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Are you thinking of switching to the paleo diet? Maybe going back to your roots and eating what our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period? 

Local veggies, hormone-free chicken, wild-caught salmon, and grass-fed wagyu beef are common things found in the paleo diet. If you want the convenience that comes with the paleo diet, Cavemen Chefs might be able to provide. 

This Colorado-based company offers paleo gourmet meals, along with a wide range of meal plan options. We put their food to the test, so let's check out Caveman Chefs review and see what they offer.

How Caveman Chefs Meal Delivery Works?

This is a traditional food company that delivers readymade dishes. There is no shopping, chopping, or cooking involved. You only have to place your order and wait for it to arrive. At the moment, customers can choose between 25+ chef-designed offerings. 

Their couriers will deliver fresh recipes to your doorstep twice a week. Either heat your food or dress your salads and have a delicious dish on your table within minutes. This could be a great way to feed your family, especially if you lead a busy life.

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Caveman Chefs Meal Plans and Variety

This meal-delivery service offers you a wide range of fresh meals, including a la carte, subscription, and meal packs. While their menu doesn't provide as many options as other services, you still have a decent variety of food choices. 

Plus, you can explore meals with slightly different ingredients, where one dish is available in Whole30, AIP, Ketogenic, or FODMAP meal variations.

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See Caveman Chefs Plans and Pricing

A la Carte

You can use their custom meal plan builder to design a weekly menu according to your dietary preferences. This meal service has several plans available, so you will be able to find something for every day of the week.

Meal Packs

Those who don't want to bother with individual meals can order meal packs. There are three options available, 14, 24, or 38 meal trial packs. This company allows you to randomly or manually select your dishes. Meal packs could be a suitable choice for large families because they save a lot of time on cooking.


To avoid spending time in the kitchen, you can let their team design meals based on your liking. They will filter allergens and consider your likes, dislikes, and previous history, to ensure you receive the best possible food.

Caveman Chefs Diet Options

Keto/Low Carb

The Keto diet eliminates many carbs while helping your body enter a state of ketosis, causing it to burn more fat. You will find that many doctors are fans of the keto diet and often prescribe it to their patients. Compared to other keto delivery services, this food company offers plenty of keto meals to satisfy your dietary preferences that align with your health requirements.

Muscle Gain

Caveman Chefs is a great meal delivery service for bodybuilders, active individuals, and everyone who frequents the gym regularly. Their Muscle Gain meals are high in protein and low in carbs while containing a balanced amount of healthy fats. Therefore, you will be able to accomplish your fitness goals sooner rather than later.


Unfortunately, there are only several vegan recipes available at Caveman Chefs. We hope they will change their approach very soon due to the high number of amazing vegan delivery services present at the market. Considering this company uses organic fruits and veggies when preparing their food, we believe many vegans will be interested in ordering their meals.


While it's technically possible to be a paleo vegetarian, it's quite challenging as the paleo diet eliminates many plant-based sources of proteins, like tofu. However, they have found a way to bypass these obstacles and offer you delicious vegetarian recipes, like many other vegetarian food companies.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is something many people struggle with. However, contrary to popular belief, you can lose weight while on the paleo diet. Their portion-controlled meals range between 500 and 800 calories, suitable for anyone looking to shed some pounds, making it a good weight loss meal delivery.

Caveman Chefs Meal Types

You can choose breakfast, entrée, gourmet nut butters, snacks, or wraps. Basically, you can order different meal types to keep you sated throughout the day.

Taste and Portion Size

We had an opportunity to try some of their dishes, and so far, everything was tasty, fresh, and filling. Considering they use only organic ingredients to make their recipes, we didn't expect anything less.

In terms of size, some meals were big enough that two adults could have shared one portion. On the other hand, one serving will be enough for people who tend to eat a lot.

How Much Does Caveman Chefs Cost?

It all depends on the items you select. Usually, their meals start at $10.50 per serving. If you decide to order a meal pack, you will be charged between $192 and $496. When it comes to a subscription, the lowest option starts at $55, while the highest totals $299.

Meals per pack


Price per pack


Caveman Chefs Packaging

Food comes in a plastic container without dividers, which means there is no clear separation between ingredients, like side dishes and proteins. This might bother you if you are a picky eater since ingredients tend to mix during the reheating process. 

Also, they don't offer information on whether their packaging is recyclable or not.

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Caveman Chefs Delivery

At the moment, food is only delivered within 50 miles of the Denver area. You can expect delivery every Thursday. Their courier will text you with an ETA. The shipping fee is calculated at the checkout. When ordering food, keep in mind that you are placing your order for the week to come.

Caveman Chefs Customer Service

The best way to contact them is through a phone or email service. You can find all the details on their website. People working in customer service are very friendly and welcoming. If you send them an email, you can expect an answer within a couple of hours. However, there is no information about their business hours.

Who Should Subscribe to Caveman Chefs Delivery?

Well, obviously, anyone who is into the paleo lifestyle should subscribe to Caveman Chefs. However, this meal delivery service isn't only focused on paleo eating. Considering they offer several meal plans, it might be a suitable choice for vegans, vegetarians, professional athletes, bodybuilders, and people looking to lose some weight. 

They really have a wide range of dishes, breakfast options, and snacks, so we are sure individuals of different dietary preferences will be able to find something for themselves. 

What We Like About Caveman Chefs

  • Ready to heat and eat - No cooking involved; the food only needs a couple of minutes in a microwave, and it will be ready for serving.
  • Chef-created - The great thing about this meal company is that their food is chef-designed, which means that professional chefs have been involved in the meal making process.
  • Locally owned - This is a Colorado-based company owned by two chefs, Edward Coulombe and David Kenney.
  • Portioned meals - Their meals are strictly portioned, allowing you to pay attention to your caloric intake.
  • Offers Fresh or Frozen Meals - You can choose fresh or frozen dishes, depending on your meal plan.

What We Don't Like

  • Chicken is Not Pasture-raised - They don't provide free-range chicken meat compared to their other ingredients and meat cuts.  

Best Caveman Chefs Alternatives

If you want to try something else, or you think caveman meals lack flavor, choice, or are too expensive, we offer you a couple of other alternatives. They have similar plans to this food company and focus entirely on the paleo diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare Caveman chefs meals?

In general, each package comes with heating instructions. They suggest you should reheat food using a microwave. However, you can use the oven or a steamer, depending on what you have. Considering they have both fresh and frozen options, make sure to thaw your meals overnight in a fridge.

Is Caveman Chefs Good for Weight Loss?

It could be a great option for people trying to lose weight. First of all, you need to set realistic goals and choose meals based on your caloric intake. This food company has portion-controlled dishes, along with a keto diet suitable for anyone looking to restrict the intake of certain ingredients.


Unlike other paleo meal delivery services, Caveman Chefs offers wholesome, readymade dishes designed to meet the needs of people with different dietary preferences. Whether you are on keto, paleo, or AIP diet, many caveman chefs reviews, including ours, showed that you would be dealing with trustworthy and reliable service. 

Organic ingredients, a rotating menu, and a high level of customization are only some of the features this food company has to offer. Test it for yourself and tell us what you think.

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