Bistro MD FAQ: Learn Everything About This Services

Bistro MD is an up and rising star in meal delivery services. Their main goal is to bring healthy and tasty dishes to your doorstep in no time. They are affordable, efficient, and reliable. Their menu is constructed with the help of professionals. In this article you can learn some interesting and helpful facts about Bistro MD. Or you can also check out our B​istro MD review and find out what this company has to offer.

​Where Do I Find the Nutritional Information for Your Entrees?

​Bistro MD’s menu is designed by following suggestions of doctors and their dishes are prepared by chefs. This means that you will get full service and get some satisfying results. Rest assured that each meal will have the right amount of nutrients and a good balance of proteins, fibers, and carbs.

When Did BistroMD Start?

It was founded by a physician named Caroline J. Cederquist back in 2005. Her main concern was that people don’t know how to plan meals and cook healthy for themselves. So, she decided to help and make a difference in this field. Today, Bistro MD is helping a great number of people in reaching their health and weight goals.

What Is Dr. Cederquist’s Background?

Dr. Cederquist is an experienced professional with a specific background in helping people with weight issues. She has done great work with a number of weight loss projects and this is one of her successful ventures. Her main focus is on making the right balance of macronutrients in each and every diet.

Diet Book from Dr. Cederquist

​How Can I Customize My Menu?

The dietitians at ​Bistro MD do your work for you. They offer complete suggestions regarding your meal plans and orders. You will have your choice of entrée within complete meals and according to your preferences. You can even have a weekly plan to make things even easier on yourself.

Can You Customize My Program if I Have a Health Condition, Like Diabetes?

Bistro MD specializes in making specific meals for each and every health need. Their dietitians will be more than happy to construct or suggest a meal for your condition. What is more, all the available entrees can be specifically done for type two diabetes.

BistroMD homepage, also serves meals for diabetics

What Entrees and Ingredients Will Be Included in My Custom Program?

You will have your pick of entrees and ingredients. Remember that you can alter your existing program at any time. Just log into your Bistro MD account and change what you wish to be different.

​You can follow your progress and choices week by week, or by your daily orders. You can remove entire meals from the existing program if you wish.

How Do I Know what New Items You’ve Added to the Menu?

You will notice that the new meals are marked with a new icon on the website. Before some pictures or descriptions are posted the icon will be posted.

Can Recipes Be Changed for Me?

Recipes are not altered per se. This is not efficient since every meal is already at a well-balanced nutritional value and does not need alterations. Don’t forget that each of their meals has just the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, and fibers.

​Bistro MD’s experts construct delicious meals for your specific needs. The chefs rely on the suggestions and instructions of the medical professionals and then make a meal. They all follow Dr. Cederquist’s specific instructions and thus stay on the same page. Because every meal I carefully constructed doesn’t exclude too many options from the existing menu. This will limit your possibilities and reduce your weekly program.

What Type of Variety Will I Receive?

This is a very common question and, in fact, you will have access to over a 150 different recipes. Some recipes require seasonal produce so keep in mind that the choices will vary during the year. You would have a recurring entrée after maybe six weeks of being in a regular program. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting fed up with some meals because ​Bistro MD is on top of their game.

​You can still choose entrees according to your preferences. You can definitely control your variety of food by logging into your account and choosing or changing your meals. Of course, keep in mind that if you have certain specific needs, like allergies, this will inevitably limit your options. For any further questions, check out Bistro MD faq and read through the answers.

There Seems to Be a Lot of Food. Can I Order a Program with Less Food?

This is serious conundrum since most of ​Bistro MD’s programs are designed for weight loss. So, how come the meals are so abundant and rich in ingredients? Well, this is a common misconception that you have to eat little to lose weight. The truth is you have to eat the right amount of right foods. Balance the food groups you consume on a daily level and you’ll be good to go.

You don’t need to lose weight drastically. If you eat moderately you will be able to reach your goals in no time. This is, first of all, the healthiest way to go about it. What is more, this will help you never to feel starved or lightheaded because of rigorous dieting techniques.

Start losing weight with BistroMD

Bistro MD has actually constructed a program which will help you burn fat at a higher rate and faster pace. This is all due to the meals which contain nutrients which induce such chemical reactions in the body. This company can help you get your healthy life back on track. They offer a nutritious meal each day and each week and can help you keep a well-balanced diet.

​If you still feel like the portions are too large and excessive try setting your daily goals. Try and eat an entrée on a daily level to keep yours on the right path. Eat a part of the portion until you are full and leave the rest for later. Never go without eating since this is the worst possible choice for your health and well-being.

What Happens if I Defrost an Entree, but Don’t Cook It Right Away?

Make sure you know how to handle defrosting and cooking beforehand. Thaw the entrees in your fridge at first. Remember that the ideal period to wait from the beginning of defrosting to heating is 48 hours. Don’t risk your health by not following specific instructions. This can only be detrimental to your own health. Most of the ingredients ​Bistro MD use is going to be fresh produce and is not meant to retain its quality for an excessive period of time.

​Their serving trays do retain the flavor, smell, texture and nutritional values while the food is delivered, stored, and defrosted. Look for further cooking instructions on the trays.

​How Do I Cook My BistroMD Entrees?

Bistro MD’s food is already made. They are already prepared for you and the only thing you’ll need to do is to follow instructions on how to get it ready properly. You have to order, wait for the delivery, heat it, preferably in the microwave, and enjoy it! This service makes eating healthy easy and fun.

​Pay attention for directions on the tray and enjoy the meals specially made for you and your loved ones. The meals are sealed and kept fresh and nutritious for your needs. Have fun, enjoy and stay healthy with Bistro MD.

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