Our In-Depth Diet-to-Go Meal Delivery Service Review for 2022

With all the daily duties and preoccupations, people tend to forget how important it is to eat healthily and nurture your body. They do not have enough time to dedicate themselves to themselves, to spend shopping groceries, planning, and preparing meals. Instead, they are choosing more straightforward and cheaper solutions such as junk food, and they compromise their precious health. 

Lots of people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, overweight problems, prediabetes, and diabetes. If you are having such issues, we might know the right solution for you. Today we will present to you Diet-to-Go,  one of the best health-conscious meal delivery services for weight loss. This delivery service will help you out in safely losing weight. It’s ideal for people who are suffering from diabetes, for vegetarians and those who are on a keto diet. If you find yourself in this introduction, you will surely be interested and amused to know more about Diet-to-Go review, one of the best, health-conscious meal delivery services for weight loss.

What is Diet-To-Go?

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One of the pioneer companies and one of today’s most successful meal delivery services for weight loss is Diet-to-Go. This company offers a variety of different meal plans designed for special dietary needs to make your body more fit and healthy while you are losing weight. Exceptional taste and diversity of Diet-to-Go’s food make this company unique and truly special.

Using the services of this company must be an ideal solution to take care of your body, stay healthy and eat delicious food. Also, if you require a special, strict diet such as gluten-free or you are vegan or vegetarian, you do not have to worry at all. Diet-to-Go is thinking about you and all of your needs.

How Does Diet-to-Go Work?

First of all, when you visit a website of the company and choose to register, you will be asked for which meal plan have you decided and which one suits you most. All of the meal programs are targeting groups of people with specific diets and dietary needs which is quite helpful. 

Also, it is vital to stand out that all food is natural and organic besides some that are used for making sauces and dressings. Further, when you decide which meal program is the right one for your needs, you can choose whether to receive the meal plan with dishes delivered in rotation or you want to customize a meal plan. 

If you need support, help or more of the information and education about food and diets, Diet-to-Go’s certified experts and dietitians are at your disposal. Even they do not make regular one on one contact with each customer if you have any concern, they will undoubtedly help you out.

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Features of Diet to Go

Flexible subscription

One of the most appealing things regarding using the services of this company is its flexible subscription. You can choose whether you want meals 5 or 7 days in a week and how many meals you want per day. Also, the fact that all meals are pre-planned allows you to customize your menu by choosing favourite meals from each meal plan. That is a perfect way to avoid food that you might be allergic to or if you want to avoid something you do not love as much.


Diet-to-Go is diabetic-friendly and perfect for those who are trying to control or prevent diabetes (more meal delivery programs for diabetics). Since all the food is natural, fresh and seasonal, you cannot make a mistake. There are plenty of meals prepared just for the needs of this specific group of people, and this meal program is approved and guided by the American Diabetes Association. Still, before you decide to go for such a diet, you should consult your doctors and medical experts because restraining in carbs and calories may be difficult to sustain.

Inspected by USDA

Meals that Diet-to-Go is producing are often inspected and approved by many government agencies such as the American Heart AssociationAmerican Cancer Society, and American Diabetes Association. It is of great importance because you know that the meals you are going to eat are healthy and beneficial to your overall health. Also, in this way you are sure there is no unallowed substances or questionable supplements in the meals you are going to get.

Ideal for Weight Loss

This company offers the best meal programs for weight loss in the most healthy way it can be. Ingredients are of exceptional quality, and every meal is made from lean proteins and its low in carbs and fats. In this particular way, you may rest assured knowing that this is the perfect food for you, your family and friends. This meal-delivery service is undoubtedly a better option than any food replacements or other diet programs that might be harmful to your overall health.

Provides Diet-Analysis and Advice

This company will provide you with the best diet-analysis and give you advice and information about what is the perfect solution for you, your body and overall health. You can make your own calorie goal and create your free meal plan, which is fantastic! We can see Diet-to-Go thinks about every aspect of a successful diet and works towards achieving the purposes of the diet while preserving your health.

Diet-to-Go Meal Plans

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Balance Diabetes

This meal plan is perfect for people who want to control the amount of sugar in the blood in a natural way. Balance Diabetes meal plan is following instructions and guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. If you are trying to control or prevent diabetes or you just want to eat food that is low in carbs (top meal delivery picks) and fat, this meal program might be the ideal solution for you!


The Balance meal program is one of the most excellent ways to start eating healthy. All the meals have fantastic taste, and they are calorie-controlled. If you do not have dietary restrictions but just want to eat healthy food and take care of your body and level of energy, this is a perfect choice. Also, it is important to state out that this program has the most options regarding meal substitution and customizing options and cause of that its the most popular one.


The Vegetarian meal program is pretty much a slightly changed version of Balance meal program. Meals are calorie-controlled and hearth-healthy. They are low in carbs, fat, and sodium, so they have a significant impact on your cardiovascular system and overall health.

Besides that is, of course, meat-free you can also make it seafood-free if you are not fond of it.

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Keto-Carb30 menu is following the rule of 30 net carbs per day, and it represents the most effective way to lose weight in the fastest possible manner. Also, it is carefully planned so you do not have to worry that the intake of a low amount of carbs will have a negative effect on another aspect of your health.

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Pros and Cons of Diet-To-Go


  • Balanced Portioning

All of the meals all calorie-controlled, and well-balanced portion-wise. Diet-to-Go makes their meals following up the strict guidelines of many government food agencies in order the have the best quality and effect on people’s health and bodies. If you decide to use the services of this company you may rest assured you will eat healthy food of the most quality.
  • Customizable Meals

All meal plans are customizable, which company is providing you with the option of choosing the meals you love the most from each meal plan. If you do not prefer a particular meal, you can just skip it. Also, this is very convenient for people who have allergies or have special dietary needs.
  • Convenient Meal Preparation

If you decide to go for Diet-to-Go meals, you will not have to worry about meal preparation anymore! All of the meals are carefully pre-planned and prepared, so you just need to reheat them and enjoy every last bite of it. This is amazing because it will save you precious time and allow you to dedicate yourself more to friends and family.
  • Tasty Meals

The taste of this companies food is exceptional. You will enjoy mouthwatering, fresh and seasonal food that is beneficial for your health as well. None of the food is overly seasoned, so you can season it in the way you prefer. Many food critics and experts have said the taste of Diet-to-Go’s food is quite impressive, which is an excellent reason to try them out as soon as possible and see for yourself.


  • Can Make You Hungry Easily

Often it’s too challenging for people to stick to pre-planned menus based on calorie restrictions. Especially if you plan to stick to this kind of diet for a more extended period. However, if you are strong-minded about losing weight and improving your overall health, you will need to dedicate yourself to changing eating habits and obey your decision.

  • Pricey

Services of Diet-to-Go intend to look a bit pricey. However, you need to be aware that using this meal delivery service is a great time-saver. Also, you won’t have to go shopping for groceries or dining out, and if you carefully think, maybe the costs of these services aren’t so high after all.

  • Net Carbs

Low-Carb plans are based on average calorie intake, so you have to be aware that sometimes the number of calories will exceed the necessary amount. If you are on a strict low-carb and low-fat diet, you will have to make certain adjustments. In that way, you will be sure you are following your diet with no exceptions.

Who Should Subscribe to Diet-To-Go?

Busy People

This delivery service is perfect for busy people. Knowing your daily duties and obligations can be overwhelming and long days at work can be extremely stressful, it’s essential to eat quality food. In this way you will preserve your health, you will save your precious time, and you won’t have to think anymore about meal planning and food preparation. You will just have to sit back and relax while enjoying fantastic food with your family.


For people who try to control or prevent diabetes, Diet-to-Go is a perfect solution. All meal portions are well-balanced and calorie-controlled as well. Diet-to-Go has created a unique meal program for this cause, and all the meals available are made following the rules and guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. These meals will provide you with the best possible way to control the level of sugar in blood naturally.

People Who Want to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight and stay fit and healthy, then you are in the right place. Diet-to-Go will send you the most delicious food that is pre-planned and prepared and made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. All the food is low in carbs, fats, and sodium, and it is hearth healthy.


Diet-to-Go offers some amazing meat-free meals. They are made from lean proteins, and they’re low in carb and fat, so they represent the perfect healthy meal. You shouldn’t think twice. Order your food today and enjoy the most exceptional vegetarian dishes in the comfort of your home. Also, if you do not prefer seafood, you can exclude it from the menu.


People who are on a restrictive low-carb and keto diet will love the food from Diet-to-Go. This company offers a special keto diet that will meet all your nutritional needs and also will surprise you with its quality and flavour. There is no need to waste more of your time. A fantastic solution is right in front of you. You just need to order your food and enjoy every last bite of it!

What Makes it Different From the Other Meal Companies?

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Diet-to-Go is different from other meal delivery services by many essential factors. First of all, the taste of their food is exquisite. There are no many meal delivery services making food for weight-loss that have such a fantastic flavour. Also, ingredients they use are fresh, seasonal, natural and in multiple ways beneficial for health and body.

All the meal portions are pre-planned and calorie-controlled. Meal plans that Diet-to-Go offers consist of amusing and appealing meals and flexibility of those meal plans is extraordinary. All of these factors make this company one of the most successful in their branch of business.

Diet-to-Go Delivery and Packaging

Diet-to-Go is delivering food in well-insulated boxes, and each ingredient is carefully sealed and packed, so it stays fresh. Also, with these phenomenally packed meals, you will get useful information and nutritional value of each. Also, it is important to state out that you will get a set of instructions on what beverages you should consume with the meals you are having for perfect health and pleasure.

Diet To Go Cost and Pricing

We could say Diet-to-Go is a bit pricey. However, If we carefully think about all the aspects and benefits which this delivery service is bringing to you, we will think otherwise. Using this meal delivery service will save you precious time. You won’t have to think about meal planning, food preparation or going shopping for groceries. Instead, you will enjoy a perfect meal with your family and friends. Having that in mind, it might not be expensive at all.

Days per week

5 - 7

Price per meal

$18 - $24

Price per week

$121.99 - $204.59
See Diet-To-Go Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Diet-to-Go offer coupons and discounts?

Once you become Diet-to-Go’s client, you will have plenty of discounts, special offers, and coupons. Of course, these special offers come at various times of a year, when the company is doing promotions. Also, you have to be in their client base, and you will become one by subscribing to their website. We suggest you do that as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of special offers.

How to cancel diet to go subscription?

It is effortless to cancel the subscription, and there are no additional cancelling fees like in many other meal delivery services.

You just need to make a phone call, let them know what you are requesting, and your decision will be honoured with no questions asked.

Final Thoughts

Diet-to-Go is one of the best meal delivery services for weight loss. This company is well-known for its fantastic food taste, well-designed and customizable meal plans. This service is offering a variety of meal programs and options for people who are on strict and special diets. Ordering food is quite simple and easy.

If you are tired of meal planning, food preparation and going shopping for groceries or you just have enough time to do so – do not worry! Diet-to-Go will resolve this issue for you. It will deliver delicious food to your doorstep and make you relaxed and happy while taking care of your health and life energy. Do not hesitate to try this spectacular meal delivery service, its worth it!
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