Our Dinnerly Review - Budget Friendly and Easy Recipes

Do you find your diet lacking? Are you sick of fast food, but eating out can go through your food budget way too fast? Maybe you’d like to start preparing the food yourself, but don’t have the time?

In that case, Dinnerly might be the meal kit delivery service for you. However, the price might give you pause – can they actually be any good, especially considering their price point? Are their meals any good? Do they use lower-quality ingredients? If not, how do they retain such a low price?

This Dinnerly review might help you with those reservations. We’ll go over their offer, the ease of use of their service, as well as the quality of their packages and recipes. In the end, you should have all the information you need to make a final decision.

What Is Dinnerly Meal Delivery?

Before we get into the service itself, we should say something about Dinnerly. It is a service geared towards people with busy schedules and not too high standards. Their kits are usually made of six or seven ingredients, which should make the preparation quick and painless.

They are an offshoot of Marley Spoon, which is geared more towards connoisseurs. As a more budget-friendly option, they have a simple mission – to provide food that is prepared quickly and easily, all at an approachable price point. Most of the time, they do that with no difficulties. As long as you know what you’re getting from them, you should be fine.
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How Dinnerly Works

Signing Up

Their sign-up process is relatively straightforward – you choose the number of weekly meals and the number of servings. They have a two-person box and a family plan which contains four servings, with the number of weekly meals ranging between three and five. Apart from that, you can also check a box to opt for their vegetarian menu.

The next step involves your location and delivery details, which mostly involves choosing the day of your weekly deliveries. After choosing your payment options, you finally get to choose what items you want in your package.
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Choosing Meals

Their menu usually consists of about 14 items and it is rotated regularly. That way, you won’t need to stare at the same recipes every time. There is a variety of food, as well. They have several vegetarian meals, as well as one pescatarian, and they are also helpfully labeled if they’re gluten-free.

They allow you to plan out several weeks in advance, and you can also opt to let them choose the recipes for you if you prefer.

Cooking Process

To make the servings as affordable as possible, they don’t include printed instructions. Instead, you need to download and print the instruction yourself, or you can use their useful app.

The ingredients arrive already prepared and all you need to do is follow the simple instructions to finish making the meal. The whole process shouldn’t take up much more than 30 minutes, with most being even quicker.

Features of Dinnerly

Cheap Subscription

They can be a great solution if you’re on a tight budget. They are more expensive than fast food, but their quality is also better. And, while they can’t be compared to restaurant food, they are also much cheaper.

The price per serving is between $4.49 and $4.99, depending on how many weekly meals you choose. You’ll get the cheapest price per portion if you opt for the family package with five meals a week.

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Easy Recipes and Preparation

Their recipes are usually easy to cook. The instructions, whether online or in their app, are clear enough to follow regardless of your skill level, and the ingredients mostly arrive already partially prepared.

In some cases, you might need to add some of your own groceries, mostly condiments with the occasional eggs or vinegar. The cooking times are also accurately labeled. All that should make the cooking process quick and painless.
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Like all meal kit delivery services, Dinnerly can be a lifesaver if you don’t have the time to choose the right ingredients for the recipes you’d like to cook. And, as the ingredients are mostly already prepared, you’ll save that time, as well.

In fact, most of the preparation time comes down to the cooking itself, and that is usually accurately displayed in the recipe. That way, you’ll know exactly how much time you need to set aside.


If you’re generally too busy during the workweek to prepare dinner for your children, then Dinnerly might be what you need. Even though children can be picky eaters, the meals you receive should, at the very least, be good enough for your kids.

So, if you’re worried about the quality of food they’re getting, Dinnerly should be just the service for you.

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Their packages produce less waste than other similar services. That is mostly a result of the lack of printed recipes, and the ingredients themselves aren’t separated by meals. While that could mean more work for you, especially if you forgot what components go into which recipe, that also leads to a reduction in wrapping paper and other packaging.

Who Should Subscribe to Dinnerly?

People on a tight budget might be the primary audience. The average price of their servings is low enough to not put too big of a dent in your food allowance.

Apart from them, they might also be ideal for parents with busy schedules, and they can cover the workweek dinners quite efficiently with their quick and easy recipes.

Generally, they should be a great option for those that want to improve their diet during the workdays or those that want to cut down on their restaurant dinners but lack the cooking skills.

Who Should Not Subscribe to Dinnerly?

With their basic selection, they might not be the best choice for those with higher standards. If you’re the more adventurous eater and crave variety, you might need to look elsewhere.

Also, if you have any dietary considerations, you might not find what you’re looking for here. Vegans and vegetarians could also find better options somewhere else, mostly due to Dinnerly’s limited choices. While they do have gluten-free meals, they are in a clear minority.

Dinnerly Packaging and Delivery

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the packaging is minimal. The ingredients aren’t grouped according to recipes, either, so you might need to sort them out yourself. That, however, also leads to less waste.

As far as deliveries are concerned, they are fairly customizable. You can choose on what day of the week you want to receive the package, but the choices are limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All of that is quickly and easily done either online or in their app, as well.

They’ll also allow you to pause the subscription if you won’t be home, and you can plan the pauses out in the next two months.

How Much Will Dinnerly Subscription Cost?

The cost largely depends on the number of weekly meals and the size of the package. While the family plan is more expensive overall, the price per serving is also lower, especially if you opt for more weekly meals. They also charge a flat shipping fee of $8.99.

So, if you choose a plan for two with three weekly meals, i.e. their cheapest option, it will set you back $38.93 every week. On the other hand, the most expensive option, the family plan with five weekly meals, will cost almost $100.

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Meals per week


Price per meal


Price per week

* Prices for Two-Person Box – shipping included
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Dinnerly Customer Service

As is appropriate for their budget range, their customer service isn’t at the same level as their more expensive counterparts. While they don’t have employees dedicated to customer satisfaction, you can still reach them via phone or e-mail.

On the other hand, their FAQ section is quite extensive, and they also have a helpful chatbot that can point you towards the right topic if you get lost. However, with the simplicity of the service provided and their price point, nothing more is expected, either.

How to Cancel Dinnerly Subscription

Fortunately, managing your subscription is quick and easy. To pause or cancel your subscription, all you need to do is go to their website and choose the option. There should be no additional hassle after that.

They also provide you with a helpful calendar if you plan on pausing for a set amount of time. That way, you can go on any trip you need to without worrying about the deliveries or the food spoiling on your porch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dinnerly organic?

When it comes to ingredients, they mostly are. They strive to provide you with organic veggies when they can, even when they’re canned, and the meat is usually grass-fed, as well. They do use non-organic ingredients in addition to those, but when it’s possible, you should find organic veggies in their packages.

What are the menu options in Dinnerly?

Despite having a rotating weekly menu of only 14 items, you’ll usually find the same categories covered. They’ll offer at least one low-calorie meal, as well as a gluten-free (top meal kits here) and kid-friendly item. Their vegetarian section should be a bit more extensive, usually offering about five items with an additional pescatarian option.

Are recipe cards included?

Not printed, no. To save money, they don’t include any paper instructions. They do, however, offer you the option of printing the recipe yourself from their site, and you can view the instructions in their App, as well. They’ll also remind you of that when you order, so you should be covered in regards to that.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem that Dinnerly is just another cheap meal kit delivery service, that is not the case. Instead of using cheap ingredients, they opt to remove anything other than food from their packages, all while using organic veggies and high-quality grass-fed beef.

Sure, their range of recipes won’t leave anyone breathless, but they should at least be as satisfactory as possible to many. And as long as your standards aren’t too high, you’re sure to enjoy their food.

They are a great solution for busy people with no time to cook during the workweek. Their dinners are, at the same time, better than fast food and cheaper than a restaurant. That means you’ll get something between those two in quality, as well.
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