10 Blue Apron Competitors to Consider

Cooking has become a past time that more people are looking into every day. There a couple of reasons for this. First of all, we have progressed a lot in the food growing and processing aspects of the industry. Secondly, the internet has opened a huge market that can almost never be satisfied. Thirdly the past decades have brought a lot of new celebrity chefs that have taught people how to cook professionally at their homes.

Then it is no wonder that innovative people have come up with a concept and company like Blue Apron. They are a perfect example of the progress the world has made in shopping and culinary practices. Are you wondering what kind of company this is? Do you think it is the only one? What exactly are they offering? We would like to go over all these questions, and even answer some more in the process. Or you could also read our review of Blue Apron and learn more about this company.

The great thing about it is that you can order a packet of food to your home and prepare a restaurant type meal in the comfort of your home. But, what makes it different than any other food you order over the internet?

Bunch of ingredients from salmon, vegetables, noodles and condiments as a home page for Blue Apron

Well, this is a gourmet set of ingredients for cooking and a lot of different professional recipes. Now, you don’t just get a box of fresh ingredients and herbs for cooking; you also get a set of instructions on how to prepare the meals. This Company started work in 2012 and has risen steadily ever since. They even opened a Blue Apron Wine company in 2014, so you can try out new wine every weak.

Even though this idea is innovative and it is definitely something new on the market a lot of companies have started doing the same thing, with different levels of success. Some of them even started before Blue Apron, but they were not as successful in gathering as many customers.

The main difference between all these Blue Apron Competitors is in the options they will give you as customers to choose from. These options are linked to the food quality and origin, as well as the type of diet you want to have. There are also different mailing methods, depending on how often you want the food delivered to your house. Most of the competitors are from the USA, and they exclusively work in the country, but we will look at some options from other countries.

Besides the mentioned ones, there are more features that some of the other companies have on offer, that’s why we took the liberty of making a list of ten competitors that can measure up to the Blue Apron standard. Besides the ingredients, and dietary options we will be looking at the prices, and some other features that are on offer. Like packaging and mailing options, as well as the level of eco-consciousness the companies have.

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Knife, chopping board, cooking pan with meat and plate of food

Sun Basket

This company was founded in San Francisco in the year 2014. Since its founding, the company has grown significantly, and now it employs over 450 people, who work on different jobs linked with packaging and mailing the food that their customer order. This company has gotten good criticism from its customers, and they are certainly a company that can stand up to the Blue Apron.

You can order a package from them every month, that is placed on a mailing list, and you get all the products you need for one period.  Check our Sun Basket review and see what food plans they are offering. There is more than one to choose from, so you can satisfy your needs.

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Home page of a cooking website

Home Chef

Home Chef is also a company that sends packages of ingredients and recipes for cooking to its clients. The company delivers a box of produce once a week and its headquarters are in Chicago.

The company itself has grown significantly over the past few years it has over 1000 employees that work round the clock to satisfy the needs of their clients. Since the company delivers on a weekly base, there are a lot more meals being posted then in some other companies. It is estimated that the company sent more than 3 million meals to a lot of satisfied customers all around the USA. We wrote this Home Chef review to help you learn more about this company and the food plans they are offering.

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What's on the chef's table inside HomeBistro

Home Bistro

Home Bistro Inc is an American company, based in Plattsburg USA it was founded in 1999, and currently it is a subsidiary of Dinewise, Inc. This company specializes in making and sending prepared meals that can be cooked when they arrive; they also have some cooked food products as well.

Since 2017 the Home Bistro has been bought by AlphaPoint Technology, and that has given it a significant boost in its production and mailing capabilities making it a fierce competitor of Blue Apron. The newest feature this company has made to its sales is the addition of internet sales that specialize in mailing gourmet meals. That innovation is new to the market, and it stirred up a lot of competition.

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Circle of hello fresh food, ingredients and small menu

Hello Fresh

This company is considered one of the leading ready- to- cook ingredient providers in the world, it was founded in 2011 and unlike the previous companies this one is not situated in the USA but rather in Europe, Germany to be precise.​

Since its opening, the company has had a significant increase in its work, and in 2016 it was estimated that they mailed over 22 million boxes of fresh products. The company spent a lot of money in figuring out a good marketing strategy, and this is making it one strong contester against the Blue Apron. 

Read full Hello Fresh review here.

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Certified healthy

Green Chef

This is a startup company that specializes in packaging and sending ready-to-cook meals and food to ordering customers. Since this branch of the food industry is becoming more competitive by the day, this firm has chosen to invest in packaging to have an edge on the market. They are making a lot of innovations in this field, and their packages are authentic and creative.

The company has had 100 million US dollars of profit in the previous year; this makes them a hard player to beat in the industry. This company should definitely not be underestimated, and if you are a fan of nice packages, they are the dream choice for you.

See our full Green Chef review here.

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Some pasta and four small animation below sign up button


Plated is a US-based company that specializes in mailing meal kits to customers all over the continent. They started working since 2012, and although it has had smaller success than some other companies that we have mentioned they are thriving anyway. They have had a rise of 60% in sales in the previous year, and it is estimated that their profit was about 22 million. They are definitely a company that one should consider.

Woman holding spoon and bowl of food


This company was founded 25 years ago in Maryland, and since then it has progressed spectacularly. They service customers in the USA, and they are somewhat different than the other companies we have mentioned because they specialize in nutrition and dietary meals (full Medifast review). Their main concern is with the loss, and the meals they send are meant for such use. They also have many weight loss centers scattered all over the country.

This company is not a direct threat to the Blue Apron since it makes meals that destined for people who want to lose weight. But in the past couple of years, it has made some steps to make ready-to-cook meals that can be ordered, as well as boxes of fresh products. That is another reason why we think they can stand up to the other mentioned companies.

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Variety of served meals on Veestro home page


If you are a nature lover, and you are concerned about your health and the health of the food you are eating then this is the company for you. They specialize in mailing fresh and green friendly vegetables and fruits that are not GMO and have not been treated with chemical pesticides and growth enhancers.

Their client list has grown significantly in the past years, especially when we consider the growth of vegan dietary practices. Their food also helps a lot with weight loss, because it is healthy and green with low amounts of fat and almost no animal proteins. They have also started making ready-to-eat meals and this has been a hit among a lot of people because of the fast lifestyles of today.

Read our Veestro review to know more about this company.

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BistroMD homepage with first week offer

Bistro MD

The bistromd.com was established in 2005, and it specializes in making and sending ready-to-use food and meals. Their specialty are foods that are useful for weight loss. Their customers can prescribe to get the packages they want, and they will be sent to them on a regular basis.

They are based in Florida and ever since they started working, they have added a lot to their offer especially in the aspect of nutrition and weight loss options you can choose from. Follow our BistroMD review to find out more.

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Trifecta home page image

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta is one of the youngest companies on the list, but they are equal competition to Blue Apron as all the others. They also specialize in making and packaging ready-to-use meals and food that is sent to your home. They work in the territory of the USA, and they have invested a lot in making new and eco-friendly packaging for their products.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that a lot of the mentioned companies have gotten a lot of criticism because of the way they use the packaging for food. Tifecta meals are also healthy, and a lot of it works great for weight loss.

Check out our full Trifecta review here.

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