Best Kosher Meal Delivery and Kosher Certified Grocery Stores

How hard can it be to stick to a kosher diet? You would be surprised by the lack of interest dining establishments have in this particular lifestyle choice. The chances are slim to none that you will find a kosher meal at a restaurant. 

But not everything is lost! You can always rely on meal delivery services to supply you with a steady flow of restaurant-quality kosher dishes. That way, you get to avoid the struggle and annoyance that comes with this.  

In this post, we bring you the best kosher meal delivery services and online grocery stores that will ensure you have the most delicious meals and ingredients.




Packed with proteins
Freshly delivered to your doorstep
Food checked by Mashgiach
Avg. Meal Price: $17 | Shipping Cost: N/A | Delivery Areas: 48 states


KosherBox logo


Ready-made food
Worldwide shipping
Offers a snack subscription box
Avg. Meal Price: $16.95  | Shipping Cost: depend on your location  | Delivery Areas: 50 states
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.


fresh direct logo image

Fresh Direct

Limited delivery
Minimum order
Great selection of groceries
Avg. Meal Price: $19.99 | Shipping Cost: $9.99 delivery fee per order | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Glatt Kosher logo

Glatt Kosher

Vast selection of products
Exclusively kosher online grocer
Supervised by Rabbi
Avg. Meal Price: | Shipping Cost: | Delivery Areas:


Thrive Market logo

Thrive Market

Plenty of options to choose from
Free shipping involved
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Avg. Meal Price: | Shipping Cost: | Delivery Areas:


Western Kosher logo

Western Kosher

$70 minimum order for a kosher box
Local delivery available
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Avg. Meal Price: | Shipping Cost: | Delivery Areas:
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top Best Kosher Meal Delivery Services Review

JChef - Best Meal Kit

Finding a kosher food delivery that meets your requirements and tastes great is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, we managed to get one for you. JChef is a company that focuses on integrity, variety, and quality of ingredients they use. 

This is one of the few services that provide 100% kosher meals. They will deliver fresh food to your doorstep, which requires a light amount of prep work. JChef stands out from other meal kit services due to the high portion of protein in their meals, which is suitable for anyone on a protein-based diet. 

Mashgiach checks JChef's products before they are shipped, while the ingredients are stored in vacuum-sealed containers to preserve freshness. You might notice their kits lack spices or other components. But this is something we all have in our kitchen, so it shouldn’t pose an issue. 

All things considered, JChef is one of the services you should have in mind when it comes to kosher meals.



  • Packed with proteins 
  • Freshly delivered to your doorstep 
  • Food checked by Mashgiach
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KosherBox - Best Ready-Made

Next on our list, KosherBox ensures you live your kosher life to the fullest. They deliver 100% fresh and ready-to-eat recipes worldwide, which is quite a unique feature when it comes to meal delivery services. 

This is great news for many people who have trouble finding kosher food when traveling. KosherBox will provide you with dishes certified by highly reputable Hashgachas. One meal will be enough to serve a single person, with plenty of proteins accompanied by delicious kosher sides such as farfe, carrot tzimmes, and potato kugel. 

On top of everything, this service offers everything you need for a Shabbat meal. Keep in mind that many recipes are on the higher end, so expect to pay more, but it will be well worth it.

KosherBox logo


  • Ready-made food
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Offers a snack subscription box
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Top Kosher Online Grocery Stores

Fresh Direct - Best Budget-Friendly

Now, if you are in the mood to prepare your kosher dishes, there is no better way than finding an online grocery store that offers kosher ingredients. Fresh Direct is a well-known name in the food industry, and in addition to their traditional lineup of products, you will have kosher items as well. 

Of course, they offer kosher foods delivered to your doorstep and a decent selection of budget-friendly ingredients, and a few extras. You don't have to roam their website to find your favorite ingredients; just apply filters to find food that matches your lifestyle. 

In terms of taste and freshness, all orders are filled the night before your delivery day, which prolongs the freshness. Plus, the company allows you to select the most convenient time slot to ensure you are able to receive the order. 

The only downside to this service is the fact that they mostly deliver to the northeast. Also, there is a $30 minimum order required.

fresh direct logo image


  • Limited delivery
  • Minimum order 
  • Great selection of groceries
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Glatt Koshe - Best Selection

If you don't have access to your favorite kosher delivery store or simply want to enjoy a quality and diverse selection of ingredients, then Glatt Kosher is the right choice for you. In fact, many people have turned to this popular online grocer. 

Their selection of products goes beyond your expectations. You will find literally anything.

The website is easy to navigate, and they have special sections for holiday shopping. If you order food over $100, the shipping is free, and they deliver food anywhere in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii. 

Keep in mind that they don't ship frozen food. On the bright side, everything is supervised by Rabbi, so there is no room for mistakes.

Glatt Kosher logo


  • Vast selection of products
  • Exclusively kosher online grocer 
  • Supervised by Rabbi
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Thrive Market - Best Deals

Thrive Market is another popular online grocer, offering a wide selection of kosher groceries on their website.

One of the issues we have faced so far is the fact that many companies claim to respect and fully understand kosher guidelines. However, that's not always the case. 

With Thrive Market, we didn't experience a similar issue because they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Here you will find plenty of brands to help you create a fantastic kosher diet menu. 

Expect free shipping on orders over $49 and a minimum fee for orders under that threshold. Also, customers get to order non-kosher ingredients and produce. This company offers vitamins and supplements as well.

Thrive Market logo


  • Plenty of options to choose from 
  • Free shipping involved 
  • Monthly and a yearly subscription
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Western Kosher - Best Quality

Based in Los Angeles, Western Kosher is an online grocer with a digital storefront that offers customers' favorite kosher products.

This company is focused on selling the highest quality items, so it can be a bit expensive for average consumers. 

They have the basic categories of products in stock, including household items, wine, and deli. If you live in the LA area, a takeout and catering option is available.

Additionally, if you want your products to be delivered, there is a minimum order involved. 

Western Kosher ships their boxes overnight, while the average shipping cost is between $30 and $50 per box. Their site is easy to navigate, and you can quickly locate all the products you need.

Western Kosher logo


  • $70 minimum order for a kosher box
  • Local delivery available 
  • Great selection of kosher goods
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What Does Kosher Certified Mean?

The word kosher has slowly entered the English language and, in its original meaning, stands for acceptable or proper. However, kosher laws originate from the Bible and are thoroughly described in the Talmud and other codes of Jewish traditions. 

Considering they have been applied through centuries to various situations, these rulings, ancient and modern, govern OU kosher certification. This certification is sort of an approval issued by a rabbinic Agency that they have checked and inspected all the products, production facility, and manufacturing processes. They verify there are no traces of non-kosher substances and that products abide by kosher laws.

image of kosher lunch

Kosher Food Guidelines

Dairy Products

Acceptable dairy products are those produced by kosher animals and can easily separate into milk and cream. You cannot serve or eat dairy and meat at the same time. In fact, you even need to have different utensils for meat and those used for the diary. If you have eaten meat, you will have to wait at least six hours before you can consume dairy products.

Animal Products

Particular animals, like reptiles, shellfish, pigs, and rabbits, are forbidden. On the other hand, you are permitted to eat meat coming from animals with cloven hooves, like deer, sheep, cows, and others. Again, there is a catch; these animals have to be slathered in a particular manner without experiencing any pain. 

Once the animal is dead, forbidden parts like certain fats and veins are disposed of. Different rules apply to poultry, and forbidden species include swans, vultures, pelicans, and ages. Geese, turkeys, ducks, and chicken are approved but they also have to be slaughtered according to shechita laws.


Types of fish with fins and scales are accepted. Fish doesn't have to be slaughtered and salted in the same manner as other meat. Remember that shellfish, shark, swordfish, clamps, oyster, lobster, crab, shrimp are forbidden.

image of kosher fish

Vegetables and Grains

The majority of plant-based products are kosher. However, hybridized species are considered impure. Also, processed vegetables found in a can or frozen may pose a problem. They sometimes may contain non-kosher ingredients like meat or dairy. Therefore, it's best to choose vegetables and grain in their raw, unprocessed condition.


When it comes to eggs, people are permitted to eat them. Of course, they need to come from the approved birds and be free of blood. So even the smallest drop of blood found in an egg renders the egg non-kosher. An egg needs to be opened in a clear glass and checked for blood spots before cooking.

Benefits of Kosher Meal Delivery Services

Gluten Intolerance

Two million people suffer from celiac disease in the US alone; therefore, the demand for a gluten-free diet is huge. Products specifically designed for Passover can be great for those wanting to avoid gluten. However, not all Passover products are gluten-free, but the vast majority of them are. 

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is even a bigger problem than gluten intolerance, and there are nearly 50 million sufferers in the United States. Since kosher laws forbid the use of meat and dairy products simultaneously, many kosher delivery meals are 100% dairy-free.

Quality Assurance

Recent studies indicate that many people turn to kosher food because they are concerned about health. They want the safety that comes with kosher products, considering they go through specialized inspection processes. In fact, most consumers consider food with kosher certification to have better quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shabbat boxes?

Shabbat Boxes are an excellent option for everyone wanting to make Shabbat meals straightforward. It includes beverages, sides, proteins, Shabbat candles, and other accessories to complete this experience and help you fully enjoy your meals.

Are Kosher meal kits better than prepared meals?

It all comes down to your personal preference. You might be someone who likes meals on the go, so spending time in the kitchen is not an option for you. In that case, prepared meals will cover your dietary requirements. 

On the other hand, if you love slicing and dicing and experimenting with different ingredients, then meal kits are all you need.


Eating kosher food shouldn’t be challenging; after all, many meal delivery services and online grocery stores offer kosher ingredients, meal kits, and prepared meals. In this article, we gave you a couple of options; we hope you will find your match. 

Whether you eat kosher food or are looking to change your eating habit, take some time to go over these food companies. They all have something unique to offer and are interlay invested in supporting your kosher lifestyle.

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