BistroMD Review 2022 - Perfect Plan for Sustainable Diet

Are you thinking about losing some extra weight? You don’t, however, have the time to prepare the meals? And the process itself seems like such a drastic change in lifestyle?

If that’s the case, BistroMD might be for you. They have a set of comprehensive plans that can cater to a wide variety of medical conditions, all beside the standard options for men and women. And, for the price they’re charging, you’re getting all of your daily meals that should satisfy your daily nutritional needs.

This BistroMD review will go over the service, their plans, and meals, as well as their pricing. In the end, you should know exactly what they’re about and whether they can help you achieve your goals

What is BistroMD?

It is, simply put, a meal delivery service specialized in, among other medical conditions, weight loss. To make that process as healthy as possible, it is designed by a doctor specifically to provide nutritious and balanced meals that can help you lose some extra weight.

It has plans specifically designed for men and women, and apart from those, it also has programs that provide food that is heart-healthy, gluten-free, menopause-friendly, as well as meals appropriate for diabetics (healthy desserts by BistroMD) and vegetarians (top meal service here).

Each of those programs will take those considerations into account and provide you with a selection of well-balanced meals that should cover all your nutritional needs. That means you’ll get all the micro and macronutrients your body needs to remain healthy.
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How BistroMD Works

The sign-up is relatively simple – you choose what your weight loss goals are and the most appropriate plan for your medical condition. After that, you’ll get a dietician to look over your profile and provide you with feedback on how to best achieve that goal.

Apart from the diet, they also encourage regular exercise. They even provide tips on making a plan to get back into shape. While that constitutes a much larger lifestyle change than simply changing your diet, in the end, the extra weight you shed should remain gone as long as you stick to your program.
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Features of BistroMD

Healthy and Balanced

The service itself was created by a physician with a single purpose – to provide a healthy method of weight loss (check the diet plans of top meal services). As such, the meals contain a careful balance of protein, fat, and carbs, while also providing you with all the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain your health.

Apart from that, they also have plans for diabetics and those suffering from heart conditions or celiac disease. They even have a program to control the weight gain associated with menopause.

Ideal for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a difficult process. You’re either forced to dramatically change or your lifestyle, or to count every calorie you ingest. And even then, you don’t know whether your food will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain your health.

That’s where BistroMD comes in. Their meals are balanced by a dietician assigned specifically to you, and each serving should contain everything you need to lose weight while remaining healthy (check the most suitable meal services).

Physician-designed Diet Programs

As we’ve mentioned earlier, their menus are designed by dieticians and as such, they should provide you with all the nutrients you need. And, as they have a complete program that incorporates all of your daily meals, you can be sure that all of your nutritious requirements will be met.

That should, in turn, lead to a healthier and, hopefully, more permanent weight loss.

Tasty Meals

Even though the meals are meant for weight loss, it doesn’t mean that they have to be bland and tasteless. BistroMD’s food is generally on the tastier end with a variety of recipes that are regularly rotated. There should be something you’ll find attractive at all times.

The meals should arrive in a cooling package, and after that, all you need to do is to heat them up and eat them.


Like all meal delivery services, they are the most convenient and time-saving way of eating healthy food. You don’t have to think about choosing and buying the ingredients, you don’t have to prepare them, and finally, you don’t have to cook the meal yourself.

That should, in itself, free up all that time for work or other activities, and in the end, you’ll still have a delicious and fulfilling meal.

Pros and Cons of BistroMD


All the meals are carefully balanced by doctors and dieticians to lead to weight loss all while including the nutrients needed to keep you healthy. That is their greatest advantage over the alternatives
Their plans offer a great deal of personalization, as well. There are always plenty of choices available, and you’re sure to adjust your program just as you like it. Another advantage is their ability to cater to many different medical conditions, as well.
Extensive menu with over 150 items available at all times. New items are added, and those that are out of season are removed regularly.


Their shipping costs can be pricier than that of their competition. It costs about $20 to ship anywhere in the contiguous US, with the costs increasing further if you’re ordering from Hawaii or Alaska.Some people noted that price per serving is a bit costly, however, compared to the competition, Sun Basket is among affordable organic meal delivery services

Apart from that, some have complained about the quality of their food. That, however, is largely a matter of personal preference, and if someone found something not as tasty, it doesn’t mean that you won’t like it either.

Custom Meal Plans Available

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Their standard menu is divided into two programs – one is meant for men and the other for women. Each should offer a carefully balanced plan that works with specific aspects and difficulties men and women face when losing weight.


Whether you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, this program should be just for you. The meals are all completely gluten-free (top picks) while still containing the nutrients you need to remain healthy while losing weight.


This plan is meant for those with heart problems. All of its meals have lower amounts of sodium and saturated fat and are below recommendations in their caloric value, as well. That should, at the very least, allow you to lose weight without straining your heart.


BistroMD’s diabetic plan has a daily intake of carbohydrates low enough not to cause problems. It is also evenly divided between the meals, which should help keep the blood sugar levels stable.

To find out more check our guide for best meal deliveries for diabetics.


One of the common symptoms of menopause is weight gain, and losing that weight healthily can be difficult. BistroMD’s menopause plan has lowered amounts of carbs, which should keep the blood glucose level steady, which can cause the body to burn more fat.

BistroMD Meal Delivery Food List


Fruits can be a great snack between the meals, but you should be careful not to eat too much. It does, after all, contain sugar, which could negate your weight-loss efforts. BistroMD recommends only one serving of fruit per day, and their offer includes apples, pears, peaches, oranges, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, berries, and avocados


Like fruits, the veggies should preferably be fresh. Frozen are also acceptable as long as they don’t have any preservatives. BistroMD’s programs include the following vegetables in their recipes: carrots, celery, cauliflower, kale, cucumbers, spinach, onions, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. These should make tasty and nutritiously satisfying meals.

Meat and Seafood

If you’re planning on losing weight, your meat should ideally be lean because it contains less fat. They usually include recipes containing chicken or turkey breasts, usually without the skin and bones, as well as grass-fed ground beef. Their seafood items frequently include salmon, shrimp, and tilapia.


Ideally, the carbohydrates in your meals should come from whole grain. Those are much healthier and can help you lose weight. They also contain more fiber, which should help keep your digestion moving. Oats, brown rice, or quinoa are common ingredients in BistroMD’s menus, and they are usually accompanied by whole-grain pastries, as well.

Oils & Condiments

While the meals already have been prepared using oils and condiments, you could always add more when you’re reheating the servings. If you do that, you should preferably use olive or coconut oil, as those are more nutritious and better for your overall health


BistroMD offers a wide selection of snacks, ranging from protein bars with chocolate, all the way to beef or chicken jerky. You should be able to find everything you like, and best of all, all of them don’t contain any added sugar or salt, which should make them much healthier.

Canned Food

While they try to use fresh ingredients whenever possible, that might not always be the case. Sometimes, canned food might be necessary to provide you with the ingredients. When they do use cans and jars, however, they are mostly free of artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

How Much Does BistroMD Cost?

It mainly depends on the number of days you want to be covered – their plans that cover only the workdays are cheaper than their 7-day program. The former costs about $160, while the latter is just under $190.

You can get even more savings if you opt to exclude breakfast. That way, you’ll only be paying for the lunches and dinners. In that case, the program that only covers the workdays is about $130, while the full 7-day package costs around $160

Meals per week

7 days

Full Program

5 days

Lunches & Dinners

7 days

Lunches & Dinners

7 days
In addition to that, you’ll also get a discount for your first week.
See BistroMD Plans and Pricing

BistroMD Delivery and Shipping

Now that you know more about the service, you may be wondering, how is their shipping? As we’ve mentioned earlier, they ship all over the US. The cost, however, will be larger if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii. Taking that into account, your package will usually arrive in the second half of the week.

The box itself is fully recyclable and it contains every meal, already prepared and separated into servings. All you need to do is freeze them until the day you plan to eat them. Then, you can simply reheat and enjoy your meal.
Bistro MD Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel my BistroMD subscription?

They don’t have an option to cancel your subscription on their website. You’ll need to contact them either by e-mail or phone to do that. Their customer service is quite good, though, and you shouldn’t have any additional problems. You’ll have to do it before Tuesdays, the day they usually ship, to avoid being charged for the week, however

Is it effective for weight loss?

It can be if you stick to the program. It is designed to provide everything your body needs, and if you eat what you’re supposed to, you should start to lose weight immediately. You should note, however, that you might not see the results right away; it can take several weeks for the changes to start manifesting themselves.

Check Diet Meal Plan by BistroMD for more!

Is it difficult to prepare?

No, the meals arrive frozen in a box, already divided into servings. You simply need to reheat the food, and it is ready in several minutes

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re thinking about losing some weight, and you’ve heard a lot about how meal delivery services can help with that. And, among a variety of names, you’ll probably regularly hear about BistroMD.

They are specialized in healthy weight loss, and their plans are designed and maintained by trained physicians and dieticians. Their meals are carefully balanced to provide your body with all the nutrients required to remain healthy while helping you shed some extra pounds.

As such, they do provide the value for their money – their programs can be great as long as you stick to them. So, if your plan is to lose some weight in a healthy and fulfilling way, they might be just what you need
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