What's the Best Paleo Meal Delivery Service for 2022?

Are you looking to go paleo? Do you know what it stands for? While we are driven with modern technologies and overly packed schedules, our ancestors spent their time hunting and gathering.

Over the years, we learned to adapt; however, the modern lifestyle has significantly affected our way of thinking and eating. Now, instead of spending hours in the kitchen, you can order the best paleo meal delivery service and taste delicious ingredients without dropping hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, for some people, paleo isn’t a matter of choice but a necessity, due to an abundance of health problems and obesity that plague Western civilization. Now, with so many services available on the market, it’s tough to make the right choice. Therefore, we put some effort into reviewing a couple of companies in the hope they will satisfy your requirements in terms of price, quality, and quantity.

Let’s see what sets them apart from the competition!


logo Factor 75

Factor 75

Various meal plans
Diversity of ingredients
Promotes healthy eating
Ready-made meals
Avg. Meal Price: $12.54 | Shipping Cost: $0 | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Pete s paleo logo

Pete’s Paleo

Rotating menu
Seasonal ingredient
Delicious and flavorful food
Avg. Meal Price: $17.7 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Territory Foods logo

Territory Foods

Variety of meals
Lunch and dinner options
Promotes healthy eating
Avg. Meal Price: $10 | Shipping Cost: $7.95 | Delivery Areas: San Francisco Bay, Southern California, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Washington D.C./Baltimore/Virginia


icon paleo on the go

Paleo On The Go

Healthy and delicious
Quick and easy to prepare
Avg. Meal Price: $18 | Shipping Cost: $22 – $93.50 | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Paleo power meals logo

Paleo Power Meals

Rotating menu
A healthy selection of dishes
Pre-made meals
Avg. Meal Price: $9.95 | Shipping Cost: Depends on location | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Trifecta Nutrition logo

Trifecta Nutrition

Quick and easy cooking process
Low price
Less ingredients which means no mess
Avg. Meal Price: $12 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Eatology paleo zone logo


Saves money on subscription
Designed for weight loss
Avg. Meal Price: $11.40 | Shipping Cost: $25.00 | Delivery Areas: 50 states


Grandcestors logo


Test kitchen meals
Healthy Menu
Seven dishes
Avg. Meal Price: $9.99 | Shipping Cost: $22​ | Delivery Areas: 48 states


Freshly Logo


Healthy meals inspired by the Paleo diet’s rules
No added or processed sugars, peanut, and gluten used
Biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging
Avg. Meal Price: $10.49 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 48 states


MealPro logo


A la carte menu
Natural ingredients
Avg. Meal Price: $7.99 | Shipping Cost: $0 – $9.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states
* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 10 Paleo Meal Delivery Services Review

Factor 75 - Best Keto

To make healthy food choices, every person should focus on real ingredients, instead of counting calories, while everything else falls into place. For years, this has been the main objective Factor 75 has been following. In a nutshell, they have blended nutritional science with a culinary experience, to deliver their customers mouth-watering dishes, which boosts not only their bodies but minds as well.

Factor 75 offers fully prepared dishes, directly delivered to your doorstep. There is no grocery shopping, chopping of the ingredients, or spending hours in the kitchen. In this case, it’s easier for people to experience a healthy lifestyle while removing the tedious process of preparing meals.

When it comes to ingredients, according to their claims, everything is 100% organic, meat is pasture-raised and grass-fed, while fish is caught wild. Therefore, they are free of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, gluten, soy, or GMOs. Factors 75 provides keto, paleo, and low-carb diet, but also their menu includes gluten-free and dairy-free meals.

Just pop your dish in a microwave and dinner is served! You can select between 4 and 18 servings per week, while meals are delivered Monday through Friday. Ingredients are neatly packed and stored in an insulated box, for better temperature neutrality.

Want to learn more? Read our in-depth best keto meal delivery services guide.

logo Factor 75


  • Various meal plans
  • Diversity of ingredients
  • Promotes healthy eating
  • Ready-made meals
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Pete’s Paleo - Best Gluten-free

Convenience aside, Pete’s Paleo seems to be doing a fantastic job in offering delicious gluten-free options to those who might be limited by the ingredient choice. Chef-approved meals come in vacuum-sealed containers, ready to eat. However, this company goes one step further by offering organic and seasonal ingredients based on what farmers are currently providing.

Menus rotate weekly and seasonally, so eating paleo and gluten-free has never been easier. Customers can experience a variety of different ingredients and never get bored with their choice. For example, summer menus are packed with fresh fruits and garden vegetables, while winner selection promotes roasted meat with root veggies.

Additionally, you can test their 21-day sugar detox plan, which helps people get rid of carbs without compromising on the favor. On the other hand, Pete’s Paleo pays special attention to dietary restrictions and enables food suitable for FODMAP, AIP, and much more. If you are one of those people who prefer smaller serving, such as 3.5 ounces of protein and 5 ounces of veggies in each meal, then you will love their service.

In terms of shipping, you can choose when and where you want your dishes to be delivered since their orders are quite flexible. All plans involve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pete s paleo logo


  • Rotating menu
  • Seasonal ingredient
  • Organic
  • Delicious and flavorful food
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Territory Foods - Best Dairy-free

It’s important to say that a lot of people starting with a paleo aren’t quite a serious right from the start. However, Territory aims to satisfy those seeking genuine lifestyle changes, while offering one meal at the time.

Many customers go for particular services due to certain ingredient limitations, or they want to take a break from some food groups; therefore, this company has a positive influence on those who wish to change their eating habits.

The menu features minimally processed recipes, made from high-quality ingredients while providing necessary nutrition to end customers. There are plenty of meal options to choose from, and you can select plans based on your preferences, such as paleo, keto, Whole30, dairy-free, plant-based, and wellness.

All meals are individually packed into boxes and delivered to your doorstep, ready to be served for lunch or dinnertime. Choose a plan according to your needs and enjoy delicious food, without hassle, only heat it in a microwave.

Territory Foods logo


  • Variety of meals
  • Lunch and dinner options
  • Promotes healthy eating
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Paleo On The Go - Best Soy-free

As the name implies, Paleo On The Go might be the quickest way to have your meal delivered and ready to eat. It’s no wonder why so many customers rave about this service since it carefully caters to dietary restrictions, such as keto, AIP, Whole30, low carb, soy-free, and others. Particularly at the moment, the AIP diet is a hot topic, which helps people restore intestinal balance and addresses issues of food inflammation and sensitivities.

Dishes are shipped frozen and packed in individual containers to maintain minimal temperature. You should store recipes in a fridge until it’s time to heat them. The good news is that menu changes frequently, so you can expect a variety of options, while all ingredients are sourced reasonably.

Additionally, Paleo On The Go provides meal bundles instead of individual plans for people who don’t have much time to waste. If you decide to pick bundles, then you can expect to save some money as well. Keep in mind that all recipes are free of grains, legumes, soy, and dairy. On the other hand, proteins are either pasture-raised and grass-fed or wild.

icon paleo on the go


  • Organic
  • Healthy and delicious
  • Frozen
  • Quick and easy to prepare
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Paleo Power Meals - Best Low-Carb

Another service on our list, Paleo Power Meals, might be a suitable option for those looking to eat healthy without having to cook. The company offers substantial portions, mostly focused on meats, while featuring whole and natural ingredients. The owners of this service found an efficient way to help you get in shape, transform your body, and improve the results of your workout.

The menu contains more than 50 meal options, which are divided into different categories, such as keto, non-paleo items, bulk menu, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, you will find plenty of delicious vegetable sides, which complement the recipes you choose. Although this service aims to satisfy the majority of dietary needs and requirements, it is mostly suitable for people who prefer low-carb and high-protein recipes.

One of the things that set Paleo Power Meals apart from the competition is the fact that dishes are never frozen, but arrive freshly prepared. Therefore, keep them in the fridge until you are ready to eat, while it takes only two minutes in a microwave to have them served. Each package contains information about calories, micronutrients, and ingredients.

Follow for more low-carb food delivery service picks.

Paleo power meals logo


  • Detailed instructions
  • Different meal plans
  • Protein-based
  • Never frozen
  • Suitable for athletes
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Trifecta Nutrition - Best Low-calorie

Conscious eaters and athletes often have a hard time picking up the right meal delivery service, which enables them maximum performance without jeopardizing the texture or flavor of the food. However, Trifecta Nutrition aims to stop this vicious circle with their meal plans and support your journey towards healthy eating.

To get started with this Trifecta, first, let’s take a look at their meal plans, as well as the food you could order. Luckily, you have more than enough options to choose from, which include Clean Eating, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Classic meals. No matter which one you select, you can expect to receive healthy, organic, and fresh dishes.

Each paleo meal contains either meat or fish, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, some of them include legumes and grains, as well. Instead of pumping your body with sugar, Trifecta Nutrition offers its customers healthy complex carbs, vital for bodily functions.

We should point out that menu changes weekly, similar to other meal delivery services. But, this one uses fresh ingredients or whatever farmers they work with have to offer at the moment. Despite the rotating menu, you still have plenty of choices.

Orders are delivered once a week, while everything is packed in an insulated box.

Trifecta Nutrition logo


  • Rotating menu
  • Organic
  • A healthy selection of dishes
  • Pre-made meals
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Eatology - Best Low-fat

If you are one of those people who love eating healthy food and an easy way to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you might want to consider testing the Eatology food delivery service. The company aims to deliver a Paleo recipe made from high-quality ingredients while ensuring a fast and straightforward preparation process.

When it comes to ordering, you can sample various meal plans designed for multiple types of eaters. Additionally, they are firm believers in their Paleo-Zone theory, which basically relies on portion control and a specific eating schedule to provide your body with an ideal balance.

Since they mostly focus on weight-loss programs, naturally, their food is low in fats and high in proteins. Each order is pre-portioned and delivered to your doorstep, while you can choose between individual plans and bundles. Every package contains the list of ingredients, as well as potential allergens.

The packages arrive frozen, which you can deposit in your freezer and store up to three months. It takes approximately ten minutes to have your dinner ready, and the best thing, there is no clean up at all, which saves tons of time.

Eatology paleo zone logo


  • Pre-made
  • Frozen
  • Saves money on subscription
  • Designed for weight loss
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Grandcestors - Best Grain-free

With only one goal in mind-to prepare delicious, easy, and convenient ready-made meals, Grandcestors might be a great alternative for people who pay attention to their eating habits and don’t have time for grocery shopping. This company likes to keep things quite simple, which is why ordering is easy, and there are no particular programs since each meal is packed individually.

The menu addresses Paleo guidelines explicitly and offers food our ancestors ate. For that reason, choosing Grandcestors will provide you with delicious recipes, without legumes, milk, soy, grains, or artificial additives. The meals contain only high-quality ingredients but also balanced levels of macronutrients that provide a suitable proportion of carbs, proteins, and fats.

At any moment, you can pick between seven dishes and two test kitchen items, which the company may include in their menu if customers happen to like them. The test items are retailed at a lower price to encourage eaters to give them a try.

All meals arrive frozen, and there is no minimum order amount, while each serving ranges between 280 and 500 calories.

Grandcestors logo


  • Test kitchen meals
  • Healthy Menu
  • Seven dishes
  • Frozen
  • Pre-made
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Freshly - Best Vegetarian

Seeking inspiration in the Paleo diet Freshly creates meals that are made with all-natural ingredients and rich in protein. In this case, you have an opportunity to sample different recipes and enjoy their fantastic food. According to their claims, the company delivers easy to make and fresh dishes, while all ingredients are gluten-free.

Since packages arrive frozen, they come with an ice pack to maintain freshness. You can order up to 12 meals at once, and you aren’t limited to only one food choice. For example, if you prefer chicken and your spouse is vegetarian, then you can select your own dish.

As Freshly often states, they have something for everyone, which includes meal plans such as, vegetarian, paleo, low-carb, high-protein, 500 calories. This food delivery service tries to make dishes as natural as possible by excluding any artificial ingredients and using proven local sources. So, their components are often organic.

It takes approximately six minutes in a microwave to have your food ready.

Read our full guide with the best vegetarian meal delivery service picks.

Freshly Logo


  • Healthy meals inspired by the Paleo diet’s rules
  • No added or processed sugars, peanut, and gluten used
  • Biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging
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MealPro - Best Pescatarian

MealPro is a prepaid food delivery service that offers a healthy alternative to home cooking. Therefore, if you are a conscious eater, and you prefer natural and fresh ingredients, then this company might be a suitable option.

In terms of food selection, MealPro provides fresh, sustainable, natural ingredients, which are free from hormones, GMOs, artificial additives, and antibiotics. All dishes are chef-approved, while you can choose meals according to your taste and or adjust them based on your needs.

Their rich rotating menu allows you to order recipes ideal for seafood, veggie, or meat lovers. Therefore, you are entirely in control of the ingredients that go inside your box. Compared to other services, the customers are given more freedom when ordering, which means you can decide whether to subscribe or not.

Although their dishes mostly feature chicken or turkey as the primary protein source, you can find four seafood recipes designed for pescatarian.

MealPro logo


  • A la carte menu
  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Chef-approved
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How to Choose a Paleo Meal Delivery?

Meal Variety

If you have allergies or any other medical condition that can affect your food, this should be the first consideration when choosing the right option. You should always check their site to make sure that they can cater to your needs.

The same goes for restrictions that relate to your lifestyle. If you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or you’re on a Paleo or Keto regime, you should make sure that they support that option.

Portion Size

For some people, portion size is crucial when it comes to selecting a food delivery service. However, the majority of reputable companies supply their consumers with decent portions, large enough to cover the needs of average eaters. But, before you decide on one business, and you have particular needs, then make sure to inquire about their portion size.

image of tuna salad

Nutritional Information

Nowadays, every other person is restricted to a certain type of food, whether they are dieting, or maybe they follow low-fat meal plans, or some of them are trying to cut off sugars. In that case, nutritional information offers you valuable insight into your meals and how many calories you are consuming per one dish. Therefore, the majority of services have this label printed on the packaging.

Subscription Flexibility

Having to pick between individual meal plans and bundles enables you more freedom when choosing between different food delivery companies. Of course, a flexible subscription is preferred, especially if the first order leaves a bad taste in your mouth. In that way, you can terminate your account and move to the next service instead of having to endure a poor selection of food for the entire week.


Although, in some cases, the price doesn’t determine the quality of the product, usually, you get what you paid for. Premium delivery companies, charge more, but you can choose dishes according to various meal plans, and even customize meals based on your needs, which isn’t always the case with low-profile services.

Paleo Diet Guide

What Does Paleo Mean?

Paleo diet follows a dietary regime our ancestors applied. Basically, this plan is based on food, similar to what people in the Paleolithic era ate, which is approximately 10,000 years ago. Typically, this diet includes fish, fruits, lean meats, veggies, nuts, and seeds – ingredients you obtain by labor, hunting, and gathering.

On the other hand, foods such as legumes, dairy products, and grains were produced through a farming process; therefore, they are restricted from a paleo diet.

image of tasty paleo dinner

Food to Eat

You can find a couple of variations of the Paleo diet, each of them carrying certain limitations, while some of them being stricter than others. However, you are basically allowed to eat the following ingredients:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Lean meats-particularly grass-fed or bush meat
  • Fish-packed with omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel
  • Oils – from nuts and fruits, olive or walnut oil

Food to Avoid

Since paleo diet resorts to food our ancestors are, make sure to avoid the following ingredients, considering they were produced much later when modern farming emerged:

  • Grains – Wheat, barley, and oats
  • Legumes – lentils peas, beans, and peanuts
  • Refined sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Heavily processed food

Your focus should be on natural produce and fresh groceries. For example, a typical lunch should look like this: broiled lean pork, a mix of vegetables for a salad, and maybe strawberries for dessert.

Dietary Concerns

This type of diet is mostly rich in lean meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts, which should be all the elements of healthy nutrition. However, what sets apart paleo from other dietary regimes is the absence of legumes and grains, which are considered to be an excellent source of fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Additionally, there are no dairy products, to provide your body with necessary protein and calcium. These ingredients aren’t only healthy, but they are also generally more budget-friendly than grass-fed meat and nuts. Therefore, for many people, a paleo diet is too expensive.

What are the Benefits of Paleo Meal Delivery Services?

As you already know, one of the healthiest dietary plans ever is the Paleo diet. The program guarantees meals without any dangerous chemicals, additives, and preservatives. You will also get numerous benefits from the nutrients in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

On the other hand, there are many significant benefits that a meal delivery service can provide. First of all, they will clear off your daily schedule and eliminate cooking.

Paleo diet allows you to eat organic and fresh meals and save you hundreds of trips to your local store. In other words, you will only put healthy food on your plate and save a lot of time.

What Makes Paleo Meal Deliveries Different?

This type of service is incredibly convenient, especially if you are trying to make healthy life choices while balancing your family, job, and many other challenges. Luckily, the majority of companies offering this kind of service are quite flexible to match your preferences and personal needs.

You can either choose individual meal plans or subscribe to weekly bundles. Each food delivery service offers a menu, which saves you tons of time on cooking and grocery shopping. Just pick a dish, heat it in a microwave, and your plate is ready.


While the paleo lifestyle offers plenty of benefits in terms of wellness and health, it’s quite a challenging program to follow, due to numerous restrictions. It requires discipline, dedication, and commitment. However, now that you have your choices laid out, you can navigate between various food delivery services, and pick one that suits your needs.

We hope our guide will lead you through this selection process and help your order the most delicious food available on the market. Let the feast begin!

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