Honest Gobble Meal Kit Delivery Review for 2022- Pros and Cons Explained

What features are most important when choosing the best meal kit delivery service? It’s hard to discuss criteria based on individual experience and food preferences. However, there are some features which, in general, and without doubt, affect the quality of service! Quality of ingredients, variety in menus, and pricing (including the shipping fee) should be at least average. 

Gobble’s meal variety is wide, filled with flavours of cuisines from around the globe! Their ingredients are not organic, but natural and fresh from the farm! Gobble’s delivery schedule is time-saving because they ship all meal kits at once – one box per week.

If we got you interested and you want more information, read our mouth-watering Gobble Review!

What Is Gobble?

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Gobble is a gourmet meal kit service that delivers incredible meal kits to almost all parts of the continental U.S. Gobble is time-saving, yummy, healthy and stress-free! It’s time-saving because of pre-sliced ingredients and once-a-week delivery (no shopping, packing/unpacking tones of food). Cooking these meal kits is a 15-minutes activity. Furthermore, some recipes include one pan only – less cleaning up! 

Healthy, grab-and-go lunches for the entire busy week is possible with Gobble’s recipes crafted to batch cook 90 minutes! Besides lunch and dinner, Gobble’s team of chefs and nutritionists came up with a healthy way to start and complete your day by ordering their breakfast and many other add-ons!

How Gobble Works

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Gobble works almost like any other meal kit delivery service. We used the word “almost” because there’s one big difference related to time-saving. At Gobble, ingredients for the recipe are not only pre-measured but also chopped! Rest of the steps are the same – a customer makes an order, chefs prepare ingredients and pack the meal kit which is being delivered on a scheduled day. Following instructions on the recipe card, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to prepare dinner/lunch!

Features of Gobble

Flexible Subscription

Gobble is an automatic, weekly-recurring subscription to delicious meal kits! This way, after getting a first meal box, it will auto-renew the next one. However, customer service is available for any requests related to specific week-day for delivery and the address (depends on your location).

Ingredients are carefully packed in a thermo-isolated box to keep food fresh and cold for a whole day! Even though it’s possible to skip or change delivery, it must be submitted Wednesday at 11:59 pm for the following week!

Healthy Meals

Gobble provides balance and nourishing ingredients with every recipe. Different flavours of world-wide cuisines, specialized dietary menus, or even a simple, traditional American meal will make your mouth water!

Healthy recipes are tailored to have around 800 calories per portion. Gobble Lean & Clean menu is designed for weight-loss, and as such, it outstands these criteria. High-quality vegetables and meat, along with unique spice blends, provide premium home-cooked meals suitable to kids and adults!
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Easy and Quick Meal Prep

With Gobble meal kits, cooking is even more comfortable thanks to their pre-sliced meat and vegetables! Furthermore, chefs are providing par-cooked pasta, grains and sauces, which makes the preparation time 15 minutes or less. No cooking skills and techniques are needed, only a recipe card with several concise steps leading to guaranteed perfection!

Gobble “six-days-lunches” are designed to batch cook in 90 minutes! Please put them in the fridge and grab one each day on your way to work or school.


There are some costly meal kits, and there are some cheap with low-quality food! Gobble is neither of these two types (let’s say somewhere in the middle). Gobble is providing a good quality of food and offers delivery once a week, so in that way you get all your meal kits at once. They are not a USDA certified company, but their suppliers are local farms, ranches, and dairies, which all guarantee natural and fresh ingredients.

Recipe Cards Included

Pre-cooking activities imply taking ingredients from your fridge, which you will need for a specific dinner/lunch! But, first, you need to take the recipe card which is packed with the food, so you don’t forget all the necessary ingredients.

If you prefer reading it on your phone, laptop, or a computer, there are several ways to access the recipe online. One way is downloading it from your Gobble dashboard. Another way is by using a link to a recipe card that’s in your confirmation email.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gobble

Customer review, in most cases, gives the best insight into the quality of service. We tried to comprehend that valuable experience with our study of Gobble’s features to present to you some of the Gobble’s most essential advantages and shortcomings!


Convenient Meal Preparation - The most prominent feature of Gobble’s 15 min meal kit is the fact that vegetables and meat are chopped, peeled, and marinated! All six lunch recipes can be batch cooked in 90 minutes - easy, right?
Tasty Dishes - Gobble is a gourmet meal kit service! Meaning - dishes are healthy, adventurous and yummy! Meal tags on each recipe help if you look for a kid-friendly, seasonal favourite, customer favourite, or specific low-calorie dish!
Many Add-ons - Besides jaw-dropping dinner and lunch kits, Gobble’s menu features delicious sides - breakfast, soups, sides and cookies! Grab-and-go lunch recipes for busy days on a workweek are new Gobble’s add-on. If you need lunches only, there’s an option for a separate subscription to Meal Prep Lunch Box!


Pricey - Gobble is not the most expensive meal kit service, but it could be cheaper (there are some well-rated but affordable meal kit services on the market). Higher price comes with certain features, and Gobble has few of these (even though they’re not an organic provider). Meal prices go from $11.99 up to $13.99 per portion!

Not Organic - Gobble’s suppliers are local farms and purveyors. Their ingredients are not organic, but the highest quality and always fresh!

How Much Does Gobble Subscription Cost?

Subscribing to Gobble, you get the choice between 2-Person and 4-Person plan. With the second one, also called a Family plan, you automatically get three meal dinners for that week (meaning the number of meals isn’t optional).

Price of a dish on a Family plan is $11.99 per portion. 2-Person plan pricing differs if you want two or three meal kits for the following week. Prices go from $11.99 to $13.99 per serving, depending on the food quantity!

Number of people


Meals per week


Price per week

See Gobble Plans and Pricing

Gobble Shipping And Delivery

Gobble delivers to many states across the continental U.S. except a few already mentioned earlier in a review. The company provides all dinner kits at once, meaning you get all your ingredients inside of one box.

Delivery day can vary each week due to location on the distance from a specific distribution centre. Anyhow, you will get a notice about shipment via email, as well as the link to tracking information.

Gobble Packaging

Gobble meal boxes are designed and adjusted to specific weather conditions in your area. Insulation and ice packs maintain temperature for 72 hours, so the ingredients are still cold to the touch when you open the box. Gobble’s delivery courier leaves the box on your doorstep if nobody is at home – don’t worry, the box is insulated until someone opens it!

Keep the food in the fridge until you cook them.
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How To Cancel Gobble Subscription

Customer support at Gobble is open to help in finding the solution before cancelling your subscription! Their Flexible Subscription allows you to order every other week. The customer is also entitled to skip a delivery for several weeks instead of deactivating the account.

In the end, if neither of these solutions works for you, contact customer support to cancel Gobble subscription, and they will take care of your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Subscribe to Gobble?

Everyone who loves yummy and healthy food! There’s no reason we can think of why not to taste these gourmets, home-cooked meals. With Gobble’s various menus and customization option, kid-friendly dish and 15-minutes easy recipes, parents and kids are going to be more than happy.

If you are up for an adventurous dinner, order some of the world’s famous recipes and give your senses a treat!

What are the popular recipes of Gobble?

Gobble came up with a bright idea on how to ease choosing the perfect recipe in only a few steps – with the help of “customer favourite” tags on the online recipe!

We singled out some of the most popular meals! Number one (by our choice) is Pan-Roasted Caribbean Chicken with Creole Rice & Braised Greens. Another meal from the range adored by Gobble customers, Souvlaki Chicken Sandwich with Greek Salad & Lemon Vinaigrette – very light, brings the taste of European summer!

Final Thoughts

Finding the best meal kit delivery service is impossible to do. If you look for a healthy one with organic ingredients, then it must be pricey. Even worse, you can find a cheap meal kit but with a low-quality and taste of food. To sum up, don’t look for an ideal meal kit service – find the one with amazing features that you rank as relevant.

Gobble is for you if you like adventurous recipes, gourmet flavours and addons (besides dinner kits). It is a bit pricey, to be honest, due to non-organic ingredients, but it has its advantages! Please do the math, try it out and make your judgment! We hope you will enjoy Gobble meal kits!
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