Chicago Steak Company or Omaha Steaks? - In-depth Review

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Chicago Steak Company

Are you looking for the Ultimate Steak Experience? Try ordering from these two Meat Delivery Services we are about to compare for you, and you will not regret it! Chicago Steak Company was established in 1864, and still, they use traditional ways of handling beef, so each steak is hand-cut and aged for weeks!

  • Delivery Area: 50 States
  • Shipping Cost: $19.99 to $59.99*

*depends on the shipping method, location and value of the order

Our Full Chicago Steak Company Review Is Coming Soon…

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Omaha Steaks

In 1917, Omaha Steaks started as a small family butcher shop. Techniques of trimming steaks, or so-called old-world-art, got perfected for over a century! Today, Omaha Steaks retailer delivers only the best cuts for hotels, restaurants, and institutional customers across the U.S.

  • Delivery Area: All States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Shipping Cost: $17.99 – $125.00

Meat Selection

Chicago Steak Company

Omaha Steaks

Plan & Pricing

Chicago Steak Company

  • Steaks $59.95 - $329.95

    $59.95 (8oz Premium Angus Beef Flat Iron) to $329.95 (12oz Bone-In Filet Mignon)

  • Steak Burgers $69.95 - $149.95

    $69.95 (8oz Gourmet Angus Steak Burgers) to $149.95 (22 Half Pound Steak Burgers (8oz)

  • Chicken, Pork, Ribs $64.95 - $174.95

    $64.95 (Bone-In Pork Chops) to $174.95 (Chicago Style Baby Back Ribs by Coach Ditka)

  • Roasts, Ribs, Ham & Turkey $64.95 - $174.95

    $139.95 (Free Range, Antibiotic Free Whole Turkey 14-16 Lbs) to $229.95 (Bone-In Heart of Rib Roast 8-9 Lbs)

Omaha Steaks

  • Steaks $34.99 - $99.99

    $34.99 (6oz Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons) to $99.00 (6oz Bison Filet Mignons)

  • Meats $29.99 - $120.00

    $29.99 (Tri-Tip Roast; serving 4) to $120.00 (Bone-In Frenched Prime Rib Roast; serving 4)

  • Meals $17.99 - $24.99

    $17.99 (24oz Chicken & Sausage Florentine) to $24.99 (51 oz Pot Roast with Peas & Peppers)


Omaha Steaks

Kansas City Steak Company

Popular Meals

22-Half Pound Gourmet Juicy Steak Burgers image

Chicago Steak Company

  • 22-Half Pound Gourmet Juicy Steak Burgers
  • 3 Slabs of Chicago Style Baby Back Ribs by Coach Ditka
  • Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignon Complete Trim
image of Pub-Style Cod omaha steaks

Omaha Steaks

  • Pub-Style Cod
  • Stuffed Sole with Scallops and Crabmeat
  • Boneless Pork Chops
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

The main product on the menus of both meat delivery companies is different types of meat! Besides meat, Omaha Steaks offers meals (One-step meals, Single Serve Meals, Slow Cooker Meals, etc.), starters & sides, desserts, and wine! Meals are available in gluten-free, paleo, and low-sodium variations! Cooking time is another way to categorize meals on Site, as well. Chicago Steak Company can’t compete with Omaha Steaks in a meal and wine category! But, they do have Essential & Apparel shop if you need a unique wooden cutting board or apron!

Sourcing Practices

Chicago Steak company uses the traditional ways of handling beef – meat is hand-selected and hand-cut. All of their heritage cattle are raised by American Mid-West ranchers! The aging process is essential when it comes to the tenderness of the beef. Both Omaha and Chicago Steak Company put a lot of effort into it.

Chicago Steak Company has the largest dry-aging room in the U.S., and its facility produces highest-quality beef of this kind! With Omaha, each steak is selected, aged, and trimmed by experienced butchers! Their beef is grain-fed and aged for at least 21 days to unlock flavor! 

Meat Quality

By looking at the marbling of the steak, or tasting its tenderness and flavor, you can easily tell whether beef is USDA Prime! Speaking of meat quality, Chicago Steak Company offers only USDA Choice and USDA Prime steaks – the best 2% of all American Beef! Omaha steaks are USDA approved, world-class, and superior flavored! Both companies use the same flash-frozen and vacuum-wrap system to capture juiciness and flavors of the beef – that’s why meat gets brown color. After it’s re-exposed to air, the beautiful red color of steaks is back!

Recipe Variety

Both Chicago and Omaha Steak Company feature a variety of meat, fish, and desserts on the Menus! However, only with Omaha Steaks, Red, White, and Sparkling Wines are included in the offer, as well! Omaha Steaks meal kits are divided into several categories. One of them is based on time – under 15 minutes, under 30 minutes, up to 1 hour, or over 2 hours of preparation! On Chicago Steak Site, you can find recipes and instructions on how to prepare meat!

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The Packaging

image of chicago steak company package

The important thing about packing steaks is to keep their natural moist and flavor after they are flash-frozen! In that manner, Chicago Steak Company vacuum seals them, wraps in a food-grade paper, and places inside of the box. The box is then placed inside of a reusable insulated container full of dry ice! Steaks can stay in the freezer for six months before preparation or seven days in the refrigerator.

Follow the instructions on how to thaw meat – applies to both companies!

Omaha Steaks also uses a vacuum-wrap system to capture freshness and natural juices of steaks at their peak! The use of dry ice and reusable cooler keeps the meat fresh and frozen during transport! There are several delivery options – Standard, Express, Rush, and Saturday Rush!

Customer Support & Service

Omaha Steaks

  • Free Trial – Company gives promo codes for purchasing items and shipping!
  • Customizable – It is possible to customize your order and delivery!
  • Switching Plans – Change your delivery date or amount of meat by making changes on your account!
  • Cancellation – Cancellation should be made at least one day before the order’s shipment date.
  • Gifts – Send to a friend Gift Basket with a unique message or a Gift Certificate (Paper or Email).
  • Refunds – Satisfaction Guarantee allows customers to complain about specific delivered products by calling the Customer Service number!

Kansas City Steak Company

  • Free Trial – Company doesn’t offer a free trial, only promotions!
  • Customizable – Customers can customize delivery details! 
  • Switching plans – Not a problem! Make changes before the deadline and order extra steaks if you have friends over for dinner!
  • Cancellation – No subscription, so no problem with cancelation!
  • Gifts – Gift Cards & Baskets for different occasions can be purchased online! 
  • Refunds – If you are not 100% thrilled about Omaha Steaks products, make a complaint and wait for a replacement or a refund!

Our Verdict

Omaha Steaks Icon

To put an end to this comparison, we would like to highlight the shortcomings and advantages of these two meat delivery services! Omaha Steaks gives a variety of meat, which cannot go unnoticed – lamb and bison cuts are only part of the deal you won’t get with Chicago Steak Company! Wine Menu and delivery is another thing that puts Omaha Steaks on top. Plus, they deliver outside of the U.S., so if you are in Canada – visit their website and order! All together, Omaha Steaks is our winner today!