The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD

Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you find it hard to prepare healthy meals every day?

Going shopping for healthy food often takes even more time than cooking it does. In today’s age, most people are too busy working two jobs to support themselves and their families. Getting home after a long day at work and having to spend hours preparing food is too much, and it is. Sadly, many people turn to fast foods and other dishes that don’t take much time to prepare, most of which are not that healthy and usually have high carbs. Keeping that pace up for a couple of years and you’ll surely have a couple of extra pounds stacking up.

​When that happens, people turn to all kinds of diets, hoping to shake those pounds off. That requires extra effort when it comes to cooking and food preparation. Since time is the one thing that’s always missing, it’s easy to get stuck in the “Fast food circle.”

The situation may seem bad and hard to fix, but it isn’t! The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan by Bistro MD is the answer you have been looking for. It is one of the most popular diets on today’s market, and it proves that you can eat healthily and lose weight at the same time.

The diet plan is a serious eating plan devised by doctors and nutritionists and prepared by highly qualified chefs. The program consists of three daily meals for seven days for a really reasonable price. The food will be delivered to where you need it, free of charge. You would spend more money on eating in restaurants. Let’s get into the details.

How Does It All Work?

BistroMD guide for eating healthier

This diet plan is the definition of a healthy diet. Instead of having to starve and cut down on your food rations, you will be able to eat enough and lose weight in the process. The most important thing about it is that the weight won’t come back so quickly.

The 17-day diet meal plan is the result of a careful study with a science background, and it is a result of years of experimenting. This is a meal plan that’s ideal for your health and weight. It’s also delicious as it’s prepared by some of the best chefs in the US. That means that you can eat gorgeous meals while losing weight!

The 17-day plan works in four 17-day cycles:

  • Accelerate,​
  • Activate,​
  • Achieve,​
  • Arrive.​

This program was guided by Dr. Moreno, and the trick is to adjust the metabolism first. The 4 cycles efficiently burn your fat, and the diet plan carefully monitors the calories you take in day by day. That makes sure that you burn the maximum amount of fat during the process. Now, let’s get to the questions most of you want to answer.

Are the Meals for Each Cycle the Same?

The diet plan offers you a number of different cycles. Number 3 and are both prepared by award-winning chefs. They are perhaps the most popular choices.

Can I Choose My Own Menu?

Food menu preferences

Once you order the 17-day meal plan, you will be able to choose some specific items on the menu. You can customize what you eat based on personal preferences, but more importantly, you will pick out the food you are allergic to. Once you do that, each meal will arrive at your doorstep. Every meal is designed to keep you fed while promoting weight loss. You will still intake all of the vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and other food you need to keep your body strong and healthy.

Why Do I Get My Meals Once a Week?

People that want to lose weight often need some help from a third party. Since consistency is key to shake those extra pounds off, your meals will be shipped automatically every week. The idea is to keep you focused on losing weight, so the service takes complete care of your food planning and what you need to eat.

If you don’t like the program or the food, you can cancel the automatic food shipping at any time.

Food Menu App

The Details of the 17-Day Meal Plan

Okay, so now that you know what to expect and how the whole thing works, here are the questions most people ask about the service.

Can I Pick My Own Ingredients?

All of the recipes that made their way to this diet plan are approved by professionals. However, you can state your specific wishes and needs at any time. If what you are asking for doesn’t count as a high carb food, and it doesn’t interfere with the weight loss program, the chefs will add it to your meal.

Can I Increase or Decrease the Size of My Portions?

Yes. This is a unique request that will be processed and delivered to you with future shipments.

Can I Replace a Side Dish with Sauces?

The whole idea of the 17-day meal plan is for you to stick to it. The service doesn’t allow you to swap a side dish with a sauce or anything else that’s not in the diet plan. All of the nutritious ingredients were carefully measured and optimized so you could lose weight in the process. Changing that will have a negative impact, and you won’t be able to reach your goals as planned. However, as we mentioned previously, you can change some ingredients due to allergies or personal preferences. Other than that, you have to follow the program exactly.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose in the Process?

The number of pounds that go off during the 17-day meal plan varies from person to person, but some people shed as much as 15 pounds. On average, most users lose between 2-3 pounds every week, making that about 10-12 pounds at the end of the program.


When you decide to go with a diet meal plan you can find online, you should definitely read some reviews about it first. There are many different services claiming that they can help you lose up to 20-30 pounds within a couple of weeks, but that’s often not true. This 17-day plan has a long tradition, and it has helped thousands of people get rid of extra weight and become much healthier.

When we’re talking about prices, this meal plan charges less than most others do. Since you get three meals every day, their cost is really low. You would spend at least twice that dining in restaurants and eat food that won’t help you lose weight. Not only that, the food you get by subscribing to this meal plan is prepared by talented award-winning professional chefs. It tastes incredible, way better than what many other restaurants offer.

Weight loss advice

This plan has so many benefits; it’s hard to put them in one text. Apart from losing weight and eating fantastic meals, you’ll also save time because you won’t have to cook. You can also choose the meals you want and customize them according to your own personal preferences.

If you ever need assistance or if you want to change anything in the menu you selected, the customer support will be glad to help you. They are very polite, and they do their best to help you get exactly what you need. With that said, you should know that this service is aimed at losing weight and eating healthy, so you can’t expect any unhealthy meals.

So, if you have a couple of extra pounds, and if you feel that it’s time to make some changes that will help you feel better and healthier, this is a good place to start. Add some physical exercise into the mix, and you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted. It’s that easy! Make the first step today!

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