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Everyone that goes on a diet knows that there are some days you need sweets and there is nothing you can do about it. Those days can cost you your diet, and all the hard work you did before can go to waste just because you had one moment of weakness.

What if you could eat something nice and sweet during your diet? Is all food equally bad for you? Can you have a healthy dessert? And what makes the difference between good and bad desserts? Should you just watch out for your calories?

These are just some of the questions that you should answer before starting your diet, so you don’t get into something you are going to hate. A big part of every dietary plan is to have the will to make it through to the other end.

That’s why we wanted to look at some of the solutions to your sweet tooth problem and give you a list of bistro md healthy desserts that you can make while you are dieting and still stay on a diet

Can Desserts Be Good for You?

The short and most obvious answer to the question is yes, they can. But that in itself is not enough to resolve your problem. The answer depends on the dessert in question and the ingredients that you put into it. There is a big difference between eating a fruit salad and a three-tier chocolate cake with full-fat cream on top.

Every proper diet teaches you how to monitor your calorie intake and how to make sure you take in all the necessary nutrients you need for the appropriate functioning of your organism. Once you have learned this, you will plan your meals ahead, and you will know what kind of foods you should avoid.

That is why healthy desserts are the perfect solution for you. As we have mentioned in the bistro md review, this company brings over 20 years of health maintenance, and weight loss and focuses on using food as medicine for a longer and happier life. And the best part is that meals truly taste good. These are just some of the recipes that you can use to make yourself a delicious dessert while you are on a diet.

Strawberry Shortcake

Eating fruits does not make you instantly healthy or healthier than other people. First of all, the time of day you take your fruit is equally important as the amount and quality of the fruit in question.

Traditional recipes, even those that have fruit in them, can have a lot of saturated fats and sugar in them. That’s how they liked to make them before, we can use the principles for a dessert and make it a bit healthier.

The shortcake is an easy recipe that many people make on a daily basis, they are ideal for a snack because they can be made in a few minutes. The only difference is in the cream you will use and in the lack of sugar and other fatty ingredients. You can replace regular cream and sugar with an alternative, and you can use spices like mint and cinnamon to enhance the tasting experience.

Serving of strawberry shortcakes

Fruit Salad

There is maybe no better way for you to have a healthy dessert then by eating a fruit salad and this is not an exaggeration. There is always some fruit available for purchase all thru the year, this also means that you don’t have to eat the same thing over and over again.

Even thou fruits are not abundant in mineral content like vegetables, they are packed full of fructose, acids, and vitamins that will do you good. The only thing you have to watch out for is not to overdo with chocolate, cream, and sugar. People like to enhance their salads with these things, and they are the things that can make you fat

Make a Nut Mixture

One of the things that causes a lot of weight problems is the fact that a lot of us eat junk food as a snack in the day. Sometimes you get hungry between meals, and most people go for their favorite chocolate bar or some type of crisps. These things are not just bad for your figure they can also be terrible for your health.

This is why we propose that you make a mixture of different types of nuts and dried fruits and have a little bag with you so you can nibble on something once you get hungry. They will feed you faster than any other snack, and they can give you essential fatty acids and amino acids, so they don’t just cover your hunger but actually feed your body too.

Chia Seeds

These seeds from the high peak of the Andes Mountains have taken over the world. They are not just right because they come packed with a whole range of nutrients that are really good for you but they also make a specific reaction once you put water in them and this is what makes them such a hit among people.

These seeds have some sort of slime that they let out once you soak them, this slime makes the water thick around the seeds and turns them into something that resembles a pudding. This is why so many people are using them.

There are two ways you can use them – either by soaking them and then adding whole fruits to the soaked seeds. This is how they make most of the puddings and salads with the chia seed. Then you can grind the seeds together with other fruits that to make a sweet smoothie.

However, if you choose to prepare it, know that you will have a lot of options and that you will have some trouble cleaning the left-over seeds from the glass you drank it from. Also, have in mind that these seeds can take in a lot of water and they continue to do so even in yours belie. That’s why you should drink a lot of water when you eat them.

Weight loss menu from BistroMD

Lazy Pie

Every grandmother has her own version of this pie. Basically, it is an egg, with flour, milk and some baking powder and then you put anything you want into the dough and bake it. This receipt has been around for quite some time, and people tend to forget it because it is so simple.

The fact that you use sugar and flower to make the meal does not mean that it is automatically unhealthy. First of all, you can replace the conventional ingredients with the new ones that are not so harmful to your figure.

You can make the filing from fruits, nuts and chocolate depend on what you like to eat the most. Or you can mix everything together and have a cake with the filling everywhere. This depends on the time you have for cooking and the effort you want to invest in it. The cake takes less than 25 minutes to make, and a tray can last you a couple of days. Think about the ingredients you are putting inside and about the calories they bring. You can design your cake to be sweet and light. 

French Crepes

This European style of the pancake is a hit all thru the continent. This meal is a staple of many menus all over Europe, and there is a pretty good reason for that. First of all, it is straightforward to make, and you can make it taste like anything you want because the paste itself has a neutral taste.

The receipt is simple. All you need is water, an egg, some sugar and salt, and of course flower. You take the dough and spread it over a frying pan, but it has to be so thin that you can almost see thru it. Then once you have made a couple of dozens, you can take whatever you want and put it on them, roll them up and eat it.

As with all other ideas we gave you here, think about the ingredients and the calories they bring. Every meal can be prepared in more than one way.

Crepe in a plate with oranges
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