Eatology Paleo Zone Review - Ready-made Healthy Cheat Meals

The paleo diet has its challenges, right? First, you need to know the type of ingredients you are allowed to consume; you'll have to give up a lot of food that you used to love eating, and finally, learn to cook if you already don't know. 

Fortunately, you can easily bypass this last thing by subscribing to a meal delivery service, where you get ready-made and carefully selected meals. Since the paleo diet relies heavily on meaty proteins, natural fats, and fresh produce, we focused on the Eatology Paleo Zone review. Here is what we managed to discover!

How Eatology Paleo Zone Meal Delivery Works

To start with Eatology, you can either select the number of meals or subscribe to their service, which will cost you 20% less. You can choose food independently or have the company pick it for you.

Also, if you live nearby a distribution factory, you can pick up food in person and check for any potential allergens. You will receive fresh meals, and there are even custom options to explore, like custom meals, vegetarian dishes, seasonal specials, and family platters. 

And, the best part, you don't have to deprive yourself of all that tasty food because Eatology ensures you still get to experience "cheat meals," just in a better and healthier way. Their dishes replicate food people miss when they are on a diet or clean eating.

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Eatology Paleo Zone Signature Meal Sizes

There are two ways to order an Eatology meal and two available sizes. 

One–time order involves selecting individual meals to create a package that meets your needs. You can also get packages of 10, 15, and 21 meals per week, and they will ship you once a week for four weeks. 

The other way to order food is to subscribe to their service and get recurring orders. There is no contract or whatsoever obligation. Every week, they will auto-charge you and deliver food to your doorstep. There are several plans available. Eatology can either customize your order, or you can get 10, 15, or 21 recipes included in the package. 

Again, there are two options available when it comes to serving sizes. They are also known as blocks. 

  • 2B (medium): most suitable for women, has 175 calories, 14g of protein, 18g of carbs, and 3 grams of fat. 
  • 3B (large): this option would be ideal for men due to its caloric content. It features 232 calories, 21g of protein, 27g of carbs, and 4.5 grams of fat.

Eatology Menu Samples

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See Eatology Paleo Zone Plans and Pricing

The Eatology menu contains plenty of flavorful and healthy meals; therefore, here are a couple of samples you can explore. 

  • Zucchini Bread with Sweet Pear Hash: an amazing breakfast dish that will satisfy all your taste buds. This dish has turkey, egg whites, and a dash of honey. 
  • White Chicken Chili on a Yellow Squash Bed: instead of rice, you get cauliflower with a touch of cumin, garlic, and thyme to ensure rice flavor. On the other hand, onions, bell pepper, and yellow squash provide an authentic chili feel. 
  • My Big, Fit Greek Beet Burger: we really liked the sweet potatoes and meat match in this burger. On the other hand, tzatziki sauce made of garlic powders, lemon juice, and coconut milk gave this meal a tangy flavor. 
  • Chicken Nuggets with Broccoli & Carrot Fries: chicken nuggets and fries, is there a better way to start your day. Let's not forget a delicious dipping sauce that combines Dijon, paprika, and apple cider vinegar. 
  • Chicken Enchilada Pie: this enchilada pie is completely dairy-free. It focuses mostly on a blend of veggies and chicken.

Who Should Subscribe to Eatology Paleo Zone Delivery?

People on a paleo diet would most certainly benefit from Eatology meal delivery service. It ensures customers receive paleo-based, portion-controlled recipes that are both tasty and suitable for the majority of diets. 

There is no commitment, so it's great for anyone who just wants to try their service. Also, if you are into fully frozen meals, Eatology will be able to meet your needs.

What We Like about Eatology Paleo Zone

Real, Whole Food

Their menu options include clean eating only, which can accommodate the needs of people who are on vegetarian, paleo, and Whole30 diets. One of the best ways to support your health is to switch to a real, whole food, and Eatology offers precisely that.


As we mentioned previously, recipes are designed with real, whole-food ingredients, such as all-natural proteins, fresh fruit and veggies, and healthy fats. There is no added sugar, preservatives, or hormones. All their meals are low in sodium and gluten-free.

Oven and Microwave Ready

It takes only eight minutes to heat your dish in a microwave, and if it's thawed, even less. But, don't worry if you don't have a microwave because you can heat your dish in an oven as well. It's best to thaw your dish first and then bake it at 350F. It will only take you 25 minutes to heat your dish, while fully frozen recipes require 45 minutes.

What We Don't Like About Eatology Paleo Zone

No Pictures for Some Meals on the Site

This is not necessarily a drawback, but it would be nice for all dishes to have pictures, so customers can decide what to order. Some of their recipes don't have photoes, so you don't know what to expect.

Eatology Paleo Zone Cost

Here is the breakdown of costs for one-time orders and subscribers. 

Let’s first start with non-subscribers: 

  • 1 meal: 2B: $10.50, 3B: $12.75
  • 10 meals: 2B: $105.00, 3B: $127.50
  • 15 meals: 2B: $157.50, 3B: $191.25
  • 21 meals: 2B: $220.50, 3B: $267.75

For recurring orders price goes as follows: 

  • 10 meals: 2B: $83.00, 3B: $103.30
  • 15 meals: 2B: $125.00, 3B: $155.00
  • 21 meals: 2B: $174.93, 3B: $216.93

When we compare it to other food companies on the market, Eatology offers a fair pricing structure and different plans for people who want to try their service. 

Meals per week


-2B- Medium


-3B- Large


Eatology Paleo Zone Delivery

If you live near Bryan/College Station, Texas, you can pick up food at their kitchen studio. After placing your order, you can stop anytime during their business hours and get your food. 

This food company ships nationwide to all 50 states through UPS. Please note that they don't ship food during the weekend. The shipping fee for 15 meals is $25, while an additional charge of $5 applies to the following states: WA, OR, NY, MT, ME, ID, and CA. 

Orders may not be shipped on the same day that you made your order, and it mostly depends on the UPS schedule. You can find a detailed map on their website.

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Eatology Paleo Zone Packaging

The food arrives in microwave-friendly aluminum containers. The packaging contains ice packs to maintain the optimal freshness of ingredients. There is no information on their website on whether packing is recyclable or not. However, all orders are packed in a reusable bag.

Eatology Paleo Zone Customer Service

In terms of customer service, you can either call, text, email, or visit them. Don't hesitate to contact them whether you have a question, food feedback, or order error. 

People working in their call center are friendly and welcoming. You can call or text them at 657-777-2536 or email them at 

If you decide to visit their store, keep in mind that visiting hours are: 

  • Monday through Wednesday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 am-6:00 pm
  • Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my Eatology delivery?

Need to cancel or place your order on hold? Don't worry; you can do it any time. However, there is a cut-off period. Make sure to cancel your orders by Sunday, by sending an email at If you cancel after this cut-off date, you will be charged for the whole week.

How long do Eatology meals last in the freezer?

Frozen meals can last up to six months in the freezer. However, we suggest you use them before that deadline. Keep in mind that thawed meals only last three to four days. Therefore, we don't recommend thawing them unless you plan to eat your recipes within 24 hours. 

Need more info? Check our full guide on best frozen meal deliveries.

How to reheat Eatology meals?

There are two ways to reheat your food, either using a microwave or oven. It will take five minutes to heat your recipes in a microwave and 25 minutes in an oven. This heating time applies to thawed food. 

If your meals are frozen, it will take you more time. We always suggest thawing your food before heating them to speed up this process.


After this Eatology review, hopefully, you can decide how and what recipes to order. We have to agree that Eatology is a very specific service and ideal for people looking to switch to paleo eating. 

Their food is packed with nutrients, and you have plenty of healthy "cheat meal" options that are perfect for those new to the diet or who want a bit of variety in their food options. Recipes are light on calories and provide a perfect balance between being good for the palette and being good for you.

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