7 Best Meals for Seniors Delivered to Your Home - Reviews for 2022

One of the most demanding and exhausting tasks in the modern lifestyle of today's society is staying fit, healthy, and energetic. This concern becomes even more expressed when we get to the later stages of our life. There're a few reasons why cooking is becoming a real challenge for older people. Physical mobility, balance, and memory issues make cooking difficult and often unsafe.

Faced with these difficulties and troubling facts, seniors usually skip meals or go for weak-nutrition food. Well, we are happy to inform you that a solution does exist! If you are wondering what might be the great options for seniors regarding staying fit, healthy, and eating well, stay tuned, and read about the best meal delivery for seniors!


logo balance by bistromd

Balance by BistroMD

American Heart Association's guidelines
Low-calorie meals
Fresh top-quality ingredients
Heart-healthy meals
Avg. Meal Price: $10 | Shipping Cost: $19.95 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


icon diet to go


Weight Loss
Hearth-healthy meals
Personal Meal Planning
Avg. Meal Price: $10.94 | Shipping Cost: $19.98 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Silver Cuisine logo

Silver Cuisine

Recipes designed by doctors
Low Carb Meals
Menopause-friendly Menu
Avg. Meal Price: $12.50 | Shipping Cost: $19.95 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Top Chef Meals Logo

Top Chef Meals

Low Carb Recipes
Meals for Special Dietary Needs
Highly Affordable
Great Customization Options
Avg. Meal Price: $8 | Shipping Cost: $19.95 for deliveries that cost less than $110| Delivery Areas: 50 states


magic kitchen logo

Magic Kitchen

Healthy Meals for numbers of special diets
A la Carte Ordering
Great Discounts with Meal Programs
Avg. Meal Price: $12 | Shipping Cost: $18.95​ | Delivery Areas: anywhere in the continental US


logo Medifast


Designed Diet Program
Weight-loss Plans
Gluten Friendly
Avg. Meal Price: $14.25 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Healthy Chef Creations logo

Healthy Chef Creations

100% Organic Ingredients
Mediterranean Loss Weight Plan
HCG Diet-Friendly
Avg. Meal Price: $35.99 per day | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 7 Prepared Meal Delivery for Seniors

Balance by BistroMD - Best Gluten-Free

Balance by BistroMD is considered one of the most convenient delivery services for seniors. The food menu is created and designed by professional dietitians  and nutritionists.

Whether you are looking to lose some weight or you require a specialty diet, this delivery service might be an ideal option for you. Meals are prepared with natural ingredients, free of chemicals and additives.

There are multiple different menus based on dietary needs. If you have diabetes or you eat gluten-free food, these delicious meals will meet your expectations. Also, there are menopause, low sodium, dairy-free, and hearth health menus, which makes them perfectly convenient for older people.

logo balance by bistromd


  • American Heart Association's guidelines
  • Low-calorie meals
  • Fresh top-quality ingredients
  • Heart-healthy meals
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Diet-to-Go - Best Low Carb

Award-winning menus created by top-notch culinary experts will make your life so much easier and healthier, for sure! You will be saved from stressful planning and time-consuming preparation of food.

Diet-to-Go is offering four delicious menus to choose from. This meal-delivery service is suitable for seniors cause of the menus mentioned above are ideal for each individual's needs. There are balance menu, balance-diabetes menu, keto-carb30, and vegetarian menu, so we are pretty sure you will meet your expectations and urges.

Also, the meals are pretty affordable. Ordering is easy, and the shipping process is simple, so there isn't a lot to worry about. Meals prepared by this company are famous as one convenient for those who want to lose weight. If you're going to stay slim and healthy, it sounds like a great option! It's a must-try!

icon diet to go


  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Hearth-healthy meals
  • Personal Meal Planning
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Silver Cuisine - Best Hearth Healthy

Expert culinary stuff from Silver Cuisine is driven with a strong belief that food is the best medicine. Having that in mind, sounds promising! Chefs are cooking meals that are made for only one purpose - longer and healthier living!

All ingredients are 100% natural, organic, chemicals free, and it is doctor-designed. Meals are prepared in small batches, and they will suit any need.

Rich menu and tons of options are something that will put a smile on your face, for sure! If you are looking for low sodium or low carb meals, you are in the right place to be. Also, there are special menus for one who has hearth problems or has diabetes.

There are also numerous options for older women who are going through menopause. Rotating meal options include over 150 alternating and promising meal options, and we are sure that at least one of the dishes will meet your expectations.

Silver Cuisine logo


  • Recipes designed by doctors
  • Low-carb Meals
  • Menopause-friendly Menu
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Top Chef Meals - Best Diabetic-friendly

Top Chef Meals has a mission to create a more profound connection with its customers by delivering them the most quality-nutrition food. The beauty of their priority is that they are trying to meet the needs of everyone's lifestyles and wellness needs, especially for seniors.

Top Chef Meals are offering more than 700 entrees with more than 300 side combinations, which is most impressive. The company is providing quality food, free of all preservatives, antibiotics, chemicals, and trans fats. All ingredients are 100% locally sourced, which is quite crucial for the elderly who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They are doing deliveries nationwide. An important note is that they have a special senior menu, so this meal delivery service should be checked out, unquestionably.

Top Chef Meals Logo


  • Low-carb Meals
  • Meals for Special Dietary Needs
  • Highly Affordable
  • Great Customization Options
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Full Review Is Coming Soon

Magic Kitchen - Best Vegetarian

One of the most imposing meal delivery services for senior people is Magic Kitchen. We are saying that based on their impressive variety of different menus that are made especially for older people. Menus are created to offer numerous options for seniors, whether they are vegetarians, carnivores, or diabetics.

Besides their multiple-meal offers, there are lots of ways you can enjoy their product.

Either you can go for a meal program, or you can enjoy their food from time to time. It depends on your wishes and needs. If the variety of needs and tastes is what you need, then the meal bundle might be the right option for you!

Also, if you are in search of specific dietary options, Magic Kitchen is the right answer to your question. Variation of options, a mixture of tastes, and ease of consumption are all factors that contribute to this meal delivery service. If you had any doubts, I believe they are gone and that you came to a conclusion that could be the most excellent option for you.

magic kitchen logo


  • Healthy Meals for Numbers of Special Diets
  • A la Carte Ordering
  • Great Discounts with Meal Programs
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Medifast - Best for Weight Loss

Whether your field of concern is a busy lifestyle or its a health matter, Medifast developed a perfect program that will meet your need and give solution to your problems. This meal-delivery service created extraordinary nutritional solutions for those who have intolerance problems or have particular dietary requirements. In either case, Medifast sounds like a splendid choice.

They have made a unique program called Thrive Healthy Living Plan. The plan is created with a desire to answer all potential needs of people who are taking care of their weight, health plan, energy, and overall health plan, which sounds like a remarkable choice for senior citizens.

The fact that over 20.000 doctors recommend Medifast speaks for it. It's easy and convenient to use, and meal plans are simple, food is tasty and affordable. Also, this company is offering professional help and guidance for those who choose tho be their clients. If you want one of their meal plan options, you will get access to many nutritional tools and support materials, which sounds like a great option, especially for senior members of society!

Follow for more top rated meal delivery programs for weight loss.

logo Medifast


  • Designed Diet Program
  • Weight-loss Plans
  • Gluten Friendly Menu
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Healthy Chef Creations - Best-Low Calorie

Food prepared and provided by Healthy Chef Creations is always tasty and enjoyable. It is still fresh, 100% organic, with no chemicals added. The philosophy of this company is based on understanding and answers to all the different dietary needs and preferences. Based on many conducted types of research, they developed and created a variety of exceptional meal plans and each of those answers to a specific dietary need.

They have made special attention for senior people and nursing moms by created menus suitable just for their needs. Also, they have unique menus for people who have diabetes and gluten allergy issues and for those who are vegetarians.

All of these menus mentioned above are created to create and maintain healthy habits, create positive energy, and save you precious time. Ordering food from Healthy Chef Creations is very easy and convenient, and they are shipping nationwide! The variety of food is tremendous. There are over thousand of recipes made by their very best chefs. They have a la carte option, and they have a meal plan option, as well. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? You won't make a mistake if you try it out!

Healthy Chef Creations logo


  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Mediterranean Loss Weight Plan
  • HCG Diet-Friendly
  • Five Meal Programs for Different Dietary Needs
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How to Choose a Meal Delivery Service for Aging Adults

Meal Variety

All of these meal delivery companies that we mentioned above have a remarkable and noteworthy variety of meals suitable for elders. These meals are perfect for anyone, but they are made in such a way to meet the particular needs of senior people. Whether we are talking about dietary or health needs or different lifestyle choices like vegetarianism or veganism, these companies accommodated their meals in such a manner.

Nutritional and Dietary Requirement

They do not meet only the needs of senior citizens in dietary or nutritional habits. Still, they also took care of numerous dietary restrictions prescribed by doctors due to a variety of medical issues that almost inevitably come with age. Of course, they didn't just make one universal solution for all. Doing that would be nearly impossible. Instead, they are offering a variance of customization options so everyone can order a perfect meal for themselves regarding their specific needs.

Meal Portioning

Besides flavor, ingredients, nutrition value, and price, there are more important criteria we should consider to find the top rated meal delivery service for older adults. One of the most important, for sure, is a serving size or a meal portion. 

All the services we have reviewed were being meticulous when they were planning meal portions for seniors. They have developed and created lots of options considering meal packages and meal plans so everyone can purchase an ideal meal portioning for himself.

image of rabbit meat and vegetables

Subscription Flexibility

The reason why these companies are reviewed in this article lies in the fact that they did superb quality service and offered additional discounts for seniors, providing unrestricted access to personalized meal delivery to elderly citizens. There are multiple options regarding subscription in a sense. It is quite flexible. You can subscribe for one week, two weeks, or a monthly plan. You can order for an individual meal (top single person meal services here), and you can also subscribe to the different quantity and portion size meals.

Delivery Schedules

The delivery schedules of each company are different. The best way to determine what is the most suitable way of scheduling a delivery of food that want to order is to find out how long takes delivery of each company and what is the cut off time for orders.

Delivery Fee

Delivery Fee is different from company to company. Each meal delivery service has its own rules regarding the delivery fee, so it is essential to find out what is the actual amount of fee before placing the order. Sometimes the delivery fee is different for different areas and sometimes is determined as a standard.


The budget is a significant thing to consider while choosing the right meal delivery service for you. The price of each delivery service vary, but the average cost of a meal is 12$, which is affordable. Some of the services have discounts. They offer coupons and different kinds of benefits, but that is also a fact that varies from company to company.

Check our top 10 meal delivery options that saves your budget!

Online Reviews

There are a lot of review sites and testimonials online nowadays. Before choosing a suitable food delivery service, it is always a good idea to check out other people's experiences. It may help you with making the right decision. Nevertheless, the only guaranteed way to make sure that you love food from a specific delivery service is to try it out by yourself.

Why Meal Making May be a Challenge to Senior Citizens

There are a lot of different factors that make cooking and meal preparing difficult for the elderly. Sometimes the problem is their physical condition. It might be challenging for them to manage all the kitchen work that includes meat and vegetable chopping, lifting a hot pan, or constant use of the oven. 

In some cases, the problem lies in memory issues. A forgotten boiling meal could often start a fire. Also, the mental state of mind and mindset of older people isn't right for cooking. Depression, low moods, fatigue, or even medication side effects can make cooking troubling for seniors.

On top of that, older adults have different nutrition needs. It's not easy to make a meal that will satisfy nutritional value needs and yet achieve a perfect mixture of flavors that will satisfie the taste. All these factors imply that trying out one of the excellent meal delivery services for seniors isn't a bad idea at all, you must agree.

image of senior couple making dinner

Benefits of Meal Delivery Services for the Elderly

Nutritional Needs are Met

Whether you are in need of low sodium, low carb, gluten-free, low sugar, or low-fat meals or you want to maintain a particular lifestyle like veganism or vegetarianism, these food delivery services are the right option for you. They are doing a fantastic job of accommodating the quality of meals to all of your dietary and nutritional preferences.

It is More Convenient

It is more convenient to order food from one of the best delivery services. You can choose a suitable meal for you concerning nutritional value and taste. Sometimes, for older adults, it is difficult to prepare such a quality meal, and there could be many different reasons. Instead, ordering these amazing meals will save you precious time and effort. It is healthy, convenient, and delicious.

Meals are Fresh and Nutritious

Food made by one of the very best delivery services is always fresh and with high nutritional value. All the ingredients are 100% natural and organic, and meals are fresh and enjoyable. Customization of meals offered by companies will allow seniors to choose adequate meals considering all the crucial factors such as flavor, superior-quality ingredients, quantity, and fast delivery options.

image of elderly couple having breakfast

Easy Clean-ups

One of the many factors that make ordering food from these services a great idea is a fact that cleaning up after a meal is so easy and convenient! With no need for cooking, you won't have to do dishes anymore! You will save your precious time and effort, and you will clean up in no time! Sounds impressive, doesn't it? This appealing possibility must be tried out!

They Can Eat Regularly

Besides challenges and struggles for the elderly that we mentioned before, such as going to the grocery store or preparing lots of food every day, there are more inconveniences.

One of them is eating consistently. It is a difficult task for seniors to cook every day delicious and healthy meals. You will agree that it is pretty exhausting. Ordering meals from one of the excellent meal services will allow you to maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle, which is of great importance!

It Can Reduce Stress

Knowing that there are some fantastic opportunities for you out, there can be very relaxing. Older adults could relax, knowing that these phenomenal food delivery services will take care of them and all of their needs. They need to sit back and enjoy. After a lot of hard work during their lives, this is the part of the journey when they deserve to enjoy and truly relax, knowing that they've been taken care of!

What Makes Meal Deliveries for Older People Different

There are a lot of meal delivery services that are offering healthy meals that are low in cholesterol or sodium, made from natural and high-quality ingredients. This kind of meals will meet the needs and expectations of the majority. 

However, to be perfect for older adults, meals need to answer more criteria than just the above mentioned. There is a variety of possible dietary restrictions caused by numerous medical issues that inevitably come in later stages of life.

Fortunately, there are meal delivery services specialized for seniors and their actual needs. They have customized their menu based on the needs and requirements of the elderly. They have multiple menu options, and they are allowing older citizens to choose the structure of a meal, ingredients, nutritional value, size portion, and delivery specifics, which make it perfect for this social group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should seniors subscribe to meal kit or prepared delivery service?

We believe a better option for older adults would be subscribing to a prepared delivery service. The reason is simple. Prepared delivery meal services are offering already prepared meals which will save the time and effort of senior people. Those are important factors. Due to medical issues, physical state, or other possible difficulties that older persons are facing, having a healthy adjusted meal with no need for further preparation is crucial for their well-being.

Are Frozen Meal Deliveries Safe for The Elderly?

Frozen meal delivery services are offering food prepared from 100% organic, natural ingredients locally sourced, so they are a significant contributor to a healthy life. The fact these meals are frozen does not reduce the quality and nutritional value of it. 

Even the flavor remains the same as fresh. Of course, there is a big difference between cheap, processed frozen food from local grocery stores to specialized food delivery service. Delivery service has employees that are professional doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians with only one thing on their mind - to satisfie all the needs of senior people regarding their meals and lifestyle. Our advice is to be careful and dedicated when choosing the right meal delivery service for you.


Let's summarize it! In today's busy world, it is challenging to have a proper diet that will allow you to have and maintain a healthy and energetic life. This is especially demanding for the elderly. Their possible medical issues and conditions, physical or mental state, are reducing their possibility to eat healthily and properly. To resolve this inconvenience, we have introduced, possibly the best meal delivery services for seniors.

They are offering a variety of great options, multiple different diet menus all adjusted and customized for specific needs of older adults. Seniors were taking care of their family and other people all their lives, why don't we take care of them now, offering them this great possibility?

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