Top 9 Best Meal Delivery Services for Athletes in 2022

If you are serious about the workout, then you know that diet plays a significant part in helping you get fit in all the right places, right? On the other hand, professional athletes are familiar with the fact that proper nutrition enables them to achieve the best performance in the field while offering optimal results.

However, not many of us have the necessary knowledge to create a diet plan, which will provide balanced nutrition, unless you are working with a nutritionist. For that reason, the best meal delivery service for athletes might be your only option.

Therefore, we reviewed a couple of awesome food delivery companies that will help you unleash your inner athlete while achieving your fitness goals.

Now, let’s see what is so special about them and whether they are worthy of your time and money!


MealPro logo


Rotating menu
No commitment
Ships to the continental U.S. and Canada
Avg. Meal Price: $7.99 | Shipping Cost: $0 – $9.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Territory Foods logo

Territory Foods

Plenty of meal plans
Fresh and healthy ingredients
Great for people on strict dietary regime or athletes
Consistent taste
Easy to read nutrition
Avg. Meal Price: $10 | Shipping Cost: $7.95 | Delivery Areas: San Francisco Bay, Southern California, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Washington D.C./Baltimore/Virginia


icon diet to go

Green Chef

Four different plans
Made of fresh ingredient
Great for weight loss
Avg. Meal Price: $10.94 | Shipping Cost: $19.98 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Home Bistro logo

Home Bistro

Various meal options
Caters toward different health-related conditions
Delicious recipes
A bit pricey
Avg. Meal Price: $17.66 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Trifecta Nutrition logo

Trifecta Nutrition

Rotating menu
Specially designed to help with weight-loss
In-house chef
Micro-balanced dishes
Gluten, dairy, and soy-free
USDA certified organic ingredients
Professional assistance
Avg. Meal Price: $12 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Logo BistroMD


Perfectly-balanced food
A lot of plan options
Fresh and delicious ingredients
Ready-made recipes
Avg. Meal Price: $9.2 Per Entree | Shipping Cost: $19.95 | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Nutrisystem icon


Specially designed plans for weight loss
Tasty and fresh food
Ready-made and frozen meals
Comes with an app
Avg. Meal Price: $3.07 | Shipping Cost: $0 (for a la carte frozen food and non-frozen food orders of $50+)​ | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Fresh N Lean logo

Fresh N’ Lean

Five meal plans
Fresh and organic ingredients
Avg. Meal Price: $9.99 | Shipping Cost: Free​ | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Freshly Logo


Plenty of delicious meals to choose from
Rotating menu
Gluten-free and peanut-free
Avg. Meal Price: $10.49 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 48 states
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 9 Meal Delivery Services for Athletes Review

MealPro - Low-fat

MealPro has one simple mission-to revolutionize people’s lives through nutrition. Meal planning is a significant factor to consider, especially if you wish to achieve the best fitness results. For that matter, back in 2016, Endi Satori founded a company, based in San Hose, California, which takes cooking seriously and is designed to provide healthy and fresh food (10 best healthy meal delivery services).

In terms of menu, well, there is no, since they rotate meals quite often. You can pick anything you like while combining different ingredients. Whether you want to increase the intake of carbs, proteins, or veggies, this meal service allows you to customize your plans and experience a variety.

Additionally, a variety of high-protein and low fat meals will improve the athletes performance and help them achieve optimal results in the field.

However, it’s important to mention that food is pre-cooked, freshly made, and delivered to your doorstep. Each container is microwave-friendly and vacuum-sealed to retain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Additionally, each recipe has nutritional content displayed, which is particularly beneficial for people with strict macronutrient requirements.

Another unique aspect of MealPro is the ability to select between a one-time deal and subscription service. If you decide to commit full-time, then one box contains either 18 or 21 recipes, while one meal costs less than $10.

MealPro logo


  • Rotating menu
  • Customizable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ready-made
  • No commitment
  • Ships to the continental U.S. and Canada
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Territory Foods - Keto-friendly

Territory Foods is a healthy meal delivery service, which aims to provide locally sourced recipes to all people looking to change their eating habits, especially if you are into a keto diet (follow for more food delivery companies). This company offers food that is catered to a different type of dietary needs and is mainly focused on providing sustainably-sourced and real ingredients.

When it comes to the menu, they offer ten different meal plans, such as paleo, keto, plant-based, mixitarian, vegan, vegetarian, low-fat, low-carb, Mediterranean, and “no preference” food. Meals come in microwave-friendly, and sealed contains which preserve the flavor, as well the texture.

Considering there are plenty of options to choose from, it's nice to know that the list of their meal’s caloric and macronutrient content is printed on the packaging. In this case, you know how many carbs, proteins, or fats you are putting in your body.

Territory Foods features a rotating menu, which means recipes change regularly, while this company partners with local chefs to provide fresh ingredients. Each meal costs less than $10; however, every time you order their dishes, you will have to pay the shipping fee. Therefore, it’s best to order a bundle to avoid additional charges, but keep in mind that there is no commitment.

Territory Foods logo


  • Plenty of meal plans
  • Fresh and healthy ingredients
  • Great for people on strict dietary regime or athletes
  • Consistent taste
  • Easy to read nutrition
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Full Review Is Coming Soon...

Diet-to-Go - Diabetic-friendly

As the name partially implies, the Diet-to-Go subscription service is designed to help consumers lose weight and achieve healthy living goals. On the other hand, these days, a lot of people need to resort to a restrictive diet to control health-related conditions, which luckily Diet-to-Go can provide.

Customers can explore four different meal plans, such as balance menu, diabetes-friendly, keto and carb30, and vegetarian. Moreover, their experts have more than 25 years of experience in helping athletes achieve their fitness goals. All programs are focused on providing delicious, pre-made, and healthy food to your doorstep.

When it comes to diabetes-friendly meals (top meal delivery service picks), they help customers control their blood sugar, while offering calorie-controlled and nutritionally-balanced ingredients. Additionally, recipes are heart-healthy as well, with a decent level of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and cholesterol.

For that matter, if you don’t have time to waste on preparing and cooking food, then Diet-to-Go might be a great way to have healthy and balanced meals. Their dishes start at $8.75, and you can choose a full-time commitment or order individual recipes.

Learn more how Diet-to-Go works.

icon diet to go


  • Four different plans
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Pre-made
  •  Made of fresh ingredient
  • Great for weight loss
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Home Bistro - Heart Healthy

Home Bistro is quite passionate about food, and it’s the reason why they try to create meals you could order in established restaurants. On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of the food, their chefs are committed to providing healthy recipe options, you can prepare quickly and efficiently.

Compared to frozen food, you buy in a grocery store; Home Bistro dishes are made with fresh ingredients and without artificial additives or preservatives.

This company offers a wide range of dietary menus, such as paleo, heart-healthy, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, Mediterranean, and body shred. Therefore, if you are on some nutritional regime, then you can choose recipes according to your needs.

When it comes to heart-healthy recipes, they provide necessary ingredients, as well as nutrients and minerals to preserve the condition of our most important organ, heart.

You can either choose a bundle or order individual meals, while each dish has a detailed description of how food is prepared and what you can expect. But, don’t worry, preparation is quite straightforward since you will get specific heating instructions on each product you receive.

Some food is stored in microwave-friendly containers, so you don’t have to throw anything away, while you can eat straight from the box.

Home Bistro logo


  • Various meal options
  • Caters toward different health-related conditions
  • Delicious recipes
  • A bit pricey
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Trifecta Nutrition - Organic

Trifecta Nutrition is an organic meal delivery service, which provides plenty of pre-made meals and aims to satisfy the needs of health-conscious individuals. Additionally, this is one of the few companies that offers advice on how to combine their food with a workout to achieve the best results.

When it comes to meal options, customers can explore a rotating weekly menu, but also keto, clean, paleo, vegan, classic, and vegetarian food. In this way, you can experience fresh and delicious food and never get bored with the choice.

On the other hand, customers who want to customize their recipes can opt for a la carte menu and decide on the amount of protein, carbs, and vegetables. Therefore, if you want to control the intake of nutrients, and design your macro-perfect dish, then Trifecta Nutrition will assist you every step of the way.

The meals come fully prepared, and vacuum sealed, while you can heat the recipes in a microwave, stove, or oven.

Trifecta Nutrition logo


  • Rotating menu
  • Specially designed to help with weight-loss
  • In-house chef
  • Micro-balanced dishes
  • Gluten, dairy, and soy-free
  • USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Professional assistance
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BistroMD - Gluten-free

Another meal delivery service on our list, BistroMD, focuses on assisting customers in losing weight while challenging them to eat healthier food. However, compared to other companies available on the market, this one doesn’t rely on portion control or calorie counting, while allowing you to taste delicious food. Another interesting fact about BistroMD – it is designed by a weight physician, and their entire concept is based on science.

Customers can choose various meal plans delivered to their doorstep. In this case, you can order 21 recipes per week, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this case, you can opt for women’s programs, men’s program, heart-healthy, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, vegetarian, and menopause program.

Gluten-free option (follow for more meal delivery services) is a great solution for athletes suffering from allergy-related conditions.

Additionally, when we say their recipes are based on science, it means you will get balanced food that features lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Considering there are more than 150 options to choose from, you will never end up with boring and plain dishes. Recipes start at $5.99 and go higher, so anyone can find a meal that fits its budget.

They are offering healthy desserts, as well.

Logo BistroMD


  • Perfectly-balanced food
  • A lot of plan options
  • Fresh and delicious ingredients
  • Ready-made recipes
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Nutrisystem - Vegetarian

For people who want to learn how to control their portions and healthily shape their bodies, then Nutrisystem might be the answer to all your prayers. They offer various programs to accommodate your needs, especially health-conscious individuals and people suffering from some health-related conditions.

For instance, Nutrisystem’s plan includes basic, uniquely yours, a vegetarian (our 7 top meal delivery picks), diabetes-friendly, program for men, and others. It’s important to note that their programs feature lean protein and low GI carbs, as well as low-fat dairy, and plenty of veggies and fruits.

Considering this meal delivery service is designed to help individuals lose weight, but also support an active lifestyle, the first week of the program only allows you to intake approximately 1,000 calories. This will help you adjust to the changes, while during the second week, women consume around 1,200 calories, while mean about 1,500 calories.

Additionally, Nutrisystem has an app where you can track your daily fitness progress and consult with their experts.

Nutrisystem icon


  •  Specially designed plans for weight loss
  • Tasty and fresh food
  • Ready-made and frozen meals
  • Microwave-friendly
  • Comes with an app
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Fresh N’ Lean - Low-carb

If you are on the hunt for organic, ready-made recipes that are packed with nutrients, and taste delicious, then Fresh N’ Lean might be one of the choices to consider. This company is famous for its paleo, keto, and vegan meal plans, but they also offer other options you could explore.

For instance, when it comes to the menu, customers can enjoy protein+ and low-carb (see more food deliveries) recipes as well, which might improve the performance of every athlete, while promoting the intake of fresh and healthy ingredients.

Additionally, this Fresh N’ Lean service uses organic produce, locally-grown seasonal veggies and fruits, pasture-raised meat, and wild-caught fish when preparing their meals. On top of that, each entrée is gluten-free, with zero sugar, artificial additives, soy, or dairy.

If you are allergic to some of the ingredients, then you can customize your order by choosing to omit some of them. Also, each meal contains a detailed description, along with the instruction and nutritional content.

Fresh N Lean logo


  • Five meal plans
  • Pre-made
  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Allergen-friendly
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Freshly - Best for One Person

As any meal subscription service, Freshly provides pre-made meals to your doorstep. However, compared to the competition, this company boasts about fresh ingredients which use to prepare dishes, as well as time-efficient recipes.

Their recipes are gluten and peanut-free, which means people with particular allergies can safely order from Freshly. If you have specific questions and concerns, then you can email Freshly’s customer support directly.

It takes only a couple of minutes to have your lunch or dinner on the table since all their meals are microwave-friendly. While there is no specific plan to subscribe to, you can choose between 4, 6, 9, and 12 meals, all featuring different options. For example, if your spouse is vegetarian and you enjoy eating meat, then you can simply browse through their options until you find recipes to suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you require meal delivery for one person, then you don’t have to order a bundle to satisfy your dietary needs.

Each recipe comes with a detailed description, a number of ingredients, and nutritional content.

Freshly Logo


  • Plenty of delicious meals to choose from
  • Rotating menu
  • Gluten-free and peanut-free
  • Pre-made
Visit Website

What to Look for in a Meal Delivery Service for Athletes

High Protein

Athletes should focus on meal plans high in protein, approximately 8 oz of lean protein per recipe. In this case, the protein could be sourced from beef, poultry, and wild seafood. Additionally, you should serve dishes with slow-digesting carbs, or no carbohydrates at all, which you can customize. 

In this case, proteins will keep your body lean while helping you achieve the best performance on the field.

Low Fat

Low-fat meals should have between 20 and 35 percent of calories from fat. However, if you are on a restrictive dietary regime, then your intake of fat should be even lower, about 10%. But, keep in mind that the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend you take no more than 35% of total daily calories from fat.

Well-Portioned Meals

Another thing to consider when choosing a food delivery company is well-portioned meals. But, what does this stand for? Well, it means you have an equal number of proteins, carbs, and fats, which is significant to every sportsman’s performance.

For example, if your diet has more carbohydrates than necessary, then you will have a hard time achieving your fitness goals.

image of portion of keto lunch

Natural and Fresh Ingredients

Companies mostly provide ready-made recipes due to convenience. However, just because you receive frozen meals, it doesn’t mean the ingredients need to be stale. Therefore, it’s essential to find a reliable service that will provide you with natural and fresh ingredients.

A lot of companies these days tend to use organic ingredients as well, which improves the taste of the meal, as well as nutritional value.

Flexible Subscription

A flexible subscription allows you to test multiple services without commitment. For that matter, it’s a good idea to go for companies that offer individual orders, since you can taste plenty of meals and decide whether some food delivery service will match your needs or not.


As we mentioned many times before, price doesn’t determine the quality. Still, if you want to experience high-quality ingredients and exceptional service, you might have to pay a bit more. On the other hand, consider the number of companies on the market, a lot of them are competing for customer’s attention and are ready to offer great deals.

Therefore, you might be able to find an affordable, but at the same time, a reliable meal delivery service.

Benefits of Subscribing to Fitness Meal Delivery Plans

Learn More Recipes

During the week, many people fall back into a routine and end up eating all the same dishes. This is even more pronounced with individuals who are on a strict dietary regime. However, once you subscribe to a meal delivery service, you get to explore countless recipes.

That’s because each company has a large team of chefs working behind the best meal prep delivery plans. Therefore, you can explore a lot of ingredients without being stuck with one dish all over again.

image of woman cutting meat

Helps You Save Money

While it seems absurd, a meal delivery service can actually help you save money. Potential customers tend to overlook or neglect this fact, but in reality, you will stop buying food you don’t need in a grocery store while at the same time losing weight.

In the case of food companies, the initial costs might be high, but we don’t take into account the money we spent making a meal from scratch.

Meals are Balanced and Nutritious

Considering the majority of meals are suitable for families, you don’t have to order separate food if you are on the special dietary regime. Chefs behind these plans make a balanced and nutrient-rich recipe, which will satisfy your nutritional needs.

Additionally, you can enjoy delicious meals, while being confident that the rest of your family receive the necessary vitamins and minerals as well.

Meet Your Fitness Requirement

These days, it’s quite challenging to find a food delivery company that meets your fitness requirements, but once you do, preparing meals at home will become a nuisance. This type of service mainly focuses on athlete performance, ensuring you get a balanced amount of carbs, fats, and protein.

Therefore, you will be able to enjoy delicious food, without any restrictions, while trying to lose weight or making progress in the gym.


Think about how much time you’ll waste when preparing food at home. We know it can be tedious, especially if you have a job, kids, family. However, if you subscribe to a meal delivery service, it will save you a lot of time while enabling a variety of ingredients.

Additionally, you can forget about grocery shopping or meal planning, since food companies deliver dishes straight to your doorstep. You only have to heat them and serve dinner.

Reduces Stress

Athletes are under a lot of pressure to provide the best results in the field, while at the same time eating healthy and balanced food. However, after some time, eating and preparing nutritionally-conscious meals can create a lot of anxiety in your household, especially if your family loves to eat all that delicious junk food.

For that reason, switching to a meal delivery service will take away the stress while promoting a variety of ingredients to satisfy everyone’s needs.

image of woman eating and smiling

Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Eat Enough Proteins

While protein doesn’t fuel your body with energy, it is necessary to maintain a lean physique and build muscle mass. For instance, an average person needs up to 1.4 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. That’s approximately 88 grams of protein for a 150-pound individual.

On the other hand, an athlete needs a bit more, about 1.7 grams per kilo of body weight. The case study published in the Journal of Sport Science and Medicine, explains in detail the necessary intake of proteins, but also carbs and fats for professional athletes.

Bulk-up on Carbs

Carbohydrates are an essential part of an athlete’s diet. Your body changes carbs into glucose and stores them in macules as glycogen. When you perform any type of exercise, then your body transforms glycogen into energy.

For example, if you work out for about 90 minutes, you will have plenty of glycogen, even for high-intensity activities. However, make sure to avoid consuming sugar 30 minutes before you work out to prevent dehydration.

Stay Hydrated

Intense activity, especially during summer months, can leave you quickly dehydrated. For that reason, it’s essential to drink enough fluids to hydrate your body.

Dehydration can diminish your performance and, in some cases, cause health-related issues. Therefore, drink water or any other fluid early and often, not only when you are thirsty. The color of your urine usually indicates how much your body is hydrated.

For example, if it’s pale, then you are drinking enough fluids; however, if it’s dark and yellow, then you are falling short.

Avoid Fatty Foods

If you are a marathon runner and participate in long-distance races, then your body transforms fat into energy, when carbs are running low. Since the majority of sportspeople get necessary fats from their diet, you could increase the intake of olives, avocados, nuts, salmon, vegetable oils, and tuna.

However, make sure to avoid fatty food on the day of the race, considering it can upset your stomach.

Replenish Electrolytes

Sweating strips fluids and electrolytes off your body. But, keep in mind that electrolytes are significant for the overall performance since they transmit nerve signals throughout your body. 

If you wish to replenish them, then drink a lot of sports beverages. On the other hand, if you are losing fluids as well, then add an equal amount of water to achieve a perfect balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good for bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders require a particular type of diet (check our top meal delivery service picks) and need more nutrition than average people or athletes. For that reason, you have to consume food high in proteins and low in carbs and unhealthy fats.

Ideal fitness-focused meals should include:

  • At least 25g of protein
  • Complex carbs
  • Proper portion size
  • Delicious taste


Almost every fitness expert will tell you that exercise is only one part of your fitness goals. At some point, you will have to make tough decisions, and your diet needs to become an allay on your way towards success.

However, not many of us have the necessary knowledge to prepare balanced, but at the same time, nutritious food. After all, there is a science behind meal planning, which helps you improve performance.

The meal delivery service takes away the necessary stress, and with minimal effort, you will have delicious food served on your table. We hope this article will help you find the right company and fulfill your fitness goals.

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