Our Honest Green Chef Review for 2022

What features should one meal kit delivery service have? Many customers say it’s all about the taste to them, while others think more profound – quality and freshness of delivered ingredients, dietary menus and nutritional balance in each portion!

Green Chef is one of few USDA certified meal kit delivery services on the market and is also a certified gluten-free company. What differs their team from any other are fantastic dietary menus made from premium, organic ingredients.

So, Green Chefs offers both of these features for a very reasonable, budget-friendly price! On top of that, all recipes are friendly for those without any culinary experience and families with kids. Check out our Green Chef Review to find more information!

What is Green Chef?

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service established in 2014. Company is promoting health through proper and balanced nutrition plans. Most of these meal kit services are aiming to help individuals who are struggling to keep up with their busy daily schedules and eat healthily.

Green Chef is certified organic meal kit service (top picks) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Shipping nationwide, Green Chef makes home-cook dinners possible and completely stress-free! It doesn’t have to be a choice between work and health – with meal kits you can have both.

How Green Chef Works

Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that requires an active account before making any orders. The second step is choosing between 2-Person and Family Plan – an easy thing to do when you are familiar with the number of portions you need! Weekly recipes with detailed information on ingredients and cooking process are available on Site. Now, it’s only left to manage delivery schedule and payment!

After meal box is at your possession, unpack it and put ingredients in the fridge. Use them properly by instructions given on the recipe card, and in about 30 minutes or less, you will be enjoying healthy dinner with your loved ones! Don’t forget to pause or reschedule next week delivery, or it will automatically be delivered to you!
Chopping board with raw meat beside the photo of one recipe

Features of Green Chef

Flexible Subscription

Commitment to only one specific plan is required, but it doesn’t mean you cannot try out different recipes each week – easily edit your preferences on the account and choose another meal plan. Contact customer service support via email or phone if you have any questions!

However, there’s a weekly deadline for any change you prefer to make. With Green Chef, it needs to be done seven days before delivery at 11:59 pm ET.

Organic Ingredients

Green Chef is proudly the first USDA-certified organic meal kit service! Their tradition is the same for years now, but the knowledge and practice are on a much higher level! Team of dietitians and experienced chefs know the difference in taste and quality between organic and other foods.

That’s why Green Chef put a lot of effort into their partnerships with local and trusting farms, ranches and dairies! The company also supports sustainable, organic farming for soil and water conservation.

Low Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is bad for healthy heart function, and for health in general! Green Chef tends to include more vegetables (fiber and vitamins) into recipes than fatty meat! Fish and poultry are lean meats – very low in saturated fat.

Green Chef recipes are, in most cases, based on these proteins, which makes them low in saturated fat!

Easy to Make Recipes

Green Chef recipes are time-saving and easy to make!Estimated time for preparation can be found on the recipe card and it’s around 30 minutes!

Meals are crafted for customers with basic kitchen techniques, tools and other equipment. Furthermore, all ingredients are packed and already pre-measured, except some pantry items like salt, pepper and oil. Many family recipes allow your kids to help in the cooking process!
Bowl of meat with some veggies at the center of fork beside a knife and iced glass of water

Offers Specific Diet Plans

Green Chef is perfect for customers with specific dietary preferences. Family plan includes Omnivore and Carnivore meals. 2-Person plans are focused on Paleo, Keto, Balanced-living and Plant-powered recipes! Customer support service is open to all questions and demands on meal customization.

Ingredients are being processed and packed in the same facility, meaning contact with major allergens is inevitable. Customers with severe food allergies should contact customer support for more details before making any orders!

Comes With Recipe Cards

Even though experienced chefs make recipe cards, they also test them on people without any cooking skills. It seems like short and precise, and step-by-step instructions seem to work correctly! Information on amounts of each ingredient is included on printed recipe card (inside of meal box) and online in case you prefer to make the same meal again on your own.

Chef-curated blends and sauces are unique, meaning they cannot share the exact recipe with customers. Instead, chefs are more than happy to recommend a substitutional product that can be bought in every store.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Green Chef is green about sourcing and delivering organic food. Being a modern company that handles organic food, Green Chef’s policy requires environment-friendly packaging and transport. Cardboard boxes, insulation, ice packs, paper bags, plastic jars and bags, egg cartons – these are made from reusable, recyclable and compostable materials!

Find the closest recycling and composting facilities near your home and help the mission of saving the environment. In rare cases, some ingredients need to be packed in non-recyclable packaging (vacuum-sealed plastic wrapping, for example).

Available Meal Plan Options

image of green chef meal plans
Keto meal plan is entirely gluten-free and low-carb, which makes it suitable for customers on the weight-loss program. Paleo is another gluten-free meal plan. However, unlike keto, paleo plan is free from dairy, soy and grain, as well! Balanced-living meal plan is full of delicious recipes for vegetarians, meat and seafood lovers. Green Chef’s open towards nourishing power of plants – Plant-powered meal plan is convenient for vegetarians and vegans.

Family recipes are designed for kids to like them, and to provide the balance in protein, fiber and vitamins! Veggie, seafood and meat options are part of Omnivore, and Carnivore Family plans.

Pros and Cons of Green Chef

Green Chef has its advantages and shortcomings, like any other meal kit service. We are giving you insight into a shortlist of most important ones, which leaves the decision whether disadvantages are non-essential, only to you!


It’s simple - customers love that entire process of ordering, preparing food and reordering more meal kits for the next week goes smoothly with Green Chef!
Stress-free cooking - with Green Chef’s step-by-step instructions customers improve cooking skills the easy and fun way.
Dietary recipes - suit people on a strict nutrition plan, especially those with gluten intolerance due to fantastic offers on Keto and Paleo menus.
Levels of saturated fats - Green Chef is conscious about nutrient’s level in each recipe! Customers love how low levels of saturated fats are found in Green Chef’s meals.


No “mix and match” with Green Chef - with Green Chef it’s effortless to make an account and commit to a specific meal plan, but not so much to order from a different one. It can be frustrating and annoying to edit account every time you wish for a recipe from a different meal plan!

Shipping fee - Green Chef’s policy is to charge customers for every delivered box.

Who Should Subscribe To Green Chef?

People Who Have Dietary Needs

People with specialized nutrition plans should subscribe to Green Chef! Committing to one meal plan, compatible with your health requirements, is simple and only possible (remember – no mix and match)!

2-Person meal plans are tailored to be low-carb, gluten-free (check our top meal kits), dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free, vegan, or vegetarian! Detailed information on ingredients and their amount in each meal is available on Green Chef Site but also on printed recipe card inside your meal kit box!

Busy People

Green Chef is one great, big relief to everyone working and fighting hard to stay healthy! Delivery doesn’t require a signature, and it can also be diverted to your office address. Food is carefully packed and thermo-isolated, so it stays fresh and cold in a box until you come home! Unpack it, start cooking and in 30 minutes a home-cooked dinner is on your table.

Eco-friendly People

Suggested by the name, Green Chef is entirely focused towards saving the planet! They produce natural and organic food while reinvesting in the environment. People who are aware of the contribution meal kit services like Green Chef have on our planet, should most definitely support them by subscribing and sending a clear message!

People Who Want Healthy Meals

With Green Chef’s premium ingredients, you cannot expect less than a yummy meal high in proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber! Dinner is healthy as much as the elements to start with.

All of Green Chef recipes are low in saturated fat and nutritionally balanced. Chef’s authentic spice blends and sauces are also 100% natural, made from organic herbs.

Check out more healthy meal kit deliveries on the market!

Who Should Not Subscribe to Green Chef?

Budget-Conscious Eaters

Putting a price on your health is a very ungrateful thing to do. With such high competition on the U.S. market for meal delivery services, there’s something for everyone – even for customers looking for cheap meal kits!

Green Chef is USDA approved company, and it cannot be cheap for apparent reasons! In comparison to other organic meal kit services, we can say Green Chef is affordable for the amount and quality of food you get!

If you’re searching for cheaper meal kit services check our guide!

People Who Are Satisfied With Low Quality Food

As mentioned earlier, Green Chef is an organic handler which suggests high-quality food. Furthermore, their meal plans are tailored according to special dietary needs – also indicates that knowledge and quality of service are provided.

Residents of Hawaii and Alaska

Unfortunately, Green Chef currently doesn’t deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, and some parts of Louisiana.

Green Chef Cost

Green Chef’s pricing includes the cost of food and delivery fee. Company charges for shipping and handling $7.99 per box! Prices are for one serving/portion.

A family plan gives slightly better value than other programs – $10.99 per serving! For a Keto or Paleo meal customer must pay $12.99, while Plant-powered meals (vegetarian and vegan) are available at $11.99 per serving!

The simple math of multiplying a number of portions with one specific price will do the work. Don’t forget to add the shipping fee on top!

Meal plan

Balanced Living

Price per meal

$12.99 per meal
$12.99 per meal
$11.99 per meal
$9.99 per meal
See Green Chef Plans and Pricing

How To Cancel Your Subscription

If a customer, for any reason, decides to end cooperation with Green Chef, it takes only a few clicks to get the job done! To cancel an account, first, you must sign in. Then, click your name on the top right of the page and choose “Account Info” from the drop-down menu. Next step would be to click “Cancel Subscription” button.

Give proper feedback to help them improve! Remember, after cancelling a subscription you can change your mind whenever feel like it!
image of green chef box and food

Green Chef Delivery

To change the delivery address or shipping frequency (skip from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly), click on Edit Subscription. It’s possible to pause, skip or cancel subscription free of charge. However, there’s a deadline for any changes.

Boxes are delivered Monday through Saturday, from 8 am to 9 pm. Depending on location, the customer can choose the weekday for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Chef good for diabetic people?

The diabetic-friendly menu is currently not on the list of Green Chef dietary programs! However, the company offers recipes that are low in calories or carbs, free from gluten, grain, dairy, and soy.

Green Chef team of dietitians and chefs are open to customizing any recipes. All you need to do is get in contact with your healthcare provider and ask for a confirmation!

But if you’re strictly searching for diabetic-friendly meal kit delivery check our list.

What are the menus in Green Chef?

The offer is better when ordering from 2-Person plans. At least one of these menus suits your needs, except for customers with severe allergies (due to cross-contamination in facilities). Green Chef Keto and Paleo menus are gluten-free. The plant-powered menu is free from meat – fits vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. The balanced-living plan gives the various offer of meat, seafood and veggies for everyday, healthy nutrition.

Green Chef family menu is separated into Carnivore and Omnivore plans, both designed to feed four adults!

Final Thoughts

Green Chef is made for beginners and lovers of lean, healthy and balanced meals. Customers looking for a cooking adventure, world-wide cuisines or cheap recipes shouldn’t expect much from this meal kit service because it is not that! Green Chef is simple, easy and fast to prepare, healthy and average in taste and pricing. Their shipping fee per box comes as a significant disadvantage.

Best-suiting to everyday meals at home with family, Green Chef won’t do the job of providing luxury dinner for some special occasion. Low in saturated fat but rich in fiber, minerals, proteins and vitamins, Green Chef is a step towards a healthy lifestyle!
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