complicated. So to make it easier for yourself and beneficial for your infant, you could use a baby food delivery service.

These services will make sure your baby’s diet is nourishing and delicious while saving you time and money. And to help you pick the right one for you, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Baby Food Delivery Services.

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Little spoon logo

Little Spoon

Avg. Meal Price: $3.99 | Shipping Cost: Depends on your location (zip code) | Delivery Areas: 48 states




Yumi logo


Avg. Meal Price: $3.75 | Shipping Cost: Free shipping with subscription| Delivery Areas: Continental United States




Nurture life logo

Nurture Life

Avg. Meal Price: $7.99 | Shipping Cost: $6 – $12 | Delivery Areas: 38 states




Raised real logo

Raised Real

Avg. Meal Price: $4.75 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 48 states




Once upon a farm logo

Once Upon a Farm

Avg. Meal Price: $2 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states





Avg. Meal Price: $2.60 | Shipping Cost: $14.99 | Delivery Areas: 50 states




Yumble logo


Avg. Meal Price: $5.5 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: East Coast and parts of the Midwest




Thistle Baby logo

Thistle Baby

Avg. Meal Price: $2.15 | Shipping Cost: It depends on the location​ | Delivery Areas: San Francisco Bay Area, the Greater LA Area, Sacramento, Davis, and we ship to all of CA and parts of AZ, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA



* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 8 Baby Food Delivery Services Review

Little Spoon - Best Organic

Little Spoon delivers organic baby food blends made from fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients that will provide your infant with everything they need for healthy development.

Each of their blends is optimized for your infant’s health. They provide a detailed ingredients list and have helpful information like what each ingredient is good for. Little Spoon also lists the main benefits of each blend and offers different textures.

In addition to blends, they offer boosters, which are clean, powerful nutritional supplements to mix into your infant’s meals. They are made from sourced vitamins, minerals, probiotics, along with organic fruits and vegetables, and will ensure healthy development.

All in all, Little Spoon offers healthy food with many different options and supplements, which makes it a great meal delivery service for your little ones.

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Little spoon logo
  • Plenty of blends
  • Healthy diet supplements
  • Certified organic ingredients

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Yumi - No-Added Sugar

Yumi offers blends and finger food that will provide your baby with everything it needs to be healthy and happy. They use ingredients sourced from local, certified organic farms with no added sugar or additives making their meals balanced and delicious.

Yumi prepares and delivers your baby’s meals weekly. Their meals contain no preservatives and stay fresh in the fridge for seven days, two months in the freezer, and 24 hours once opened, so it’s easy to plan your infant’s diet.

Their menus contain more than 70 different blend flavors that are rotated and added to weekly. In addition to blends, Yumi also offers finger foods, which are nutrient-dense recipes designed for babies eager to start self-feeding. They will help your little one establish healthy eating habits while providing them with nourishing and delicious meals.

Yumi logo
  • Finger food options
  • Only natural sugars
  • Delivered fresh weekly

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Nurture Life - Best Natural

Nurture Life is a food delivery service for babies, toddlers, and kids that offers wholesome, freshly made meals that will make it easy for you to establish a healthy and varied diet (top meal services) for your child.

They make different plans for babies, toddlers, and older kids. All of them are designed to be nutritionally balanced for your child’s age and stage of development. Couple this with their varied and exciting menu, and you have meals delivered to your door that your kid will love.

All Nurture life meals are designed by pediatric dietitians and made by excellent chefs with fresh, organic ingredients to provide optimal nutrition and exciting flavors. They are delivered cold, not frozen. All you need to do is heat them up, and your baby’s meal is ready. It’s easy, convenient, and nourishing.

Nurture life logo
  • Meals for babies, toddler, and kids
  • Freshly made and pediatric dietitian-approved dishes
  • Ready in 3 minutes or less

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Raised Real - Best Sustainable

Raised Real offers meals for babies made from organic, sustainably sourced ingredients that have all the nutrition and nourishment your little one needs for healthy development.

With each box from Raised Real, you get an assortment of flash-frozen, unblended produce, so you know exactly what your child is eating. Their meals are straightforward to prepare, each recipe taking only 5 minutes. An added benefit of unblended ingredients is the flexibility in preparing each meal. You can blend it, serve it whole, or mash it, either way, your infant gets fresh, nutritious meals. 

Raised Real offers a lot of support for parents as well as nutritious meals. You can ask their team any questions you might have, and of course, you can skip or cancel any time you want. They are easy, flexible, and overall, an excellent option for any parent.

Raised real logo
  • Organic, sustainably sourced produce
  • Free delivery bi-weekly or monthly
  • Flexible preparation

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Once Upon a Farm - Non-GMO

If you’re looking to feed your child homemade meals made from organic ingredients, but don’t have the time necessary to put into cooking, Once Upon a Farm might be the service for you. They provide you with great baby food made fresh produce that your child will love.

With Once Upon a Farm, you get nutritious blends made with fresh, USDA certified organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. They offer meals for toddlers and older kids as well as babies.

Their unique food blends are cold-pressed and made from fresh, organic whole fruits and vegetables with added herbs, spices and ingredients like avocado, chia seeds, and quinoa that will provide all the nutrition your infant needs while developing their palates.

Overall, Once Upon a Farm can be a great option for parents looking for sourced, organic ingredients that are made with love and care your child deserves.

Once upon a farm logo
  • Certified organic and GMO-free ingredients
  • Various herbs and spices
  • Made with fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables

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Cerebelly - Best for Brain Development

Cerebelly is a baby food delivery service that focuses on delivering meals that will help your infant’s brain develop and reach its full potential. All the ingredients they use were carefully selected to taste great and help your little one make the most of early brain development.

Based on your baby’s age and what their developmental stage is, Cerebelly recommends meals made with organic ingredients that provide specific nutrients for that developmental window. This way, your little one’s mind will receive all the nourishment it needs.

Cerebelly delivers food to your door every two weeks. Each delivery will be unique and will change as your little one grows. Their ingredients are organic and sourced, ensuring a flavorful and exciting experience for your infant. All in all, Cerebelly is a great service that offers both flavor and healthy development to your child.

  • Meals designed for healthy brain development
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • No added sugar

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Yumble - Best Wholesome

Yumble delivers fun and exciting baby food that will make your little one look forward to each meal while saving you time and money. They offer dishes that are fully cooked and ready to heat in the microwave, leaving more valuable time for you and your kids.

Their meals are made with carefully sourced fruits and veggies, and are perfectly balanced and approved by nutritionists. Each week you get to pick the meals you want from their varied menu that even has options for picky eaters. Yumble offers free shipping and delivers food fresh in sustainable boxes.

They also include activities in their boxes like sticker sheets and a deck of table topics to add even more ways for the whole family to connect around mealtime. And it’s details like this coupled with their excellent meal quality that makes Yumble a great option for any parent.

Yumble logo
  • Fun and healthy meals
  • Nutritionist approved
  • Flexible subscription

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Thistle Baby - Best Pre-prepped

Last but not least, on our list is Thistle Baby. They offer homemade, organic baby food that will provide all the nutrients your little one needs and flavors that develop tiny taste buds.

With Thistle Baby each week, you get a box of organic produce that has been pre-washed, chopped and portioned by recipe and flash-frozen afterward to preserve all the nutrients and the taste. Your infant gets optimal nutrient content and flavor with no preservatives. All you need to do is steam and blend the ingredients, and your baby’s delicious meal is ready. It takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare dinner.

In addition to deliciousness and ease of use, Thistle meals are very affordable. They are also very flexible, allowing you to cancel or pause your subscription at any time. Overall, this service can be an excellent option for busy parents and will help foster a lifetime of healthy eating habits for all our little ones.

Thistle Baby logo
  • Easy meal preparation
  • Affordable prices
  • Flash-frozen ingredients

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When Can an Infant Eat Solid Food?

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends feeding your baby breast milk or formula for 6 months after birth. But, typically, at about 4 months, you can start introducing solid food as a complement to breastfeeding or formula. In addition to age, signs like your baby holding his or her head steady, sitting upright, and showing a desire for food, can mean you can add solid food to the baby’s diet. 

If your child has already started eating solids, you might want to check out our list of best kid-friendly meal delivery services.

image of baby girl eating

Tips in Feeding a Baby

Allow Food Exploration

Allowing your baby the ability to choose the food that appeals to him or her can make all the difference. They will always want to try new things, and you should encourage this. And with your supervision, this can lead to a healthy diet moving forward.

Use a High Chair

Using a high chair lets your baby join in some of the family’s activities, which is great for social development. It will also encourage your baby to eat the same way you do.

If you’re looking for prepared meals that the whole family can enjoy, check out our meal delivery services for families.

Encourage Baby to Use a Spoon

Offering your baby a spoon to hold while you feed them can be a great way to encourage self-feeding. As their dexterity improves, they will naturally start to attempt using the spoon.

image of baby holding spoon

Offer a Cup

Using a cup to feed your infant breast milk or formula can help make weaning from a bottle easier. As your child grows older, it will gradually start to use the cup on their own.

Don't Force Baby to Eat

Forcing your baby to eat is never a good idea. It can create a negative experience that might leave a lasting impression. Instead, be patient and let your child show you the signs that they are ready for solid foods.

Give Individual Servings

Giving your baby individual servings can also be very beneficial. If the serving is balanced and measured, it will leave them satisfied after every meal. They will also look forward to each next meal.

Steaming food tray with lid

Frequently Asked Questions

Are organic food better for babies?

Most research suggests that organic food does not provide significant nutritional benefits. But organic produce has significantly fewer pesticides and will limit exposure to these chemicals. Organic farming is also environmentally friendly, as opposed to conventional agriculture, which can be taxing on the environment.

Can baby food deliveries be frozen?

Yes, and a lot of them are. This doesn’t mean that it will taste worse, it is just more convenient and safer to ship. Frozen food (best meal delivery services here) will have a longer shelf life and allows delivery services to skip using any preservatives that might be harmful.

What's the best food delivery for busy moms?

Most of the services on our list can be an excellent option for busy moms. Moms should look for services that will provide flexible delivery times and meals that are quick and easy to prepare. 


All in all, baby food delivery services can be a great help to any parent. They will make it quick and straightforward to prepare high-quality, nutritious meals for your baby, that will ensure healthy development. And on top of that, you will spend less time planning and cooking meals, and cleaning up the mess afterward.

And hopefully, this list will help you decide which services are the right one for you and your little one.

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