BistroMD Review

What is

BistroMD Diet Food Delivery Service is exactly that – a food delivery service focused on dieting for weight loss. It was founded by Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a weight loss physician, and her husband, Ed, a foodie expert.

Dr. Cederquist brings over 20 years of expertise in weight loss and health maintenance where she focuses on using food as medicine for a healthier life. She and her husband have assembled a team of registered dieticians, chefs, fitness experts, and themselves to create, the first food delivery services created by a weight loss physician.

BistroMD asserts that it is quite different than the standard weight loss meal plans in two key ways:

• It does NOT rely on calorie counting and portion control or deprivation

• The food truly tastes good

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Dr. Cederquist and her team have relied on the science of nutrition and the proper understanding of a truly balanced, healthy diet, to create meal plans that allow individuals to truly eat their fill (most plans provide between 1200-1400 calories a day) of food that is actually palatable, thanks to the genius of the chefs.

The service provides a wide variety of meal plans (to be discussed in detail below), as well as a free BMI analysis to help you get started. The meal plans are customized by the dieticians for each individual, and are further customizable by the member. Once a person signs up, they are given free access to the registered dieticians, fitness expert, and a host of nutrition and fitness tools and resources, including weekly webinars.

Some of BistroMD’s main claims to fame:

• Only food delivery service created by a weight physician

• Plans are built on sound science of nutrition, not calorie counting and deprivation

• Plans are customized for every individual to optimize weight loss for their body

• Plans are further customizable by members through the member portal

• The meals are designed and created by a collaboration of award winning chefs and dieticians.

Ultimately, the team at BistroMD aspires to help their members not simply lose weight and see the number on the scale go down. Their goal is to help members gain a healthier lifestyle not through temporary fad dieting but through learning a new and permanent way of eating. Their goal is healthy, long term weight loss for each of their members.

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Their Team:

The BistroMD team is made up of over 10 registered dieticians, chefs, fitness experts and medical professionals.

The Science Team: together, Dr. Cederquist (affectionately dubbed “The M.D.” by the team) and her team of registered dieticians have put to use The M.D.’s 20 years of experience in weight loss medicine and their combined expertise in nutrition to create a food-based weight loss program.

Their goal was to focus on creating a healthy way to help individuals achieve their goal weight through nutritious and natural foods. They pride themselves on the proper application of a science-based method, using food as medicine to heal the body and keep it healthy, ultimately not just for weight loss but for overall physical well-being.

It is their love for and belief in the science of nutrition that has led to this unique “diet” meal plan program. To the team, though, it’s not about “diets” at all, but rather a permanent change toward healthy eating and living.

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As such, calorie counting and portion control (which they refer to more frequently as “deprivation”) are not a part of the program. Rather, they have carefully developed a balanced daily diet made up of the right foods to get your body back on track.

In addition to creating a general program of sound nutrition, they also work with each member to help assess their unique needs and create a specific plan that should work best for their needs. The end result has been a healthy, science-based program so effective that it is the only meal plan and food delivery service proven to actually correct metabolic dysfunction.

The Food Team: the science that BistroMD’s M.D. and dieticians discover is shared and passed on to their team of chef’s and foodies, who take the science to create healthy but tasty, gourmet meals.

The team is made up of three award winning chefs and Ed, the CEO and dubbed “foodie.” Together, they combine years of experience and expertise, which includes global cuisine and recipes, to create a sound, healthy diet that tastes great. They continuously create new recipes to keep the menu fresh and exciting so that members can always look forward to their meal options.

The Fitness Team: providing free coaching and resources for BistroMD’s members is a fitness expert, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Specialist and Licensed Athletic Trainer. He understands how nutrition plays an important role in fueling the body to make exercise possible and effective.


BistroMD provides a bit more than a typical meal delivery services. Combined, all their services create a support system to help people achieve their weight and health goals.

Among their services are:

• Free BMI Analysis

• Customized meal plans prescribed by registered dieticians

• Membership portal allowing members to adjust their weekly meal plan

• Access to a weight loss physician, registered dieticians and fitness expert

• Unlimited, free consultations with registered dieticians

• Access to BistroMD’s Health Library

• Access to weekly webinars and other resources on nutrition and health

• Variety of meal programs and 100% customizable programs

Programs and Plans:

One of the things that BistroMD prides itself in is its variety. Their desire is to help everyone, regardless of lifestyle, stage of life, or physical limitations, achieve their weight loss goals.

As such, BistroMD offers a few different program options:

7 Day Program: the 7-day full program will provide 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners for a full week, and allowing for one dinner where the member gets to applied their new nutrition knowledge to making or choosing their own dinner.

5 Day Program: their 5-day full program, or work week program, provides 5 each of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lunches & Dinners 7 Day Program: exactly as it sounds, this program provides just the lunches and dinners for 7 days.

Lunches & Dinners 5 Day Program: like the previous plan, but this time lunches and dinners are sent for only 5 days.

programs and plans

Besides the above prescribed programs, they also allow members to customize their program. All it requires is making a phone call to customize a plan. For instance, if someone only wants breakfasts

In addition to their separate programs determining the total number and which meals that a member will receive, BistroMD then offers a variety of plans specific to men, women, and even certain medical conditions and stages of life. Once a member chooses which of the above programs they want, they can then choose a specific plan that is best suited to them.

Their plans include:

• Women’s Program

• Women’s Menopause Program

• Men’s Program

• Gluten Free Program

• Diabetic Program

• Silver Cuisine

After members sign up for the number of days they want their meals, they are then given access to the member portal and the registered dieticians so that they can begin selecting and specializing the details of their plan by choosing one of the above options or customizing something completely unique for their situation.

Between their pre-set plans and the ability to work closely with the dieticians and medical professionals, BistroMD has truly created a meal delivery service that is all about customization to suit the weight loss and health needs of each individual member.

The Food:

While most diet meal plans and delivery services have the unfortunate reputation of bland or unpalatable food, nothing could be further from the truth for BistroMD’s meals.

While the food is carefully chosen based on the science developed by Dr. Cederquist to ensure that each day’s worth of meals provides the proper balance of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, it is prepared by award winning gourmet chefs. Additionally, BistroMD promises that their food never includes MSG, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

To top that off, Ed, the CEO and dubbed “foodie” travels the world looking for new recipes and flavors that can be used to spice up their healthy menu. The combination of the chef’s experience and expertise and Ed’s taste means a menu of over 150 options, with regular additions being made all the time.

Whether you have refined and choosey tastes, or prefer simpler fair, the excellence and variety the BistroMD menu provides, as well as member’s ability to review and adjust their menu, is sure to please every palate.

program meals

Some examples of the meals one can expect:

• Artichoke, Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Frittata

• Bagel Sandwich including Egg, Turkey Sausage and Cheddar

• Chicken Cacciatore

• Sloppy Joe with Cabbage Slaw

• Hickory Smoked BBQ Beef with Yukon Gold Potatoes and Green Beans

• Tilapia with Smoky Tomato Sauce and Vegetables

In addition to their breakfasts, lunches and dinners, BistroMD also has a snack option that members can add to whichever plan they choose.

Snacks include:

• Chocolate Gelato

• Dried Beef Strips

• Parmesan Italiano Chips

As hinted at briefly above, a plus to the gourmet meals is that members can review the weekly menu that the dietician prescribes and then make changes if there is a meal they know they will not like.

Through their member portal, members can select a meal they wish to change out and review a list of other meals that will be identical in type to the one the dietician has recommended to replace it with. If they do not like any of the suggested meals on that list, they can then choose to select any meal from the entire BistroMD meal selection. However, if someone chooses to do this, they will be notified that the meal they are selecting goes outside of the dietician’s recommendations

A variety of food to choose from, from gourmet fair, to good old fashioned meat and potato options, it seems like the pickiest of eaters will find these meals not only palatable but outright enjoyable. It is unlikely that members will feel like they are eating “diet food.”

How the Service Works:

BistroMD has created a fairly smooth and simple process for getting started on their program. To become a member and get started on a customized program and receiving your diet meal plans requires only four simple steps:

how it works

1) Select your weight loss plan of 5 or 7 days of meals. If you wish to have some other arrangement of meals than their preset plans, you can give them a call directly to arrange it.

2) Place your order. As soon as the order is placed, you immediately gain access to the support and resources BistroMD can offer, including the registered dieticians, fitness expert, and their resource library.

3) Customize your plan using the member portal. This is where you can select specific plans such as Women’s or Men’s, etc. This is also where you can consult with a dietician to get a meal plan specialized for your body’s weight loss needs.

Once a meal plan has been created by the registered dietician for the week, you can go back into the member portal to review the specific menu for the week and make adjustments if desired.

4) Receive the week’s food delivery at your door. Store, heat and eat, enjoying the shopping-free, food-prep-free, stress-free nutritious weight loss meal plan system.

The process is rather simple and can be completed entirely online. If someone wants a more customized program, they only need pick up the phone to talk directly to one of the registered dieticians.


On the face of things, BistroMD’s plans may seem to run on the pricier side. For their:

• 7 Day full program (20 meals) you pay $134.96

• 5 Day full program (15 meals) you pay $112.46

• 7 Day lunch & dinner program (14 meals) you pay $112.46

• 5 Day lunch & dinner program (10 meals) you pay $89.96

With those being per week costs, thinking about what that adds up to per month is a little intimidating. However, when you look at the per meal costs, it’s actually an incredibly good price, especially when you consider the quality of the foods you are receiving:

• The 7 Day full program is only approximately $6.75 per meal!

• 5 Day full program is approximately $7.50 per meal

• 7 Day lunch & dinner program is approximately $8.03 per meal

• 5 Day lunch & dinner program is approximately $8.99 per meal

The full 7 day program is clearly the most cost effective at a pretty low per meal cost of $6.75. For individuals who usually eat out anyway, this is significantly cheaper than restaurant prices per meal, even compared to many fast-food restaurants, and it is actual real, nutritious food exquisitely prepared!


So, our bistro md review thus far has provided a very thorough overview of BistroMD’s history, the team and science behind it, its food, process, and cost. But how does BistroMD compare with other meal deliver plans?

Quality & Health: first, as mentioned earlier, BistroMD is the only diet meal delivery program that is actually created by a weight loss physician. While other like programs, such as Metabolic Meals, is primarily founded and run by chefs who consult with nutritionists along the way, the entire program behind BistroMD is expertly crafted by weight loss physicians and dieticians. Thus, the science behind the program is much more sound and much more likely to help you see the weight loss and health results you are looking for.

As a result of its science, it is also one of the only meal delivery programs proven to actually correct metabolic dysfunction. It is not simply a meal plan that helps you with portion control or calorie counting – it delivers truly nutritious foods in a healthy balance that will help heal your body. You will not feel like you are starving on this plan.Additionally, unlike many meal delivery services, BistroMD stays away from many unhealthy additives such as MSG, trans fats and aspartame, to name a few.

Cost: again, while the initial weekly cost may seem a bit of a shock, the per meal price for BistroMD is quite good, and is, surprisingly, one of the cheapest plans of its kind! For similar plans, such as Metabolic Meal or Hello Fresh, meals average starting at $9 plus dollars per meal. Some companies, such as Plated, are as much as $12 per meal, and we were hard pressed to find any that averaged below $8 per meal.

bistro md comparasion

Considering the science and development behind BistroMD and the team that is constantly working and improving the plan, as well as the size and quality of the meals themselves, BistroMD is remarkably cheap. Their most expensive plan (5-day lunch & dinner plan) holds out at no more than $8.99 a meal.

Food Options: BistroMD offers prescribed meal plans customized specifically for each member by registered dieticians. So, generally speaking, the weekly menu is pre-set. However, BistroMD allows members to review and adjust their menus a meal at a time, and offers like suggestions when they do want to replace meals.

This is very similar to most other programs out there. Most programs, such as Blue Apron and Plated, allow you to either completely choose your menu each week, or review and adjust it each week. Among the specifically health-focused meal plan services, there are some, however, that do all the choosing for you, such as How Fresh. However, many of these services are beginning to adapt to what has become the customer preferred option of reviewing and making adjustments or selections for themselves.

BistroMD, then, represents a good balance of two extremes here. Since the goal of its users is weight loss and health, the registered dieticians, after analyzing a user’s needs, make the choices for them. But, with the member portal BistroMD has for its members, their users can review and adjust their menu for a sense of participation and choice in the program and to ensure the best experience.