Gobble vs. Hello Fresh: In-Depth Meal Kit Comparison for 2021

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Gobble is ideal for customers who want to skip all those boring pre-cooking activities, like peeling and chopping. Dinner recipe takes about 15 minutes of your time plus you can order lunch meals for the whole upcoming week, prep them during weekends and store them in your fridge! This is what Gobble has to offer, unlike anyone else on the meal kit delivery service market, so far.

  • Delivery Area: 48 States
  • Average Price: $12.99 Per Meal
  • Shipping Cost: $6.99
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Hello Fresh

One of the most popular meal kit delivery services in the U.S. nowadays! They offer 19 meal recipes every week and a Wine card. Follow six steps from recipe card, and in about 30 minutes, you will have a delicious meal on your dinner table! 

  • Delivery Area: 48 States
  • Average Price: $8.86 Per Meal
  • Shipping Cost: $7.99

Meal Options


Hello Fresh

Plan & Pricing


  • 2-Person Plan $11.99-$13.99 / serving

    Servings: 2; Meals Per Week: 2, 3; Kit Prices: $55.96 to $71.94

  • 4-Person Plan $11.99 / serving

    Servings: 4; Meals Per Week: 3; Kit Price: $143.88

Hello Fresh

  • Classic Plan (Meat & Veggies) $7.49 - $10.99 / serving

    • Servings: 2, 4 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4, 5 • Kit Prices: $51.95 to $97.87*

  • Veggie Plan $7.49 - $10.99 / serving

    • Servings: 2, 4 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4, 5 • Kit Prices: $51.95 to $97.87*

  • Family Plan $7.49 - $10.99 / serving

    • Servings: 2, 4 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4, 5 • Kit Prices: $51.95 to $97.87*

  • Low Calorie $7.49 - $10.99 / serving

    • Servings: 2, 4 • Meals Per Week: 2, 3, 4, 5 • Kit Prices: $51.95 to $97.87*

*shipping costs included



Hello Fresh

Popular Meals

Roasted Chicked and Mashed Potatoes by Gobble


  • Vietnamese Crispy Fish with Rice Noodles
  • Pita Panzanella with Seared Halloumi Cheese & Harissa Vinaigrette
  • Pan-Roasted Caribbean Chicken with Creole Rice & Braised Greens
Chicken Milanese with Crispy Potatoes and Mixed Greens by Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

  • Chicken Milanese with Crispy Potatoes, Mixed Greens, and Creamy Lemon-Chive Dressing
  • Pan-Seared Steak with Roasted Butternut Squash and Green Beans Almondine
  • Rapid Stir-Fried Beef
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Both Hello Fresh and Gobble have very various meal plans – vegetarian menu, world flavors, pescatarian, family-friendly meal, and many others. Gobble offers salads, soups, cookies, and breakfast add-ons, while Hello Chef has impressive wines. Hello Fresh features Vegetarian Menu, and if you exclude some ingredients from those recipes you have a Vegan Menu as well! We will go with Hello Fresh delicious 19 meals each week!

Pricing is a bit complicated with Gobble, but we’ll try to make it simple for you! Meal plans are designed for two or four persons (Family Plan), and with both, you get a portion for $11.99 (plus shipping $7.99). A minimum amount of orders per week is two, and if you order only twice a week, then your portion price rises to $13.99. But, this doesn’t affect meal kits on Family Plan because you automatically order dinner three times a week (not optional)!

Hello Fresh features four different meal programs serving two or four people. Besides food, the company does a Wine Menu delivery – 6 wine bottles (Red, White or Mixed Plan) for the monthly price of $89.00 plus free shipping! Shipping price for all meal kits is $7.99 per order!

The Quality of the Ingredients

Some meal kit services use only 100% organic, Non-GMO food. These two aren’t between those companies, even though they give fresh and delicious ingredients! Their policy is similar – suppliers are local farmers and ranchers. Gobble doesn’t provide much information about sourcing, but Hello Fresh is transparent about not being certified organic handler! Nice done being completely transparent, Hello Fresh!

Nutritional Value

Hello Fresh meals are balanced in calories, saturated fats, and carbohydrates and contain about 2,000-3,000kJs per serving. All information are available on recipe cards or website! Gobble meals are also highly-nutritive and between 700-900 per portion. Hello Fresh is more open towards a healthy lifestyle, so in this category, they’re our winners!

Recipe Variety

Gobble saves you time from cleaning and cutting all ingredients so you can go straight to cooking part! Another fact is the lunch program – cook six meals during weekends, so you have healthy lunch-to-go for a whole week! Hello Fresh meals are labeled with a recipe level number (1, 2 or 3), so you will know in advance how much multitasking and cooking experience is necessary!

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Steaming food tray with lid

The Packaging

Box of Gobble Products

Recycling is not a question anymore, especially for companies which are delivering every day, all around the U.S! Their packaging is 100% recycle material, from the card box to the smallest plastic bags and containers!

What's inside Hello Fresh box?

Hello Fresh has a recycling page on their website where you can look for short tutorials on how to fold and dispose of materials! Food comes fresh and intact inside the box covered with ice/gel packs and insulation!

Customer Support & Service


  • Switching plans – Switch to another Meal Plan or mix meals between Plans!
  • Cancellation – Cancellation is also free-of-charge!
  • Refunds – Gobble’s refund policy is to contact the customer support team via phone/email within a week after delivery day!
  • Gift – Minimum amount of credit on a Gift card is $75; Gift card is non-refundable!
  • Free Trial – Sign up and get 30% off your first order plus free shipping for that whole week!
  • Customizable –  If you are for keto, paleo or other diet meal, customize recipes easy on your account!

Gobble is open to all kinds of customization demands, switching between different meal plans and pausing or canceling an order. Company policy is to do it by 11:59 pm on Wednesday for your next week delivery!

Hello Fresh

  • Switching plans – All changes on the account must be done by 12 pm EST 9 days prior to your next delivery date!
  • Cancellation – Customer is allowed to pause, skip a delivery, or even cancel it free of charge!
  • Refunds – It takes 3-5 business days for a company to process and refund the money fully!
  • Gift – Give a loving gift of Food or Wine Hello Fresh box!
  • Free Trial – Discounts and promo codes customer can redeem during the checkout process; it applies to new members or reactivated accounts. Hello Fresh gives a special discount for U.S. college students!
  • Customizable – All meal recipes are customizable!

Choose one of four meal box options (Classic, Veggie, Family or Low-Calorie) or send a box of fantastic wines! When ordering wine box, an adult with an ID (21 years or older) needs to sign for the delivery!

Our Verdict

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Let us sum things up a little bit for you! Hello Fresh is more popular because of many reasons, and we will highlight only a few. First, their meal recipes are world-inspired but still perfectly adjusted to the market. Then, there’s pricing, which is pretty much affordable. One more thing is ingredients sourcing – not only organic but still tastes better than from the supermarket! Our winner for today is Hello Fresh!