Personalized Wine Plan Delivery by Blue Apron

You must have heard of Blue Apron, a well-known meal kit company that offers the most incrediblе personalized delivery of fantastic wines from all around the world. For all of you wine-lovers without any wine knowledge, Blue Apron is here to help with a bit of invention called wine pairing key! Look at it as free-of-charge guidance for a perfect match of wines with meal recipes.

Blue Apron monthly wine delivery allows you to choose all reds, all whites, or you can even mix and match your favorites! Get six bottles for a very fair price of $10 per bottle. With Blue Apron is that easy – uncork, pour and enjoy!

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How Does Blue Apron's Wine Program Work

By signing up for the Blue Apron Wine program, you get exclusive access to delicious wines from renowned winemakers and the option to mix and match your favorite wines in every shipment! Each delivery comes with a booklet that highlights tasting notes, pairing tips, and the story behind each wine.

Blue Apron recipes complement the wines, so all is left to do is enjoy your dinner! Bottles are designed for two people to share since it’s 500ml (2⁄3 the size of a standard-sized bottle).

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Food and Wine Pairing

Blue Apron food and wine pairing key is created to offer flexibility when pairing our recipes with certain wines styles. Each Blue Apron recipe card has a pairing symbol on its front, while wine tasting cards have symbols on their back! There is no need to worry if you don’t get a chance to open a matching bottle right away because you can match it with the next week’s recipe.

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Seigneurie de Chatillon

As its name implies, this white wine comes from Burgundy, Eastern France and features a beautiful gold color! Although it is made from Chardonnay, Seigneurie de Chatillon doesn’t have cakey or butter flavors because it has aged in steel instead of oak. With its fruity taste, it’s a perfect choice for roasted chicken. For a whole flavor experience, the recommendation is to drink it close to room temperature!

Feudo Palo Fiano

Feudo Palo Fiano is a lovely dry white wine that comes from Sicily, Italy. What is specific for this white wine is its smell that combines scents of citrus and white flowers and its light gold color in the glass. It is known to be very similar to Pinot Grigio! Blue Apron pairs it with recipes such as tilapia tacos.

Fritz's Riesling

Well-known Riesling from southwest Germany is regular on Blue Apron wine offer. Although the first flavors are jam, peach and pear, Riesling’s overall sweetness is amazingly balanced with a dose of acid! This wine has a low ABV of 11%, so it won’t get you drunk. Blue Apron pairs it with Chinese takeout or even barbecue.

Antico Monastero Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is a red wine from the Italian region that sits between the cold Alps and the warm Mediterranean. If you want a red wine with a scent that will leave you speechless, then you have found it in this combination of red fruits and floral notes! Our advice is to drink it a bit chill and pair it with Blue Apron tasteful pizza!
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Stephanie Daumas Cotes du Rhone Villages Visan

Stephanie Daumas is a fantastic blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, and Grenache with the lead of dark fruit flavors! Fruity flavors are eventually overtaken by pepper and woodsmoke’s spicy flavours, leaving the finish spicy and quite long. For an unforgettable experience, Blue Apron recommends pairing it with dark stew and red meat!

Rocca dei Rettori Aglianico

This one comes from Italy, specifically from the northeast of Naples and features a nice medium red color and quite a heavy body! Rocca dei Rettori Aglianico scent combines spices and dark fruit, with the overall flavor leaning to peppery/olive notes. It should be served at a cool room temperature, best when paired with flank steak and pork ribs.

Blue Apron Wine Delivery Cost

Blue Apron works with award-winning winemakers from Bordeaux to Napa, and by cutting out the middleman, it comes at a great price to the customers! At the moment, Blue Apron wine monthly costs delivery contains six bottles, but you can always order an extra box.

The price per box is $65.99 (pre-tax). Blue Apron also offers a variety of 3-bottle or 6-bottle wine bundles that consist of whites, reds or a mixed selection. The perfect gift for any wine lover is a Blue Apron wine e-gift card for them to redeem!

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As we already know, cooking with Blue Apron is healthy, affordable and accessible! However, Blue Apron customers choose to subscribe to both meal and wine programs or choose only one of these subscriptions.

If you decide to sign up for a Blue Apron wine membership, the wine box will be delivered to your doorstep on the chosen date. Each wine works great when paired with particular meals, whether Blue Apron provides them or not. Packaging is friendly and entirely recyclable. Try it out, and you won’t regret it!
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