The 8 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Weight Loss - Reviews & Buying Guide

If you want to lose weight, using the right, high-quality ingredients to make your food can make all the difference. Equally important are the recipes you use to make your food. Bland, boring dishes can make anyone struggle to meet their goals. 

To help yourself lose weight, you could use a diet kit delivery service. With these, you get healthy, pre-portioned ingredients and unique, delicious recipes delivered to your door, which will make meal planning and cooking effortless and stress-free.  

And to help you select the right choice for you, we’ve made a list of the best meal kit delivery services for weight loss.


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Sun Basket

Avg. Meal Price: $11.49 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 47 states




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Avg. Meal Price: $9.15 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states




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Green Chef

Avg. Meal Price: $11.49 | Shipping Cost: $6.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states




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Blue Apron

Avg. Meal Price: $9.53 Per Meal | Shipping Cost: $0 – $7.99 | Delivery Areas: Enter your zip code and check on their website




Home Chef logo


Avg. Meal Price: $8.97 | Shipping Cost: $0 | Delivery Areas: 48 states




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Purple Carrot

Avg. Meal Price: $9.99 | Shipping Cost: Free | Delivery Areas: 48 states




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Martha & Marley Spoon

Avg. Meal Price: $8.45 | Shipping Cost: 8.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states




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Avg. Meal Price: $4.99 | Shipping Cost: $8.99 | Delivery Areas: 48 states



* All the listed prices are purely informative and subject to change. Even though we strive to place the most accurate figures we can find, some products could display an outdated price. That’s why you should always check the site for the final cost.

Top 8 Meal Kit Delivery Service for Weight Loss

Sun Basket - Best Low-carb

First up on our list is Sun Basket. They focus on providing you with delicious chef-crafted and dietician approved recipes that will make weight loss easy and effortless. 

With Sun Basket, you get kits full of healthy, pre-measured ingredients that you can make into delicious with the help of their easy-to-follow recipes. They provide you with USDA certified organic produce and antibiotic-free meats as well as sustainably sourced seafood, meaning you get delicious food and help the environment.

Sun Basket offers plenty of fantastic meal plans that can fit any lifestyle. All their dishes have between 500 and 800 calories, so they are great for dieting. Their Carb-conscious plan stands out as one of their plans and is fantastic for anyone struggling with weight.

Each week you select how many dishes you want to be delivered. You also get to choose which ones you want to you from Sun Basket’s fantastic menu. Their chefs always add new recipes and rotate the menu seasonally, so you get plenty of variety. Overall, Sun Basket can be a great way to lose weight without sacrificing the taste of your food.

Sun Basket Logo
  • Chef-crafted, dietitian-approved dishes
  • Organic ingredients
  • Plenty of diet food plans

HelloFresh - Best Vegetarian

If you want flavorful food that is great for any diet, without paying a premium, HelloFresh might be the option for you. Their simple recipes and flexible plans can match anyone’s lifestyle and make weight loss easier.

HelloFresh takes great care to inform you precisely what you’re getting with each recipe. They list all nutritional values of every dish, making it easy to follow a diet. Their dishes typically have between 500 and 800 calories, perfect for losing weight. 

Each week you can get up to 6 meals, and of course, you get to pick the recipes you like. They always add new options, so your diet stays fresh and exciting. They offer low-cal and family-friendly as well as vegetarian dishes which are terrific.

All in all, the combination of affordable prices, high-quality ingredients, and recipe variety make HelloFresh a great weight loss option.

Hello Fresh Logo
  • Great vegetarian options
  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality, sourced ingredients

GreenChef - Best Keto

Green Chef offers a wide variety of meal plans to suit any diet and lifestyle. They deliver high-quality ingredients and simple recipes that will help you prepare wonderful dinners in less than 30 minutes. With their help, you can make losing weight a whole lot easier.

Green Chef designs their dishes to be healthy, satisfying, and nutritionally balanced. They make sure to include substantial portions of organic vegetables and lean meats. They provide a calorie count on each printed recipe card, plus full nutrition information online.

They offer a variety of menus to cater to different lifestyles and dietary preferences. Their balanced living and paleo plans are great, and if you want to go on a keto diet, Green Chef has one of the best keto menus right now.

With each Green Chef box, you get pre-measured and prepared ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes with photos and chef tips. They use organic ingredients that will make your meals taste amazing while improving your health and helping the environment.

Green Chef Logo
  • USDA certified organic
  • Great keto food
  • Pre-measured, perfectly portioned ingredients

Blue Apron - Best Calorie-conscious

Blue Apron offers delicious, balanced, affordable dishes that will help you lose weight while saving money. Their recipes are straightforward to follow and will help chefs of all levels cook incredible food at home.

With Blue Apron’s plans, you get to choose 2 or 3 recipes out of the eight unique options created by their culinary team each week. Every recipe has detailed nutritional and caloric information so you can plan out your diet. They also offer a carb-conscious recipe on their menu, which has less than 48 grams of carbs and is excellent for dieting.

Their chefs create food that uses seasonal ingredients to encourage their customers to try new meals every week. Overall, Blue Apron can be an excellent, affordable option for anyone looking to lose weight regardless of their cooking skills.

logo of Blue apron
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Low calorie and carb options
  • Recyclable ice packs and packaging

HomeChef - Best Dairy-free

If you are looking for a meal kit service that allows you a lot of freedom when selecting your dishes, HomeChef can be the option for you. They offer plenty of delicious food that can fit any diet and lifestyle as well as letting you upgrade, swap, or double up proteins on select meals.

HomeChef does not have any set plans. Instead, they rotate their menus weekly and let you choose the recipes that fit your lifestyle. Their menu has many carb-conscious and calorie-conscious dishes on their menu, which can make for an excellent, balanced way to lose weight. 

Each kit provides you with locally sourced ingredients that are perfectly portioned, so there is no waste. Their recipes will save you a lot of time and effort. You can have delicious dishes ready to be enjoyed in no time.

Home Chef logo
  • Customizable, affordable dishes
  • No commitment 
  • Varied menu

Purple Carrot - Best Vegan

Purple Carrot offers entirely plant-based meal kits that are a great way to lose a couple of pounds. They create innovative vegan food without sacrificing any flavor and making sure to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs.

Purple Carrot delivers you healthy, high-quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that make for flavorful dishes that anyone can prepare. Their meals include carbs from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits as well as healthy fats and lean proteins. These will help you slim down and keep you happy and energized.

Each week you get to pick 3 plant-based dinners from a variety of options. Purple Carrot also offers vegan breakfasts and lunches that take just 5 minutes to prepare, making them a great addition to your diet. All this makes Purple Carrot an excellent, easy way to manage your diet.

purple carrot logo image
  • Breakfast and lunch options
  • Flavorful vegan dishes
  • Easy-to-read recipes with cooking tips

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Martha & Marley Spoon - Best for Kids

Martha & Marley Spoon offers high-quality ingredients, flavorful dishes, and smart cooking techniques to help you improve your diet and cooking skills with Martha Stewart as your guide.

Martha & Marley Spoon has an excellent menu that features delicious dishes that fit many popular diets like low-carb, keto, and paleo. They add recipes weekly and rotate menus seasonally, so use only the freshest ingredients to make your meals. You can lose weight while eating exciting dishes and 

With this service signing up is quite simple. You pick the number of people and recipes you want and choose the meals you like. Kits are delivered once a week in insulated boxes that keep the ingredients fresh. Overall, Martha & Marley Spoon can be an easy, efficient way to lose weight.

Martha & Marley Spoon Icon
  • Variety of exciting recipes every week
  • Sourced, seasonal ingredients
  • Simple preparation

Full Review Is Coming Soon…

EveryPlate - Best Value

EveryPlate is a flexible meal kit service that delivers high-quality ingredients and simple recipes, that make for delicious, filling dinners that anyone can afford.

Each week you get to choose from 9 different dishes all of which have detailed nutritional information. Their recipes typically have 500 to 800 calories making them great for weight loss. In addition, EveryPlate takes care to limit carbs and fat as much as possible.

EveryPlate kits consist of high-quality ingredients that are pre-measured and prepared alongside easy, time-saving recipes. All this makes for a fun, simple cooking experience. 

EveryPlate does not have the meal variety of some other services, but that is the result of their price. They try to provide the most affordable kits without lowering the quality of the meals. Their menus are a bit smaller and apply small adjustments that help lower the cost, and it really shows. You’ll be able to lose weight and save money.

EveryPlate logo image
  • Affordable meals
  • Simple recipes
  • Flexible plans

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What to Consider in Choosing a Diet Meal Kit

Meal Variety

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you’ll know that most of them become monotonous very quickly. The lack meal variety and eating the same food every day can make it extremely difficult to continue a diet. So when choosing a meal kit delivery, make sure that they offer different menus with lots of options. Look for services that always add new recipes and rotate their menus weekly and seasonally.

Portion Size

Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean that you should eat less food than you need and feel hungry. Diet meal kits that are worth it make sure to balance portion size and nutrition, so you feel full and energetic while your body burns excess fat. 

Calorie Count

Your daily caloric intake is one of the most important aspects of your diet. If you want to lose weight, you should consume less than 2000 calories a day. So planning out your meals accordingly can be very beneficial, and diet food kits make it even easier. All the kits on our list provide a calorie count on each one of their recipes, making it easier to limit your caloric intake.

Nutritional Value

Many diets restrict certain food groups, which can lead to health issues. So you should look for kits that will provide your body with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs. It’s also great if your meal kit has a detailed list of ingredients and nutrients, so you know exactly what you are eating.

Subscription Flexibility

A flexible subscription that you can customize to meet all your needs is another important aspect to consider. Services that have rigid memberships and plans will not be able to satisfy you. So you should look for companies that give you the ability to customize orders, change delivery times, and skip weeks without any fuss. This way, you can be sure that your meal kit can fit your lifestyle.


When you choose the diet meal kit for you, one of the first things you look for is the price. It should reflect the quality of ingredients and recipes. While all the services on our list are affordable, some offer premium, organic ingredients, so their price is a bit higher.

Benefits of a Meal Kit Delivery to Lose Weight

Diet meal delivery kits can make losing weight require a lot less effort and time on your part. The fact that everything you need to make dinner is delivered to your house is fantastic. No more finding diet recipes online, grocery shopping, and cleaning up the excess ingredients. Meal kits provide you with perfectly portioned, high-quality, healthy ingredients that coupled with delicious yet straightforward recipes make weight loss stressful and save you time.
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What Makes a Diet Meal Kit Different?

The best diet meal kits strive to provide you with high-quality ingredients and recipes that are nutritionally well-balanced so you can quickly slim down. They also make sure to offer a variety of delicious meals, so your diet is never bland and boring. A good diet meal kit should make you feel amazing, energized, help you lose weight while saving you time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are organic meal kits good for weight loss?

Organic kits won’t make you lose weight any faster, but they will undoubtedly improve your health. Organic farming also supports the ecosystem by promoting biodiversity, protecting wildlife, and conserving water and soil.

What is the cheapest meal kit for diet?

All the services on our list provide kits that can fit into anybody’s budget. They all offer dishes at about the same price point, but the ones that are a bit more affordable are HelloFresh and Home Chef.


All in all, diet meal kits can be very helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. They will make dieting a lot easier by providing enjoyable, unique recipes and pre-portioned ingredients that will make cooking fun and effortless. Not to mention all the time and money you will save. The ingredients for your restaurant-worthy dishes will be delivered to your door so no more planning and grocery shopping. And all this at an incredibly affordable price.

Hopefully, our list will help you decide the right kit for you,  so you can jump-start your weight loss journey.

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