Best Meal Plan to Beat Menopause

Meals to combat avoid menopause

As you may already know, menopause can affect your memory, mood, and unfortunately your bones and heart. Slower reaction times, weak bones, hot flashes, mood swings – getting older can be a laborious process. Some symptoms and risk factors linked to menopause and aging cannot be changed. You may find it difficult to maintain a … Read more

Wine Plan by Hello Fresh 2020

Wine Plan Featured Imagе

Everybody who has ever heard of the term “meal delivery service” has probably also heard for Hello Fresh. Based in Berlin, Germany, this company is the second-largest meal-kit provider in the US (after Blue Apron). The fact that it also has operations in Australia and Canada makes it one of the biggest international meal-kit companies … Read more

Weekly Plant-Based Meal Plan

Vegetarian meals

Starting a vegetarian diet is not an easy task. Creating a weekly nutritional and healthy meal plan and tasty, easy recipes can be a little challenging. Few individuals know which ingredients to choose for a well-rounded dish and are intimidated to begin with the plant-based eating program. But, that doesn’t have to be so hard. … Read more