Honest Chicago Steak Company Review - Is It the Best Meat Delivery Company in US?

Steaks are one of the best and tastiest cuts of meat you can get. But, it can be hard and expensive to get your hands on a quality cut. Butcher shops are usually overpriced, and most online meat delivery services do not offer high-quality meats.

Well, if you’re a steak lover that is struggling to satisfy their needs, we recommend you check out Chicago Steak Company. This is a service that strives to provide its customers with a variety of high-quality, fresh meats, and recipes to enjoy.

In this article, we’ll go over all the features of this service, and help you decide whether it’s a service you might enjoy.

What is Chicago Steak Company?

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Chicago Steak Company is a delivery service that specializes in premium cuts of beef and other meats. They were founded in 2007 in Chicago, a city that has been at the heart of high-quality American meats since the 19th century, and are proud to continue that tradition.

They offer hand-cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime beef, essentially, the best meat money can buy. They raise, trim, and age their steaks, ensuring that every cut is tender and flavorful.

While they’re primarily focused on beef, they do also offer chicken, pork, and which, as well as delicious sides and desserts.

How Chicago Steak Company Works

This is not a meal delivery service. It is a service that allows you to buy a variety of premium meats, with no commitments or minimum orders.

They use techniques that go back generations to properly raise, trim, and age every one of the steaks they sell. After it’s aged, every cut is packaged individually, vacuum-sealed, and frozen before it’s shipped to preserve freshness and flavor.

Features of Chicago Steak Company

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Premium Cuts

Not every piece of beef is of equal quality. And even with better breeds like Angus and Wagyu, there are cuts that are simply not great. But, Chicago Steak offers only the best, most premium cuts of beef, that are most tender and flavorful.

They offer all the premium cuts like filet mignon, ribeye, strip, T-bone, Porterhouse, and many other cuts that are considered to be the tastiest. As we mentioned above, all these come from the best breeds and are dry or wet-aged.


Dry-aging is a process that helps tenderize the meat while making it juicier and more flavorful. Aged steaks are undoubtedly way more delicious, but they are also quite difficult to get right. There are many factors like temperature, humidity level, and airflow that need to be just right to properly age meat.

This service is an expert in dry-aging. They have the largest dry-aging facility in all of America and have perfected the process over the years. Each steak is age anywhere between 21 and 100 days, and the end result is a piece of meat infused flavor that will satisfy every meat lover.

Properly Raised and Fresh Meat

Chicago Steak Company understands that to get high-quality meats, you have to properly raise the cows. They use high-quality breeds like Angus, Kobe, and Wagyu, feed them quality food and raise them in excellent conditions. This produces meat that has better flavor, marbling, and tenderness. It also means that their cows live longer, fuller, happier lives.

Neat Packaging

The packaging is an important aspect when you’re delivering raw meat, and the Chicago Steak Company takes it very seriously. Each steak is individually packaged, vacuum sealed and frozen, to preserve freshness and flavor.

It is then put in a decorated cardboard packaging that is placed in a box filled with dry ice. This keeps the meat frozen during delivery. Your order is guaranteed to be in excellent condition for eight hours after delivery.

Convenient Delivery

After you’ve placed your order, you can select the form of delivery and the delivery date. They offer standard, express, and overnight delivery. This means you can have premium cuts of beef any time you want and according to your own timetable.

Shipping costs range from $19.99 to $58.99, depending on the shipping option that you pick. They do, however, offer promo codes that will allow you to get free shipping.

Tasty Flavors

As this service uses only the best cattle breeds and state of the art aging facilities, you can rest assured that every steak you get will taste amazing. This also ensures that every type of steak has a similar quality.

In addition to superb quality, most orders also come with free seasoning packets, full of flavors that perfectly compliment the meat. In addition, you can find instructions and recipes on preparing your steak so it remains tender and flavorful.

Recipes and Infos are Accessible Online

If you’re not quite sure how to perfectly prepare and cook a steak, Chicago Steak Company has you covered. On their site, you can find a ton of useful information and guides, that will help you prepare your steak in a way that enhances flavor and retains tenderness.

They also offer free recipes, so you can prepare wonderful meals with the meat you order. And, with most orders, you get a complimentary seasoning to get you started.

Wide Range of Steaks Offered

They offer a variety of cuts, so everyone can find a piece that suits their needs. Each steak is hand-cut to give you a delicious piece of meat. You can buy pretty much every cut of meat. They offer ribeye, filet mignon, porterhouse, sirloin, strip, and many others. You also have the option to get most of these cuts, with bone-in.

If you’re not quite sure which cut to get you can order one of their assortments which provide you with a selection of different steaks.

Products that Chicago Steak Meal Company Offers

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Chicago Steak offers more than 100 items, divided into several categories. These include steaks, burgers, chicken, ribs, pork, roasts, ham, and many others. Each category offers a variety of different cuts and qualities.

Steaks are divided by quality and breed. You can go for Angus beef, USDA Prime wet-aged and USDA Prime dry-aged steaks and American Wagyu. And of course, you can get a variety of premium cuts.

You can get gift baskets that are designed for a variety of occasions. You can also buy desserts and side dishes that are perfect for families.

They also sell apparel and essentials, such as cutting boards and seasoning, that are perfect for any steak enthusiast.

Pros and Cons of Chicago Meal Company

While Chigaco Steak Company is a great way to get quality meat, it does have some drawbacks. This section of the review is dedicated to the aspects that we loved, and some that might need a little bit of work.


  • Premium, high-quality meats that you will struggle to find anywhere else in America
  • You have no commitments when ordering
  • Great gift options that fit many occasions
  • Plenty of reward programs, coupons, and promo codes that bring the price down


  • Their prices are rather high, and won’t fit into everyone’s budget 
  • Expensive shipping that brings the price up, if you go for one-time orders

How Much Does Chicago Steak Meal Company Cost?

Prices vary depending on the cut of meat that you’re getting. Some more popular options like premium Angus beef boneless strips and filet mignon start at 69.95$ for 6oz or 2 individual pieces.

While their prices are high, their quality and dedication are more than worth it. They also offer plenty of sales and promo codes that will help bring the price down or add more meat to your order free of charge.

Best sellers

Chicago's Best Seller
The Ultimate Grilling Assortment
Chicago Steak Sampler

Price per box



See Chicago steak company Plans and Pricing

Chicago Meal Company Delivery Areas

Chicago Steak Company delivers throughout the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. They do not, however, ship internationally due to meat perishability.

The company offers three different shipping ways. Standard shipping that takes 5 to 7 days, express delivery that’s only 2 to 3 days, but has an additional fee and standard overnight delivery.

After delivery, they guarantee that your order will stay in excellent condition for up to 8 hours.

Canceling Chicago Steak Company Subscription

Any order from Chicago Steak can be canceled if you inform them at least one day before shipping. To cancel, all you need to do is call customer service.

If you’re subscribed to their auto-delivery service, you can cancel any time before your order is shipped.

What Makes Chicago Steak Company Unique From Competitors?

Their desire and aspiration to provide only the best possible products to its customers is what sets Chicago Steak Company apart from the competition. They only offer USDA Choice and USDA Prime steaks, latter of which represents the top 2% of all American beef. While this dedication to quality is more expensive, it is worth it if you want to taste the best possible meat.

They also have one of the best beef aging facilities in the US. This enhances the taste and tenderness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chicago Steaks popular in the US?

This service is one of the most popular meat delivery services in America. If you want a quality steak every time you order then there is simply no better service in the US that Chicago Steak Company.

What is its connection with USDA Prime?

USDA Prime Beef is the top 2% of all beef. Basically, the best meat money can buy. It has abundant marbling, which means juicer and more flavorful steaks. And Chicago Steak specializes in USDA Prime dry-aged beef.

Bottom line, if you go for USDA Prime beef, you can be sure that you will be satisfied.

Do they offer discounts and coupons?

Yes, they do. They offer plenty of promo codes and coupons with which you can get bonuses like free shipping, more steaks, and other free gifts. They also have frequent sales that significantly reduce the price of select meats.

If you want to take advantage of most of these promos you should sign up for their emails to receive special offers.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Chicago Steak is one of the best meat delivery services right now. And while they are a bit pricey, the quality of their meat is more than worth it. But it’s not just steaks. They offer a varied selection of other meats as well as gift baskets and desserts. And that brings this service to another level.

So, whether you’re looking to treat yourself with some amazing cuts, or to get regular orders of quality meat, you will struggle to find a service better than Chicago Steak Company. And we hope that this review convinces you to treat yourself with some quality food.
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