Blue Apron Review 2022

Does your hectic lifestyle often interfere with your cooking abilities, preventing you from making healthy and delicious meals? Do you have a hard time satisfying your family’s dietary needs, while trying to balance work, as well as off-work activities?

Well, you aren’t the only one because millions of people around the world face similar struggles. Fortunately, meal kit delivery services can be a great time-saver for busy moms and individuals who don’t want to compromise on home-cooked and delicious recipes.

For that reason, in today’s article, we are going to focus on a Blue Apron review. Having in mind that not all meal services provide the same level of customer satisfaction, we decided to discover why this one stands out from the competition.

What is Blue Apron?

Before we start, you must be wondering, what type of service does Blue Apron provide? Well, this is an online-based food delivery company that sends customers pre-portioned ingredients, along with the instructions, to help them prepare delicious and healthy meals.

It basically eliminates grocery shopping, but for those who still enjoy going to the store, there is always lunch and breakfasts, since this company only provides dinner. You can mix and match the ingredients, or choose a la carte menu, while orders are directly shipped to your home address.
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How Does Blue Apron Work?

Signing In

Creating an account with this service is relatively easy, and it only involves a couple of steps. First of all, you are required to leave your email and home address, and then you are led to another screen where you have to decide on the number of dishes, and serving sizes.

Later on, once you finish your order, you can pick a delivery date. The website is user-friendly, so you shouldn’t experience any significant issues. Typically, the food will arrive neatly packed, ready for your next big meal.
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Choosing a Subscription Plan

When it comes to subscription plans, you can explore a couple of options here. Depending on your dietary needs, you can go for Signature, Freestyle, Vegetarian, and Signature for 4. Each of these plans has something different to offer.

For instance, with a regular signature plan, you can enjoy two servings per week, while you eat different types of meat, fish, and vegetarian recipes. On the other hand, Freestyle is specially designed for people trying to lose some weight and want to prepare easy-to-cook recipes.

Let’s not forget the vegetarian plan, which includes meat-free meals, or Signature for four that offer dishes for families. These subscription plans serve two people, up to three times per week, except Signature for four that is designed for four people, four times per week.

Picking a Menu

This food company provides a substantial amount of recipes, while the majority of meat-based dishes involve chicken, which isn’t overly creative. On the other hand, you would be surprised by their vegetarian selection, which is actually quite extensive, compared to the competition.

Another thing unique to this service is its wine delivery. You can combine wine according to your meals. However, if you enjoy drinking wine, but you don’t know which type goes well with your food, then Blue Apron has you covered.

One bottle costs $10, while the entire month is approximately $65, which isn’t that bad, mainly when it includes shipping fees.

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Features of Blue Apron

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Tasty Recipes

Blue Apron’s recipes never lacked taste. However, if you expect to get overly delicious meals, you might feel a bit disappointed. This is mostly due to the fact that their recipes don’t have enough spice. You can add more salt, chili flake, or paper to boost the taste, of course, if you enjoy that type of food.

However, since each dish is packed with vegetables, they contribute to the overall structure and improve the flavor of the food.

Accurate Portioning

The majority of subscription options include servings for two, except for a family plan. Now, in terms of serving sizes, you get enough food that covers the needs of average people, which means there are no leftovers or food waste.

However, people with a big appetite should pick a family plan since regular ones might not be able to satisfy their needs. But, overall, whatever you choose, you won’t regret it.

Quality Ingredients

In terms of ingredients, this meal kit delivery pays particular care to customers and ensures they always get fresh and delicious meals. In that case, the food is never frozen, which doesn’t affect nutritional value, texture, or flavor of recipes.

You get to experience fresh produce, hormone and antibiotic-free meats, while fixed meals can stay for a couple of days in the fridge, without going bad. This is one of the reasons why customers enjoy ordering their kits.


Another feature that comes in favor of this meal kit delivery service is its affordable price. When you compare the costs of the ingredients in the supermarket stores, with their dishes, you will notice it takes less money to enjoy healthy and delicious recipes.

Of course, the cheapest option would be to go and buy a burger or pizza. However, in terms of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal.

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Meals per week


Price per meal


Price per week


Kid and Family Friendly

This service has specially designed plans to accommodate the dietary needs of kids and families. Considering their food is moderately spicy, your children will have a great time eating their food without experiencing any issues, which isn’t the case with other delivery services.

On the other hand, if you have a large family to feed, then the “Signature for 4” meal plan might be great for you. It offers a lot of food choices and plenty of servings, so no one in your family will feel left out.

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Supports Weight Watchers

Maintaining your current weight while ordering food online is the biggest concern for weight watchers. However, with Blue Apron, you don’t have to worry about your weight while eating delicious and healthy food (top kit delivery service).

First of all, this company provides a unique plan, so-called Freestyle, which mostly focuses on people who are trying to lose weight or are under some dietary regime. They offer three servings per week, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Helpful Recipe Cards

The majority of services include recipe cards, and Blue Apron is not an exception. They provide detailed directions and help you make a delicious meal. However, if you never cooked before, then you might high have a hard time following all instructions, since preparing meals with this service requires multitasking.

For that reason, before you start cooking, read cards thoroughly, to avoid making any mistakes. Additionally, each kit contains nutritional information cards about the food you ordered.

Blue Apron Cost and Prices

As we already mentioned, this company aims to provide affordable and budget-friendly kits. Therefore, the price will mostly depend on food, as well as the number of meals you order. Generally speaking, if you select more, the price will go down.

Also, if you are a frequent restaurant visitor, or only rely on fast food, then choosing this type of service is worth every penny. It will not only keep the money in your pocket but help you eat healthier. In fact, choosing any meal delivery service mostly depends on how much you are willing to pay, but also on what you are trying to achieve with this type of diet.

However, when your health is at stake, nothing is too expensive.
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Once you open the package, you will notice, Let’s Get Cooking” sign, printed on a bright navy blue box top, designed to inspire newfound cooks. The second series or flaps feature storage, handling, and recycling reminders, while the recipe card is nicely presented front and center.

The silver insulation is wrapped around the ingredients, to protect its freshness and texture. When you unwrap the foil, you will find perfectly portioned packages, with all the ingredients you need to prepare your meal. We should mention that the box is packed with ice to maintain the optimal temperature.
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Is Blue Apron Worth it?

Well, it all depends on whom you ask, while some consider this delivery service overly expensive; others are quite satisfied with the food options.

However, to avoid being biased, let’s focus on some facts!

The site is easy to navigate, while the list of recipes goes on and on. Both visitors and customers can access this link through their website, so you can cook these meals at home, as long as you have the necessary ingredients.

The box presentation is inviting, while ingredients are stocked neatly and accurately. The herbs and spices smell lovely, while the meat is vacuum-sealed. Overall, Blue Apron recipes taste quite delicious, which is one of the reasons why you should test this service.


Easy to follow meals – each dish comes with a recipe card, which doesn’t only provide detailed instructions, but step-by-step photos.
Impeccable delivery – the box contains ice packs to maintain optimal temperature, even if you aren’t home at the moment.
Mouthwatering recipes – this company is known for encouraging customers to use innovative and interesting ingredients they would never combine before.
Weight Watchers plan – to maintain your ideal body weight, this meal kit delivery company provides Weight Watchers plan.


Not so easy cancellation policy – you have to send an email instead of going online.

Lack of dietary options – if you are on paleo, gluten-free, or low-carb diet, then Blue Aron might not be the right service for you since they only feature a Weight Watchers plan.

Not many options – you only have eight dishes per week to choose from.

Who Should Subscribe in Blue Apron?

  • People Who Want Fast Meals – well, that’s the point of any meal kit service, to provide efficient and easy-to-make meals. If you are in a hurry or don’t have time to prepare dinner, then this food company might be a suitable choice.
  • Vegetarians – plenty of vegetarian options are great for everyone to experience meat-free meals. You can enjoy two servings, three times per week.
  • Families – if you have a rather large family to feed, and not enough time, then Signature for 4 has you covered. You will plenty of food to satisfy the dietary needs of your family members.
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Customer Service

Customer service is surprisingly good, and their representatives will pick up the call within 15 seconds. The agents are friendly and welcoming, while they to answer all your questions. They often refer their customers as “chefs,” which is quite refreshing and motivating, especially if you cook for the first time.

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to fix any issues you may have. The great thing about Blue Apron’s customer service is the fact that they genuinely pay attention to their clients by providing an efficient and trustworthy experience.

How to Cancel Your Account?

To terminate your subscription plan, you will have to clarify this request with their representatives by sending an email. They will provide you with directions on how to shut down your account. While this might seem troublesome, instead of just unsubscribing online, many food companies follow this rule in case you change your mind.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to decide between a couple of meal services, it all comes down to one question: are they worthy of your time and money. While meal kits can be rather expensive, Blue Apron at least tries to find a balance between price and quality, by offering budget-friendly food.

Additionally, easy-to-make recipes, pre-portioned, and healthy ingredients are a great alternative to restaurant food or take out. You don’t have to be a master chef to use kits since this service makes sure that even inexperienced cooks learn how to prepare food.

We hope you will have a great time mixing and matching various tastes, favors, and textures while enjoying their delicious recipes.
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