In-Depth EveryPlate Review for 2022 - Delicious Meals for Less Than $5

Are you tired of fast food or takeout? You’d like to learn to prepare the food yourself, but don’t have the time to pick all the ingredients, and aren’t sure about the cost?

A meal kit delivery service like EveryPlate could be just what you need. They focus on bringing you a menu filled with varied options every week. They’ll find all the ingredients, then measure and prepare them before sending them to you.

This EveryPlate review will go over the different aspects of their service, from the subscription options themselves, to the menu and recipe variety. In the end, you’ll know all you need to know about them.

What Is EveryPlate?

It’s a meal kit delivery service specialized in providing its customers with a selection of affordable, yet tasty recipes. It is operated by Hello Fresh, one of the leading services.

Their menu doesn’t feature as many items as some alternative services might have, having only eight recipes changed weekly. However, for the price, nothing more should be expected. The meals themselves should still be delicious and varied.

You should note, however, that out of the eight offered items, usually only one is vegetarian. If you don’t have a problem with that, as well as some other drawbacks we’ll get into later, their service might be right for you.

In case your vegetarian lifestyle is living you, we got you covered, check our guide for best vegetarian meal kit delivery services in that area.
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How EveryPlate Works

Signing Up

Creating an account is simple – all you need to do is choose the number of weekly meals you want to be covered and how many people you want to feed.

The first choice allows you to select between three, four, or five meals every week, but only if you pick the option meant for two people. If you want to feed four, you can only get three meals per week.

After that, you can either choose the meals yourself or allow them to pick for you.
how Every Plate works

Picking Meals

As we’ve mentioned, their menu consists of eight items, one of which is vegetarian. You can freely choose which recipes you want to include in your package, or you can opt to take the default meal.

The recipes themselves don’t offer much additional information. You can’t, for example, know whether the meal is gluten-free, low-carb, or similar.

All the food will arrive in one weekly box, and in most cases, it should arrive in the second half of the week. The ingredients themselves should remain refrigerated even if they’re left out all day.

Cooking and Preparation

While you’ll get most of the ingredients in your weekly package, you’ll still need to use your milk, flour, and condiments, so you should be prepared for that.

All the recipes come with included cards with simple instructions on how to prepare the ingredients and finish cooking. The pictures are clear, and the instructions understandable, so you shouldn’t have any problems there. The whole process shouldn’t take much longer than 30 minutes.

The advice and the recipes themselves are also available in their app.

Features of EveryPlate

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Simple Recipes

As their philosophy is to provide affordable meal kits, their recipes also contain fewer ingredients, making them much more manageable. That also means that they take less time to prepare, which you can then spend on other activities.

They always include a source of carbs, whether it’s bread, potatoes, or rice. The proteins themselves are also on the cheaper end – mostly ground beef, pork steaks, or chicken breasts.

Recipe Cards Included

Every package will include clear instructions on preparation. Those are also available in their app and on their website, so if you accidentally throw the printed version out, you can still cook your meals.

The instructions themselves are well-defined and include pictures, so if you follow them, you usually can’t go wrong. They provide you with enough information on every step, as well as an image of the final meal, so you should know what to do in each stage of preparation.

Budget-Friendly Subscription

Their subscription should be ideal for those on a tighter budget. It will provide you with quality ingredients for a variety of tasty meals, which is much better than eating fast food, all while costing much less than dining out.

With an average of around $5 per serving, it should be easy enough on most budgets without. So, even though their quality can’t be compared to a restaurant, that price can be their greatest advantage. Affordability makes it perfect for collage students.

Pre-Portioned Meals

All the meals that you order have their ingredients measured and packaged separately, together with the instruction on their preparation. That should make it easy to store and plan, as well, and it could make it difficult to accidentally use ingredients for another meal.

That does have a downside, though – there can be lots of packaging. While it is recyclable, the amount can still be too high.

Allergen Notices

While they don’t have meals that cater specifically to those with food allergies, they do clearly state if a recipe contains common allergens. That should make it much easier to identify which items could pose a problem for you if you have such difficulties and steer clear of them.

Pros and Cons of EveryPlate Meal Delivery

What We Loved

  • Affordable – this is their greatest advantage. They offer a great deal at that price, too. They include all the ingredients and instructions, which some services don’t do.
  • Easy Recipes – all of their meals have a limited number of ingredients and clear printed instructions with pictures. Most should be done in under 40 minutes, too.
  • Tasty Meals – despite their low price, all the groceries are as fresh as they can be, and the recipes, if followed correctly, should produce delicious meals you’re sure to like.
  • Great Packaging – ingredients for each recipe are packaged separately, which can make things easier when it’s time to finish preparing them.

What Needs Improvement

  • Limited Recipe Options – they only offer eight items to choose from each week. Only one of them is vegetarian, too, so if that’s a problem, you might need to look elsewhere.
  • Lacks Meals for a Restrictive Diet – they don’t have special plans for those with dietary considerations – there is no gluten-free, vegan, or low-carb menu, for example.

Should You Subscribe to EveryPlate?

Who Is it Good For?

They could be a great solution for those that want to learn to cook but don’t have the time to look for ingredients. The meal kits themselves provide everything you need, and the instructions are clear enough that even beginners can follow.

You might need to be prepared to reserve some time, though. The preparation can take over half an hour. That should make this service ideal for those that have a bit more time and don’t want to eat out or risk takeout.

Finally, their affordable price makes them a great solution for those on a tight budget. You’ll still get good enough meals for that price, too.

Who Is it Not Good For?

If you’re the more adventurous type, you might find their offerings weak and uninspired. They don’t have a great variety of available recipes containing some exotic ingredients, either, but in their price range, that isn’t expected.

Similarly, vegetarians, vegans, or those that have special dietary considerations might need to look elsewhere, too. The service doesn’t offer any special menus for them, and the single weekly vegetarian meal might not be enough.

If you’re more advanced in your cooking skill, you might find their offer too limiting, as well. However, in that case, you can probably tweak their recipes to your liking.

EveryPlate Cost

As we’ve mentioned, they are aimed at the lower end of the market, and their prices largely reflect that. Averaging at about $5 per serving, they are among the cheapest services available, yet they still provide enough to justify that expense.

Their weekly boxes can range in price from $30, which includes three weekly meals for two, all the way to $60 for their family pack, which includes three meals for four. The shipping fee is flat at $8.99.


Price per serving
Price per week (shipping included)

3 recipes per 2 people


3 recipes for 4 people

See EveryPlate Plans and Pricing

EveryPlate Packaging

Their boxes are generally smaller than what other similar services offer. That’s probably the reason why they don’t offer more servings. That also helps them save money on shipping, which they can then slash their prices on.

Despite the smaller package, each ingredient for each recipe is individually wrapped in plastic, which can add up and take up significant space in your trashcan.
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EveryPlate Customer Service

Because they are owned by Hello Fresh, their customer service is at a higher level than the alternatives in this price range. Their FAQ section should cover most concerns, but if you’re curious about something not found in that document, you can contact them in many ways.

You could opt for a live chat, which should take care of your problem in no time. Alternatively, if time is not an issue, you could also opt to send an e-mail, which they normally respond to quickly. And, if you’re in a hurry, their phone lines should provide the quickest way to solve your problem.

How to Cancel Subscription

Pausing and canceling is also trivial. You can skip weeks easily, and the button to do so is clearly visible at all times. You can also change your plans however you like, choose the meals you want to be delivered, and if you no longer wish to use their service, cancel your subscription.

That option isn’t hidden away, either. When you want to end your ongoing subscription, everything you need is in your Plan Settings tab. You can simply deactivate your plan, and if you change your mind later, you can easily resume it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it taste good?

It depends. As long as your criteria aren’t too high, you should find their food delicious.

However, while their meals can be tasty, if you’re the adventurous type, you might find their meals boring. Still, because they need you to use the condiments yourself, you might be able to tweak the recipes to your preferences and get something tastier.

What are the sample meals offered?

They change their menu weekly. Its eight items always include one vegetarian and one premium item. The former are usually plant-based meals like Veggie Black Bean Taco-Dillas, Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto, or Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup.

The premium items usually include steaks and cost an additional $3. The quality of the ingredients should still make it worth the price.

The rest of the items include meals like Crispy Panko Chicken, Pork & Pineapple Tacos, Caramelized Onion Burgers, Beef Bahn Mi Bowls, and other similar recipes. There should be plenty of variety on each menu even though there are only eight entries.

Final Thoughts

While their menu isn’t as extensive and the food isn’t as imaginative or exotic as some other services offer, EveryPlate should still be a quality solution, especially due to their affordable price.

You’ll get plenty of value for your money, too. They’ll provide you with all the ingredients already measured, prepared, and sorted by recipe. Alongside those, you’ll get printed instructions that give you a clear overview of each step of the preparation.

All you need to do is choose the recipe and finish cooking the food after receiving the package. The final product should still be a delicious meal that should satisfy all but the most demanding foodies.
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