Set Up Your Kitchen with Essential Cookware

Whether you are moving to a new house or your first apartment, the kitchen will be an essential part of your home. But, finding the right collection of cookware things can be a daunting task.

What covers the most common needs? What are your best options? What tools have multiple uses to cover both special occasion dishes and everyday cooking?

When you are faced with these questions, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of options available in the stores. But, your cooking life can be simplified by keeping the right necessities in your kitchen that will suit your needs.

We have eliminated the confusion and edited great choices to single out the essential cookware that is perfect for your needs. These are the things you shouldn’t be caught without and items you will use to up your game as a chef.

If you want to know more about this topic, all you have to do is read on.

Sauté Pans and Skillets

Get a high-quality, heavy-duty skillet, because you will probably use it all the time. As you are going through your choices, you may wonder why some of them have straight sides and other curved, rounded ones. To be precise, skillet or a frying pan has rounded sides, and a sauté pan has straight ones.

The one that has rounded sides it is well-known that facilitate flipping meal around and fast cooking. The curved side one will provide you turn the meal. Saute pan is suitable for stewing, braising, enclosing liquids such as broth and hot oil so they would not splash over the pan’s sides. It is more likely that it will come with a lid.

​Your sauté pan or skillet needs to be at least 2 inches deep and 10 to 12 inches in diameter. That way, they will be perfect for preparing sauces, frying, braising and sautéing. Choose the right one according to your needs.

Cast-Iron Skillet

This cookware tool has been a classic in European and American kitchens for a long time, and it still outperforms many cooking essential in some ways (for example, searing, blackening and browning). What is great about it, is that it is one of the most affordable kitchen essentials you will find on the market and it will last you for years. Antique shops and tag sales have loads of this product.

Bear in mind that you need to season it, by wiping it with vegetable oil and then heating it for about two minutes. Clean the cookware with plastic scrubber and water. Don’t put soap into this skillet and never scour with metals. Thoroughly wipe it, after you have washed it to prevent the rust.

If you think you will use it for frying, look for the one that has a spout for pouring off fat. Before you store it, you can wipe it with vegetable oil to help develop nonstick coating and to keep the interior seasoned.

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Black frying pan

Sauce Pans

It can be a combination of metals, aluminum core and stainless steel that includes copper. The saucepan is all-around cooking essential used for preparing the sauce for pasta, rice, soups, vegetables and other meals. It would be great that you have 2 or 3 of them in various sizes.

​A one to one ½ quart pan is ideal for warming milk or melting butter. A two to the three-quart pot is a medium one, and it is perfect for preparing sauces. Others which are four quarts or larger are best for boiling rice and pasta, or steaming vegetables, and making soups.

Silver sauce pan with lid

Casserole with Lid or 9 x 13 inches Baking Dish

This is classic cooking essential that every person should have in their kitchen. It is a versatile covered casserole or baking dish. They can be made of different materials and can be used for various cooking processes. That is what makes them great for any beginner or a professional chef.

​Whether they are made of ceramic, glass or aluminum, you can use them to bake cakes, cookies, or brownies, roast winter vegetables, and make a casserole. So, this is the one you need to have in your kitchen.

White casserole with its lid

Roasting Pan

If you want your cooking space to be well-equipped, you need to own one large rectangular pan that is 14 x 11 inches and oval roasting one that is about 12 inches long. The roasting one is best used for small roasts and poultry. Another one can cook a load of vegetables, a large roast or two chickens.

​If you want to double the oval pan as a gratin one, it is wise to use the cooking tool with the enameled cast iron material. The rectangular pan is made of stainless steel or heavy-gauge aluminum. But, if we have to choose between these two, or you don’t have enough money to purchase both of these products, we would recommend the oval roasting one, because it is more versatile.

Empty black tray

Dutch Oven or Stew Pot

The Dutch oven is a stew pot that is perfect for soups, stews that are slow-cooked and all other winter meals you or your family prefer. You may need to sear or brown meat in another pan, before placing it in this kitchen essential. Let us explain that.

​Enamel will not brown your meal as good as plain stainless steel or cast iron. That is why it is better to add it in some other pan. A model made by Copco and similar one designed by Le Creuset are an excellent option for you.

Pot with lid


This is an excellent kitchen tool that can serve various functions. For example, you can use it for poaching, steaming, braising or soup making. What you are looking for is that narrow, tall 10 to the 14-quart pot that is heavy-gauged with a lid which is tight-fitting and can hold steamer basket. (Circular steamers that are not expensive close and open same as a fan to suit various sizes of pans and pots).

​Bear in mind that if you want a stainless steel product, you will have to pay more money as they are expensive. But the heavy aluminum stockpot is affordable and excellent for everyone with a low budget.

Silver pot with lid

Cookware Materials


​The nonstick is the most popular one material.  It offers quick cleanup, excellent food release, an aluminum core for even heat and non-fat cooking. There are different collections on the market that provide a nonstick interior and heavy gauge aluminum exterior.

​Ceramic Nonstick

This material is the superior option if having a green pan is crucial to you. It is extremely scratch-resistant and free of PFOA and PTFE. Its magnetic stainless steel exterior is compatible with all cooktops types and has an aluminum core for even and quick heat conduction.

​Stainless Steel

When it comes to high-acid foods, this material is nonreactive with it. It has an aluminum core that extends from the bottom of the pan to its sides which provides even and quick heat distribution. The pan is suitable for traditional cooktops and induction, thanks to its stainless exterior.

Enameled Cast Iron

The enameled cast iron requires no seasoning, makes for easier cleaning and helps prevent rust. It is best used at medium and low heats. The material is nonreactive and doesn’t hold flavors and odors. It is perfect for cooking acidic meals such as wine and tomato sauces.

Non-Enameled Cast Iron

The non-enameled cast iron is well-known for its ability to handle high temperatures, longevity, and affordability. If you properly season it, you will get a non-sticking, non-chemical coating. It imparts iron particles into meals you are preparing, which adds health benefit.


Quick response to temp changes and superior heat conductivity makes this material perfect for cooking complicated dishes and delicate food. It requires medium and low heat settings as it is energy efficient. Its copper exterior will heat quickly, and nonreactive stainless steel offers excellent control.


We have handpicked all of these kitchen necessities because we know they work. They are well-designed, useful, cost-effective and should last for years. With these essentials, you will be set to handle almost any cooking challenge that comes your way!

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