Freshly is a meal delivery service that prioritizes freshness and convenience in their dishes. If you prefer a meal that’s easy to prepare and eat, then Freshly might be the one for you. Read our Freshly review to see how it compares to other services and decide whether it’s right for you.

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What is Freshly?

Freshly is a home meal delivery service based in New York that delivers to all states within the continental United States.

Compared to other meal delivery services, Freshly is a little different. All Freshly meals are readymade, so customers can simply heat them up and get stuck into a delicious and nutritious dish at home. This makes Freshly perfect for people who are time-poor or lack the confidence to cook.

How Does Freshly work?

How Freshly do it from preparation to delivery

Freshly lets you choose from more than 30 different meals every week, with options including Mexican-Style Shredded Beef or Super Pesto & Veggie Fusilli.

When you sign up to Freshly, you’ll be asked to choose how many meals you want to be delivered. You can choose between four, six, nine, or twelve meals per week. All meals are delivered once a week on the same day.

If you work late or struggle to find the time to prepare meals mid-week, the higher number meal option will suit your needs.

After you’ve decided how often you want your Freshly meals delivered, you’ll be asked to select your meals from the menu.

You can choose from at least 30 different meals each week, and you can filter your options according to your dietary preferences. For instance, if you’re a coeliac, you can filter out all meals that contain gluten.

Once you’ve decided what meals you want and how many times a week you want them delivered, you’ll be asked to enter your address, contact details, and payment information.

Freshly customers can skip up to three weeks of orders at a time. However, you cannot pause your account. That means if you want to skip more than three weeks of orders in a row, you must log back into your account and choose to skip another three weeks of meals.

Top Features

  • Variety of options – it features nine different meal plans, to accommodate everyone’s taste
  • Never frozen – recipes arrive fresh, just heat them in a microwave
  • Micronutrient – friendly – plans include high-protein, low-carb, and 500 calorie options
  • No artificial ingredients and preservatives, while being gluten and peanut-free

Freshly Meals: How Do They Taste?

Eight recipes in the freshly's menu

The Freshly menu consists of a variety of tasty meals that rotate on a weekly basis. The food is generally good, and Freshly’s portions are more than enough to keep you feeling full.

That said, Freshly’s food is not as tasty as that offered by other meal delivery services. Compared to other services, its meals can be less flavorful. You might find a few standout dishes, but the typically flavorsome dishes (such as curries) are often lacking.

Plus, microwaving your meals often ends up with inconsistent heat throughout the dish. One part might be hot, while another is still freezing cold. Consequently, you might need to reheat them twice to ensure they’re piping hot all the way through.

While the prices are lower (check most affordable meal services here) compared to other services, you pay for convenience rather than taste. The food might not taste as good as that of other meal delivery services, but it’s quick and easy — hugely welcome after a grueling day at work.

Freshly once offered breakfast options, which proved useful to those who struggled to find time to prepare food in the morning. Unfortunately, Freshly no longer offer breakfast options, so you might need to look elsewhere if you’re after a morning meal.

Freshly Cost Comparison

It’s always important to check the price of a meal delivery service compared to other brands when signing up. It can get costly, and if you forget to skip a week, that extra charge can come as an unwelcome surprise.

In terms of price, Freshly compares favorably against other meal delivery services, especially when you factor in the free shipping.

Meals per week

  • 4
  • 6
  • 9
  • 12

Price per meal

  • $12.50
  • $9.99
  • $9.99
  • $8.99

Price per week

  • $49.99
  • $59.99
  • $89.99
  • $107.99

Each meal is a single serving, with prices per meal decreasing when you order more.

What really sets Freshly apart in comparison to other meal delivery services though is its free shipping. Where other services charge around $10 for delivery, Freshly sends out each box entirely free of charge.

Freshly Packaging

Freshly take extra care to ensure every meal is packaged properly. Every box is delivered with specially-modified atmospheric packaging, with deliberately low levels of oxygen to prevent your food from deteriorating.

Freshly’s packaging also combines recycled denim insulation with gel ice packs to keep your food fresh for up to 60 hours of traveling. This is ideal if you’re out of the house when your food gets delivered and you don’t get back till late.

Box of Freshly goods

Is Freshly Worth it?

If you’re one of those people who hates preparing and cooking meals from scratch or just lacks the time to do so, then Freshly is for you. The ability to just grab a meal, pop it in the microwave, and eat is an attractive one.

Freshly is great for those who work long hours. But it’s also ideal if you’re recovering from an operation or if you’ve just given birth. When you’re short on time for whatever reason, Freshly is a strong option for keeping you and your loved ones fed.

But if you value taste over convenience, Freshly might not be for you. In comparison to other food delivery services, Freshly dishes lack flavor. While they’re not necessarily bad, they are generally just passable. There are a few good meals on the Freshly menu, but most of them are fine rather than flavorsome.

When it comes to testing whether or not Freshly is for you, it’s down to personal preference. If you find convenience more important than flavor, then Freshly is perfect for you. But if you want meals that require a little preparation time but taste good, then you should look elsewhere.


  • No preparation or cooking required — just heat the meals up in a microwave.
  • High numbers of meals offered compared to other food delivery services — up to 12 meals a week.
  • Plenty of options for special dietary requirements.


  • Entire weeks’ meals are delivered all at once, which might be a problem for people with a small refrigerator or little storage space.
  • Not as much variety compared to other meal delivery operators.
  • Taste can be hit-and-miss — some dishes aren’t as flavorsome as others.

Final Thoughts

What really stands out in our review of Freshly is its convenience. If you have the freezer space, then the sheer ease of coming home after a long day, grabbing a meal, popping it in the microwave and eating it is well worth it.

But if you’re a gourmand, then you might find Freshly lacking. While the meals taste good, they lack the restaurant quality that other meal delivery services have. They’ll do fine if you’ve been at work all day and you just want something to eat. But if you’re after a fine dining experience, Freshly isn’t for you.

However, if you want something that’s adequate, affordable, and easy to prepare after a long day, then Freshly is well worth considering. While it isn’t haute cuisine, it’s more than enough to keep you feeling happy and full.

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