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How long have you been craving to try fresh, high-quality, and healthy food but simply didn't have time to go through grocery shopping and meal prepping? 

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy food doesn't have to be time-consuming; you just need to be well organized and actually willing to change your eating habits. 

However, on days when you barely have time to breathe, we recommend ordering meals from Fresh and Easy (by HomeChef). Their recipes are convenient, chef-prepared, pre-portioned, and involve less cooking time. 

That's why in this article, we will focus on a Fresh and Easy review to determine what features make them super convenient. 

How Fresh and Easy Meal Delivery Works

The ordering process is straightforward, the same as with any other meal delivery service. You state your preferences, enter payment and shipping details, choose the box type, and head straight to checkout. 

It will take you no more than five minutes to order food.

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What to Expect

Even though traditional meal kits make cooking convenient, Fresh and Easy recipes leave no room for mistakes. This is a great time for beginner cooks to start making delicious food. 

If you are paying attention to your weight, keep in mind that each dish has nutritional information, so you can always keep tabs on what you are eating. 

Overall, with this service, you can expect a lot of delicious recipes, convenience while preparing meals, and budget-friendly options.

Home Chef Fresh and Easy Meal Plans

Fast & Fresh

As the name implies, Fresh & Fast are the type of recipes ready to go when they arrive. You just need to heat them in a microwave and serve your dinner. You can also use an oven for this purpose. This meal plan ensures simple home-cooked meals, particularly beneficial for busy professionals or people living alone. 

You don't need to bother with grocery shopping or meal prepping; just order food and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Oven Ready

You don't need to own a single pot and pan to prepare food. Sounds crazy, right? With home chef fresh and easy meal plans, you will receive pre-portioned ingredients in an oven-safe tray. Therefore, dinner is ready in no time, while there is little to no clean-up. 

You just throw away or recycle the aluminum tray. These meals could be the ideal option for all people who don't have a microwave. We have to say that they have some of the best oven-ready meals we have tried so far.

Grill Ready

Could you imagine ordering ready-made recipes that are grill-friendly? Well, these fresh and easy meals are ideal for grilling. However, they require a quick assembly in a grill-save bag. When you are done with the prepping, fire up a grill, throw your food on it, and you'll have your food ready. 

If you are hosting dinner parties, this could be a great way to entertain your guests and save time on cooking. Order food and have it delivered to your doorstep.

15 Minute Meal Kits

Did you know you could make lunch or dinner in 15 minutes? In fact, 15-minute meal kits are quite popular among the general public, mostly because you get fully prepared and pre-portioned ingredients. Therefore, people who like to do little to no prep work will find these meal kits quite handy. 

You can have lunch or dinner on your table in minutes.

Entrée Salad

This is a nice option for everyone who wants to eat something light but quick and easy. You will receive fresh veggies that are pre-portioned and precooked if you choose already roasted ones. Just toss everything together, and you are good to go. 

Entrée salads are a great way to replace your meals since they are packed with proteins to keep you sated for a long time.

Home Chef Fresh and Easy Dietary Options

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See Fresh and Easy Plans and Pricing


Unlike many other meal delivery services, Fresh and Easy doesn't provide particular dietary plans that could fit a variety of eating patterns. However, the great thing about this service is that you can customize existing meals based on your needs. 

There are two options to choose from, and calorie-conscious is one of them. It's most suitable for people who want to lose weight or pay attention to their calorie intake. You can turn these meals into vegetarian dishes by choosing no shellfish, fish, poultry, pork, or beef.


On the other hand, we have carb-conscious recipes that are primarily designed to manage blood sugar levels by contributing to weight loss. You can filter common allergens like nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, gluten, and dairy. 

Turn carb-conscious meals into vegetarian by choosing not to include meat. With this option, you can as well exclude common allergens and choose gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. In all, carb-conscious dishes will be a nice addition for people who need to control their carb intake.

Who Should Subscribe to Fresh and Easy Delivery?

Primarily Fresh and Easy plan is designed for individuals who don't have time to cook or clean afterward and those who want to enjoy tasteful and healthy meals at home. 

Also, if you are new to the culinary world, their recipes are easy to prepare. You don't need a large kitchen or a lot of kitchenware to create the most delicious recipes. Everything is adjusted towards people who like to have easy and affordable meals, classic recipes with a modern twist, convenient food, and premium-quality ingredients. 

You will love Fresh and Easy recipes if you are single, a busy professional, or simply need a quick way to feed your family.

What We Like about Fresh and Easy

Customizable Proteins: you can choose the type of protein you want in your food, be that pork, fish, poultry, or others. Select the meat you like most to eat and enjoy your food.

Mix-and-match serving sizes: there are several serving sizes, or you can order one meal and split your recipes into a couple of servings.

Fast Preparation: the selling point of this service is fast preparation. You can fix your meals in 15 minutes, and you have to agree that's pretty fast.

What We Don't Like about Fresh and Easy

No Single Person Plan: unfortunately, there is no single person plan, meaning you will have to order several meals at once or go for recipes with large servings.

Looking for a singles' meal delivery company? Check our full guide.

Lacks Specific Diet Meals: if you are on a paleo diet, prefer plant-based food, or need some other specific diet, you won't find it with this meal delivery service.

Fresh and Easy Menu Samples

When it comes to a Home Chef's Fresh and Easy menu, there are plenty of options. Their food is chopped, portioned, and pretty much ready to cook. 

Due to their extensive range of dishes, you can explore various options. We already mentioned the type of recipes you can expect. For instance, on days when you barely have time to zap, microwave meals are a lifesaver, while on less busy nights, you can prepare something else. 

Also, you can customize individual dishes and choose proteins you want to include in your meals. 

Here are some of the samples you could try: 

  • Sour Cream and Onion Chicken Penne
  • Hearty Caesar Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Parmesan Crisps
  • Buffalo Chicken Tacos with buttermilk ranch slaw

Fresh and Easy Cost

Fresh and Easy meal delivery offers reasonable prices, starting at $6.99 per serving. But, to be honest, only salads cost that much; for most dishes, you will have to pay $8.99 per serving. 

We aren't saying that $8.99 is a high price; it's actually quite affordable compared to other food companies. On the other hand, some premium dishes like Teriyaki Grilled Salmon cost a bit higher and are more expensive, starting at $11.95 per serving. 

There are different plans, which depend on the number of meals you order. Their price goes from $53.94 to $323.64, while shipping on all orders is $7.99.



Price per meal

starting at $6.99
starting at $6.99

Fresh and Easy Packaging

When you first open your box, expect to get recyclable grill bags and foil pans, ingredients separated in plastic bags, recipe cards, reusable ice packs, and an insulated liner that keeps all your ingredients fresh and cool. 

This company puts a lot of effort into how they pack their food. For instance, you will receive vacuum-sealed meats to preserve freshness, while, on the other hand, herbs are packed into rigid boxes, so they don't get squished. 

Unfortunately, the biggest problem the meal kit industry faces now is the huge amount of waste involved and Fresh and Easy leads in this department.

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Fresh and Easy Delivery

They ship their food to the continental USA, except Alaska and Hawaii. When you sign up, you will leave your zip code; if there is an issue with your delivery area, you won't be able to complete your order. 

The delivery day might vary slightly, depending on where you live; however, you can choose any day, Monday through Friday. There is no weekend delivery available. If your order arrives midday and you aren't home until evening, don't worry; your food will remain cool and fresh thanks to insulation and ice packs.

Fresh and Easy Customer Service

By entering their FAQ and Support page, you will find plenty of useful articles, along with a handy search bar. You can get in touch with their customer support through a contact form or a call. Connecting with their agent will take you no more than a minute. 

Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM CST, Saturdays 10 AM-2 PM CST, Sunday Closed.

How to Subscribe

The subscription process is pretty straightforward, and we will walk you through some basic steps: 

First, pick your preferences because the main screen will ask you to choose between Home Chef and Fresh and Easy plans. During this process, you can choose between a low-calorie and low-carb plan.

Next, you are required to enter your zip code and email address, and if you live outside the delivery area, you won't be able to complete the registration process. 

Once you go through these initial steps, you are supposed to select your order size and how many recipes you want to receive throughout the week. You will get basic guidelines, for example, how many people you cook for?

Add your delivery address and phone number, and then head straight to checkout. The final step would be to pick out your meals.

How to Cancel

When it comes to canceling your order, you have tomake changes by noon CST on Friday, before your next delivery is scheduled to arrive. However, if you wish to cancel your first order, it can be a bit complicated because delivery is scheduled automatically when you sign up. 

To skip your first order, remove everything from the cart and their system will recognize this as an empty order and automatically cancel it for you. On the other hand, to reschedule your first order, you have to contact their support team; there is no other way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Home Chef and Fresh and Easy the same?

There is a slight difference between these two. In a nutshell, Fresh and Easy recipes take less time to prepare; they are really simple to make and involve no prep work. Regardless of choosing this food service, you still have access to Home Chef.

Are the meals ready to eat?

Most of them aren't. Only Fast and Fresh dishes are precooked and ready to heat in a microwave or an oven. Other food options require a bit of prepping and cooking. However, there is minimum cooking and assembling involved.

Is it worth it?

Honestly, it's hard to resist their meals due to a great balance of ingredients, delicious flavor, and convenience. And they are still one of the most affordable options out there. So, considering all the pros, there is no mistake with this meal delivery service.

How to cook Fresh and Easy meals?

Each meal comes with a recipe card that contains easy-to-follow steps and images. If you happen to lose this card, you can find all the information on their website.

What makes Fresh and Easy meals unique?

Several features make this service so unique. First, they use fresh and seasonal ingredients, along with various heat and eat options. 

You can also order a collection of premium dishes offered at a slightly higher price and containing premium ingredients.


Since we already loved Home Chef, these new meal plans made us love their services even more. Even though there aren't specific diets, you can still find plenty of delicious meals to try. Best of all, none of the recipes requires spending hours in the kitchen. 

With their food selection, you will be covered for lunch and dinner, making your life much easier.

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