8 Highest Rated Meal Kits for Families - Healthy Picks for 2022

What is the major benefit of a home-delivered meal kit over cooking dinner for the family? Is it skipping grocery shopping, chopping, and cleaning afterward, or lack of ideas for recipes that will fulfill everyone’s taste? Parents of young children usually have a problem to design a weekly meal plan full of veggies and proteins necessary for early childhood development and the immune system!

If, on top of that, you have a vegetarian and a carnivore family member, prepare yourself to stay for hours in the kitchen cooking dinner! In order to find the best meal kit delivery for your family, continue reading and forget about all of these never-ending problems!


Sun Basket Logo

Sun Basket

100% Organic Ingredients
Healthy Add-ons
Various Healthy Diets
Avg. Meal Price: $11.49 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 47 states


logo of Blue apron

Blue Apron

Weight Watchers reimagined Meals
Wine Menu
Amazing Spice Blends
Avg. Meal Price: $9.53 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: Not all States (enter your zip code and check on website)


Hello Fresh Logo

Hello Fresh

More than Affordable
Kid-Friendly Meals
Wide Variety of Meal Plans
Avg. Meal Price: $6.99 | Shipping Cost: $9.15 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Home Chef logo

Home Chef

Perfect for Big Families
Lunches in 5 minutes - No cooking
Healthy, Fruity Addons
Avg. Meal Price: $8.97 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Green Chef Logo

Green Chef

USDA Certified Ingredients
Gluten-free Programs
Specific Dietary Menus
Avg. Meal Price: $11.49 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 States


purple carrot logo image

Purple Carrot

Healthy Plant-Powered Nutrition
Free shipping
Vegan Extras - Breakfast and Lunch
Avg. Meal Price: $$9.99 | Shipping Cost: $0 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Plated Logo


High-quality Ingredients
Avg. Meal Price: $10.61 | Shipping Cost: $0-$7.95 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Terra's Kitchen logo

Terra’s Kitchen

Delicious Pescatarian Recipes
Free Shipping over $100
Eco-Friendly Kitchen Vessel
Avg. Meal Price: $12.99 | Shipping Cost: Free for $100+ and $5.99 for orders worth less than $100 | Delivery Areas: In order to find out enter your zip code
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 8 Meal Kits for Family Dinners

Sun Basket - Best Organic Meal Kits

Sun Basket is one of the leading organic meal kit delivery service shipping nationwide! Meal Plans are serving two persons or the entire family (four adults with leftovers for young children), and are more than appealing and diverse!

Sun Basket’s ingredients quality is their most significant advantage, in comparison to others! The price of a meal on a Family Menu is $10.99, meaning if you order dinner kits four times a week, it will cost $175.84.

By upgrading from a Family to Classic Menu, you can get more options and more food (18 recipes each week, including family-friendly). Choose from Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian Menu, or many others on Classic Menu - Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, Mediterranian, Pescatarian, etc.

Sun Basket Logo


  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Healthy Add-ons
  • Various Healthy Diets
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Blue Apron - Budget-Friendly Meal Kits

Blue Apron is a New York-based company, delivering pre-measured ingredients along with carefully designed recipe cards! Being transparent about sourcing organic ingredients, the company gained confidence from customers nationwide! Food is provided in an insulated card box with gel/ice packs inside to keep everything fresh and intact until you unpack it.

Prices are slightly better on a Family Menu - $7.49 to $8.99 per serving, in comparison to 2-Serving-Plan. Save your time looking for a specific dietary menu here, because you won’t find it! However, each week, chefs design six delicious family-friendly meals, balanced in all necessary nutritive values! One more important note for parents - Wine Menu and free monthly wine delivery!

logo of Blue apron


  • Weight Watchers reimagined Meals
  • Wine Menu
  • Amazing Spice Blends
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Hello Fresh - Best Tips for Cooking with Children

Hello Fresh is one of the first meal kit delivery services founded in the U.S, and still is one of the most popular!

Various offers on the Menus, budget-friendly prices, high-quality ingredients, and Wine delivery option will make you want to check out their website! Family-friendly Plan serves two to four adults for a price of $7.49 to $10.99/ per portion.

Delivery can be done two or three times a week with a shipping cost of $6.99 per box. Meals are kid-friendly and balanced, so your children can get the best highly-nutritive and flavored food!

Hello Fresh Logo


  • More than Affordable
  • Kid-Friendly Meals
  • Wide Variety of Meal Plans
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Home Chef - Ideal for Six-times-per-week Delivery

Home Chef, established in 2013, still sticks to their basic idea of a family meal kit delivery - eat healthily and enjoy moments with loved ones around the dinner table!

Home Chef meal kits can be purchased in some grocery stores if you prefer to try one out before you subscribe! Serving 2, 4, or 6 people with one order, the company delivers up to six times a week! Besides dinner recipes, you can order 5-minutes lunches and fruity addons. Price on all menus per dinner serving is $9.95, so for max 36 servings in one week, you will pay $358.20! All meals can be customized!

Home Chef logo


  • Perfect for Big Families
  • Lunches in 5 minutes - No cooking
  • Healthy, Fruity Addons
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Green Chef - Best Dietary Menus

Green Chef philosophy is all about taking the best from nature and giving it back! Furthermore, health comes from the food, so the ingredients they pack and ship are organic, Non-GMO, and high-quality!

The card box is made of recycled kraft paper, and ingredients are packed in different-sized plastic bags, jars, and containers, which are all 100% recyclable! Family Menu is separated into Omnivore and Carnivore Program with two recipes per week each. Shipping service does a delivery only twice a week for family kits.

So, if you want dinner for a family of four, twice a week, it will cost $87.92 (due to a price of $10.99 per serving).

Green Chef Logo


  • USDA Certified Ingredients
  • Gluten-free Programs
  • Specific Dietary Menus
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Purple Carrot - Best for Vegans

Purple Carrot is a vegan-only meal kit delivery service! In case you have a vegan family member, or you want to add some plant-powered meals into a weekly plan, check their website! It’s scientifically proven that plants included in everyday nutrition can reduce chronic diseases and strengthen the body! Family-friendly healthy meals serve six adults with shipping twice a week.

Shipping is free, and the meal price is $7.99 per serving! Chef’s choice of only two family-friendly recipes per week doesn’t give much opportunity (any choice, to be precise), but customization is possible! Anyhow, plant-based nutrition is vital in early childhood development, so you should include it at least once a week!

purple carrot logo image


  • Healthy Plant-Powered Nutrition
  • Free shipping
  • Vegan Extras - Breakfast and Lunch
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Plated - Best Offer of Meal Combinations per Week

If you want only the best ingredients for your family, consider Plated as your meal kit delivery service!

The company values the best organic, Non-GMO food that comes from local farms and ranches. One of the three Menus is a Family Plan, with a price of $9.95/per serving. Having dinner kits delivered to your home has never been healthier and affordable at the same time - four family boxes for a cost of $159.20.

Plated offers more than 20 meal recipes each week, plus the desserts - gives a number of 6.175 combinations every week!

Plated Logo


  • High-quality Ingredients
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
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Terra’s Kitchen - Best Mediterranean Flavors

The packaging is what amazes us about Terra’s Kitchen meal kit delivery service!

Their famous kitchen vessel is environment-friendly and can be reused up to 100 times before recycling! Recipe cards are full of tips on how to prepare dinner, and interesting facts and anecdotes about ingredients (helps when cooking with children!).

Price per serving on a Family Plan (serving four adults) is $9.99 to $11.99, depending on the ingredients included. Meals are inspired with Mediterranean cuisine and it’s possible to customize recipes free-of-charge!

Terra's Kitchen logo


  • Delicious Pescatarian Recipes
  • Free Shipping over $100
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen Vessel
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Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

Builds a Closer Relationship

With our lifestyles, as they are nowadays, even having a family dinner can be challenging! Many surveys show that moments around the table are essential for building closer relationships, especially for the kids. After a long and busy day, dinner time is ideal for catching up and sharing!

However, only 60% of teenagers have family dinners at least five times a week. This research done by the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University also pointed out that 72% of them see the importance of family dinners!

Develops Healthy Eating Habits

Having family dinners can help to create a good daily routine for young children, as well as adequate nighttime sleep. Considering the fact that most parents prepare healthy meals for dinner, we can mention the results of several surveys, which all lead to the same conclusion - children having family dinners more than five times a week eat fewer snacks, saturated fats, fried food, and soda. Their nutrition is improved with more fruit, vegetables, dairy products, vitamins, and minerals.

Family Meal Kits are making healthy dining very easy and possible for anyone! Snacks are full of vitamins and fibers, while meat-based dinner is a great source of protein!

Discourages Unhealthy Habits

Studies show decreased use of nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs within a group of teens who have consistent meals at home with their parents. Eating disorders in adolescents are more common nowadays, and it’s less likely for those who spend a lot of time around dinner with family members to pass unnoticed.

With subscribing to one of these Meal Kits Services, dinner preparation time can be a perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their children, as well! While cooking together, they can talk over certain problems and prevent unhealthy habits from developing! Healthy, happy meals keep family strong and close!

Enhances Communication

One of the common mistakes parents make is not turning off the TV during dinner time! Young children can improve their vocabulary and gain more knowledge only by listening to conversations of adults! Some of the general catch-up topics around the table are school, sports, friends, social events, etc. Adolescents with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety are more likely to ask for help from parents when spending every evening together (plus, it can’t go unnoticed)!

Better Academic Performance

Reader’s Digest Survey pointed out that a stronger predictor of a child’s academic success is the quality of time spent around the dinner table with family than whether a child lives with one or both parents! Another research says it’s 40% more likely for children to earn As and Bs at school if they spent every dinner with family! These children have lower stress levels, high self-esteem, positive relations with peers, and are more emotionally stable, which all leads to high grades at school!

Why You Should Consider a Meal Kit Delivery For Your Family?

If you want to break monotonous circle of family recipes, think about meal kit delivery services as an option! In that way, your family can try out some new flavors of worldwide cuisines and get a perfectly balanced mix of nutrients!

Wasted hours in the kitchen now can be used for catching up with your kids. It saves you money and time while giving new experience through healthy meal plans!

Lack of Cooking Skills

No need to worry whether your cooking skills are good enough for the preparation of a healthy family meal because they sure are! Inside of a delivered box is always a printed recipe card with steps and tips on how to make dinner possible! Sure, some of the specific recipes may require multitasking, but you can always look for a culinary-level number first! Each dinner will improve your culinary techniques and creativity!

Busy Schedule

Family-friendly meal kit delivery services are open towards any customizations, meaning you can skip or reschedule orders at any time and free-of-charge! It can be hard to organize working hours, school, and after-school activities while still cooking dinner for the whole family! That’s why meal kit recipes are designed to be prepared in 45 minutes max! 

Difficulty to Make a Meal Plan

It’s a challenge to design a weekly meal plan that will fulfill everyone’s taste! Meals on the family programs are kid-friendly, but still, they don’t always appeal to a vegetarian or a carnivore. By rotating weekly menus and adding new recipes, meal kit delivery services manage to solve these problems and keep you full and satisfied!

Messy Clean-ups

Clean-up became less of a problem and more fun with family meal kit deliveries! However, even with meal kits delivered to your doorstep, and ingredients pre-chopped, dishes after cooking are inevitable! Thing big and invest in the dishwasher and involve your kids in the preparation and cleaning, as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can meal kit delivery services cater to large families?

Yes! Meal Plans are designed to serve 4 or 6 adults with one Family order (depending on the specific meal kit delivery service’s offer). If you need more meals, you can always subscribe to another account and order one more box! By ordering a Family meal kit, you can choose different recipes, so everyone is happy!

Are family meal kits kid-friendly?

Meals on Family Menus are designed to be appealing for the kids while getting them all nutrition needed for early childhood development. Almost all family meal kit delivery services offer customization of the meals free-of-charge, so you can exclude ingredients your kids don’t like.


Dinner time has always been a time for family members to build-up relationships and talk over daily topics. Today, with our busy schedules and working hours, it’s hard to make that happen every night. But, surveys on that subject showed that even five family dinners per week are enough for children to develop healthy habits and maintain academic success. In case you don’t have time for grocery shopping after work, cleaning, and chopping ingredients, meal kit delivery service is a perfect solution! Find amazing and budget-friendly family meals kits, use your creativity and culinary techniques to prepare dinner for loved ones! It has never been easier!

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