What's the Best Meal Kit with Mexican-Style Meals for 2022?

How many flavors of world-wide cuisines have you tried out yet? And did you ever wonder, would it be possible to prepare an actual Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, or maybe Mexican meal at home? Some of the best meal kits with Mexican-style meals created their menus with recipes that are authentic and easy to prepare at home within less than one hour! Allow yourself the new and complete sensory experience with Mexican spices, sauces, and corn-based meals! By choosing one of these meal kit services, you can also learn a bit more about Mexican cuisine – its origins, typical flavors, and ingredients.


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Hello Fresh

Kid-Approved Family Meals
Weekly Veggie Meal Plan
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Home Chef

Healthy Addons
Ideal for Big Families with Kids
Avg. Meal Price: $8.97 | Shipping Cost: $0 | Delivery Areas: 48 states
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Top 2 Mexican-Style Meal Kits Review

Hello Fresh - Vegetarian

Hello Fresh has a long tradition on the market, which means a lot of experience with customers, and it has the most fantastic offer on the menus! Besides these advantages, Hello Fresh ingredients are high-quality, locally sourced, and used in the best way by their chefs. A family plan is designed in a way to reduce preparation time and to be entirely kid-friendly.

Perfect for meat lovers is the Meat & Veggies plan, while customers on the weight-loss programs can rely on Hello Fresh Low-Calorie plan! Rich and full taste of Mexican cuisine will give you the Veggie plan due to the widespread use of fresh vegetables (mostly peppers), sauces, and spices within the recipes, which is fantastic choice for vegetarians (check more meal kit delivery picks)!

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  • Kid-Approved Family Meals
  • Weekly Veggie Meal Plan
  • Budget-Friendly
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Home Chef - Gluten-free

Home Chef is a meal kit service focused on the family, cooking at home, and sharing moments during dinner time - everything Mexican food culture is about!

Households of six members can relax because Home Chef delivers up to six times a week and with the best meal kit value. Oven-ready, entree salads, ready in 15, slow-cooker meals - all of these recipe categories are with several Mexican-style meals. Tags on the recipes inform if there’s wheat, meat, soy, or any other allergen included. It's an ideal for people seeking for gluten-free meal kit delivery program.

Home Chef does customization of the recipes, contact customer support, and makes it happen!

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  • Healthy Addons
  • Ideal for Big Families with Kids
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What to Look for in a Mexican-Inspired Meal Kit

Fresh Ingredients

Mexican food is vibrant, with the most intensive spices and sauces! Making a proper Mexican meal requires for these ingredients to be fresh, natural, and tasty. Most of the meal kit services partners with local organic farms and ranches. Packaging provides freshness during transport.

Tasty Recipes

Meal kit delivery services that crafted menus with Mexican recipes did their best in trying to bring smell and taste from the streets of Mexico to your lovely home! Easy-to-follow recipes can’t lead to anything less than yummy! If you haven’t tried out yet, go easy with the spices!
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Subscription Flexibility

Flexibility is not a problem with any of these meal kit services. Meat and vegetables are an  inevitable part of Mexican cuisine, and they must stay fresh until a meal kit gets to your doorstep. Customer service is aware of it, and they are flexible to make it happen!

Meal Variety

Mexican cuisine is rich in spices, which makes it possible to experiment and even get a different taste by using the same recipe all over again! Either way, meal variety is not an issue with Mexican food. Meal kits come with the most detailed instructions on how to use ingredients and spices, some even how to include the entire family in cooking.


Incorporating meal kits into daily/weekly meal plan brings a lot of relief - less stress, plus the money, time, and energy-saving! Either way, the difference in pricing doesn’t necessarily mean better service! Meal kit service is affordable considering the high quality of ingredients, variety in recipes, and delivery to your doorstep.

Mexican Food Definitions that You Must Know


Trendy Mexican meal - flour tortilla usually filled with meat (chicken, pork, beef), beans, rice, and cheese. Burrito is wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder, which makes it easy to hold in hand and eat.


Taco is corn-based tortilla topped with a filling, which includes meat (most likely beef), vegetables, salsa, cheese, and sour cream.


Molé is a famous Mexican sauce, dark-colored, with an intense taste. It’s made from dried chiles, spices, seasonings, and chocolate (even though usually doesn’t taste sweet).


Enchilada is a rolled-up corn tortilla filled with beans, meat, and vegetables (optional), covered with chili pepper sauce and baked.
image of chimichanga


Chimichanga is a deep-fried burrito. Sour-cream based, cheese, green chile, or other sauce can be put on top.


Chalupa is very similar to tacos, but more of a “boat shape” and filled after being deep-fried.


Chipotle peppers are aged, dried, and smoked red jalapeño chili peppers - very spicy!


Churro is made from deep-fried choux pastry dough (flour, water, eggs, butter, and salt) and is categorized as a sweet snack. Churros are prisms in shape and can be straight, curled, or spirally twisted.


Gordita means “chubby” in Spanish. It is a thick, corn tortilla which, after being deep-fried, gets puffed up. After slitting one side, it can be stuffed with some filling (usually based on meat).


Taquito - known as flauta, rolled taco, or tacos dorados. It is a rolled-up tortilla filled with beef, chicken, or cheese. After being rolled-up with ends left open, tortilla gets deep-fried or crisp-fried.

What Makes Mexican Food Unique?

Mexican food is a combination of Spanish and indigenous Mexican cuisines! What makes it authentic is a blend of history, specific ingredients used in recipes, and unique spices. A lot of traditional Mexican meals are based on corn - in all shapes and variations!

Vibrant-colored spices give endless variations of meal flavors. Mexican chefs use over 100 chili varieties. Besides chili, there’s oregano, cumin, cilantro, garlic, onions, and much more to explore!


Exploring any country’s cuisine and culture is not difficult and challenging as it used to be before the Internet. Numerous chains of restaurants, meal delivery services, even fast-food restaurants at every step you go make it impossible not to try out some of the world’s famous recipes. And it is a good experience, especially if you learn more about that country on the way.

But, meal kit delivery services go even further by giving you only pre-measured ingredients and a recipe card with instructions on it. This way, customers get a complete involvement in the preparation process, plus they know about the quality of the food (unlike at the restaurants).

Be unpredictable, make an order, and give your senses a feast with one of these fantastic Mexican-style meal kits!

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