Freshly FAQ: Learn How This Service Works

Do you want to change your diet? Do you need help in choosing what type of meal to prepare every day? Do you want to eat healthily but you don’t have time to cook every day?

Working and having a dietary plan can sometimes be difficult for us to do, especially when you consider the time it takes for you to find fresh ingredients and then to prepare them in the right way. No wonder so many people just order some food at the end of the day and don’t bother with any of that.

Over time this eating habit can cause weight and health problems that you could have avoided if you gave just a little more thought to what you are eating. That’s where they come in, Freshly has a menu of freshly made food that you can order to be delivered to your home address every day.

And as we have already mentioned in our freshly review, they are here to help you stay healthy. In this article, some freshly FAQ will be talked about, so you can learn everything you need to know to be confident that they are your best choice for a food preparation and delivery service.


What is Freshly?

Imagine them as a restaurant that serves your meals in a location you chose. Yes, that’s right. They prepare gourmet meals for their customers, and they deliver it to a specified location. , and they can be customized to include specific dietary needs.

They consider the enhancement of your health as their primary purpose and the primary goal that leads the company and the way it works. That’s why they use all-natural ingredients that are sourced in accordance with the main focus of the company.

Freshly-restaurant in a location you chose

The food they use is produced following specific standards that are designed to keep the food healthy for the consumers and at the same time have a food production process that is as natural as possible. That means that they prefer using fresh food instead of processed and canned food.

Keeping it fresh means that the company has some obstacles with their menu that other food delivery companies don’t have. That is one of the reasons they have a rotating menu that follows the seasons and lets them stay true to their primary purposes, and that is to give you fresh and healthy food that satisfies your different dietary needs.

Besides the food itself, they care about the environment and like to use packaging that is eco-friendly and can be recycled.

How do they Work?

First of all, you select how many meals per week you want to be delivered to you. You do not have to eat every day. This depends on your daily plan and the way you prepare food. After you choose how many meals you want to be delivered, you can select the meals you want.

This part is what interests most people because most of us have specific dietary plans that need particular foods so a universal menu is out of the question. They know all these facts and that’s why they designed the menu to take into account the most popular dietary plans and to design several different menus for you to choose from.

Freshly's Food Philosophy

These menus are not stationary and they often change, so you have variety in your diet. Also, since they use a lot of fresh ingredients and that need to be sourced from producers that follow the standards of food production, the menu has to follow the seasons. That means that you will have a culinary experience with them that will enhance your palate and keep your health optimal.

Meal Plans

The company likes to incorporate different meal plans into their overall menu so you can choose specific food groups or design your meals so they fit your ideal calorie intake for the day. The meals are designed in a collaboration between their chefs and nutritionists and if you have specific needs you can order the food intended to following those needs.

You can choose to have a high protein meal every day. That is especially useful if you train often and you need to keep your protein intake up. When you order these meals from them you can be sure that you are eating a meal that has over 25 grams of protein in it.

Maybe you want to lose weight and you need a low carb diet, don’t worry because they have what you are looking for. These meals are designed by chefs, so they have under 35 grams of carbs in them. That way you know that the food you are eating has a high nutrition value.

Different Menu Types

Then if you want to keep track of your calorie intake and you want to keep your weight in a specific place they have an offer for you too. Their menu has many meals that are designed to have under 500 calories, that way you can eat different meals every day and still keep your calorie intake in check.

They also have a vegetarian menu that has many different solutions that will satisfy your dietary needs and give you variety. Besides this, they have specialized meals that are free of dairy, grains, and legumes. These meals are designed for people who have digestion issues and they have been getting a lot of compliments from their customers because of these meals.

If you have no specific needs and you want to eat something different every day regardless of the calorie content and the nutritious values they have a menu with 30 rotating recipes and a couple of regular meals that are always on hand for you to enjoy.

After choosing the meal plan you want the order is sent to their skilled staff and they make all the necessary arrangements for the preparation of the meals you have ordered. Then they are packed in specialized packaging and surrounded by dry ice to keep everything nice and fresh until you get it at your home. You only have to take it out of the packaging and heat it up and it ready for you to eat.

The Food

The food Freshly uses is fresh, but what does that mean? And how can you be sure that that is the case?

Fresh means that the food has not been treated for transport in any way and that most of it come from producers found around the company’s food production buildings. That means that they always have a ready source of fresh products and vegetables on hand and they can play around with the menu. That also means that the food they make will be delicious and the nutritious value of the food will be very high because it isn’t processed before use.

natural food

The Staff

Let’s talk about their staff, the excellent team of experts that makes all of this possible. They believe that a significant part of every good meal is to put love in it and that’s why they employ people who are in love with cooking and have a healthy outlook on life.

Besides having the right frame of mind, they want their workers to be well trained for their job and to know their way around the kitchen.

Their consists of nutritionists, chefs that specialize in specific food groups as well as a group of well-trained food technicians that work every day to make your wishes come true. The last part of their team is packaging and shipping. This last part is equally important as everything else because the food always fresh this way, that’s why they have specially designed packaging and a well-trained team of packers to make sure the food is delicious and fresh until it arrives at your table.