Hello Fresh Calorie Smart Meals 2022

One of the many Hello Fresh recipes we tried in the past weren't designed to be healthy, but eventually, they worked out as completely balanced options. However, when this company announced they would craft some HelloFresh calorie smart meals, we knew we had to try them.

We were curious whether they would be different or taste similar to their everyday recipes. Fortunately, they kept their signature taste, which is excellent news. But, for those of you who still haven't tried this new low-calorie plan, we have decided to review a couple of their meals and here's what we thought of our order!

What's with the Hello Fresh Calorie Smart Meal Plan?

Hello Fresh low calorie meals include dishes for two and four people, with an option to order either two or five recipes per week. With a rotating menu of 20 dishes, this food company also offers at least four calorie-smart meals every week, a great option for everyone looking to limit their calorie intake.

You no longer have to stick to bland go-to low-calorie food because this service will ensure you have delicious and tasty ingredients on your plate. Their meals include less than 650 calories per serving, suitable for everyone looking to lose some stubborn pounds.

Interested in exloring further? See our full guide for low-calorie meal kits here.

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Hello Fresh Calorie Smart Menu Samples

We tried this service many times, but we never tested the hellofresh calorie smart menu. Therefore, we decided to place our first order, and our box arrived on our chosen delivery date. We got three dishes, so here are our thoughts:

1. Shrimp & Zucchini with Basil Oil over Jasmine Rice

We were pretty excited to try this dish because it offered us a rather interesting twist on a veggie we already love, zucchini. This recipe was lightweight and relatively easy to prepare. We followed step-by-step instructions, and it took us approximately 25 minutes to have this dish on our table.

Once everything was done, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavor. We loved that zucchini was raw and that it had spaghetti shape, which offered crispiness while having a citrusy flavor. It was a really nice contrast to jasmine rice and chili shrimp.

2. Grilling Cheese & Veggie Jumble

Next on our list was a Grilling Cheese & Veggie Jumble, which we couldn't wait to try, mainly because it was loaded with cheese, something you wouldn't expect for low-calorie meals to have. This meal was ready in half an hour, and the flavor didn't disappoint.

The cheese remained firm while frying it in the pan due to its high melting point. The veggies, sweet potatoes, creamy avocado, tomatoes, and herbs beautifully complemented each other. We were shocked to discover this meal only had 610 calories.

3. Apricot Ginger Chicken with Crisp Roasted Green Beans and Buttery Rice

Apricot Ginger Chicken is one of the last hello fresh diet meals we have tried, and we really had high hopes for this one. The combination of jam and ginger sounded really interesting.

This recipes was effortless to prepare, and we had dinner on our table in half an hour. The chicken was tender and juicy, while veggies were perfectly roasted with the right amount of smokiness. Ginger and apricot sauces on top was a perfect choice.

Benefits of Hello Fresh Calorie Smart Meal Plan

Helps with Weight Loss

Are Hello Fresh meals good for weight loss? Well, that's the purpose of their smart calorie meals, to help individuals regulate their body weight. Each week they will offer you a couple of low-calorie dishes, along with dietitian-approved options.

In that case, you will never have to worry about calorie intake since you will receive meals that will meet your dietary preferences.

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There is no fuss, meal planning, or grocery shopping. This food company eliminates all those things, and you are only left to enjoy delicious recipes. When your box arrives, you will notice that most of the hard work has already been done.

All you need to do is follow the instructions you get on a card and whip up a super easy meal, which takes no more than 30 minutes.

Wide Meal Choices

You get to try a variety of meals. Basically, they offer a lot of dishes per week, while every recipe is chef-designed, featuring plenty of fresh ingredients.

Apart from calorie smart meals, customers get to experience other diets, like family and kid-friendly, pescatarian, vegetarian, low carb, and many more. Every week you have something new to try, and that's the beauty of this meal delivery service.


They are one of those companies that pay attention and wants to reduce the stress we place in our environment. This food delivery service uses recyclable boxes, while ingredients are perfectly proportioned to reduce food waste.

When it comes to their suppliers, they are industry leaders concerning herding and farming practices, ensuring their customers receive premium quality ingredients.


This food company offers high-quality, farm-sourced, fresh, and seasonal produce while mostly focusing on food that looks and tastes great.

They work with trusted partners to provide farm-sourced seasonal fruits, veggies, and proteins. These ingredients are delivered at the peak of their freshness. Therefore, you can enjoy eating smart, home-cooked meals at an affordable price.

Flexible Plans

We believe that having an opportunity to go between plans is crucial when deciding on one meal delivery service. Hello Fresh allows you to skip, pause, or even change your meal plan. But you do have to notify them one week before you make any changes.

Other Low-Calorie Hello Fresh Meals Recommendation

  • Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce, Coupled with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes – 600 calories per serving
  • Kale Chicken Caesar with Parmesan, Croutons, and Parmesan– 520 calories per serving
  • Tuscan Chicken and Bacon loaded Ravioli with Tomato and a Pear Parmesan Cream Sauce – 560 calories per serving
  • Delicious Ginger Shrimp with Katsu Sauce with Roasted Green Beans and Scallion Rice – 600 calories per serving
  • Chermoula Spiced Roasted Veggies with Chickpea Couscous Bowl – 460 calories per serving

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Hello Fresh calorie smart meals?

Hello Fresh offers plenty of meal options packed with fresh and high-quality ingredients, and their dishes start at $ 7.99, which is a pretty reasonable price for the quality you receive. The total amount will depend on the number of meals you order.

Is it healthy?

This food company prepares meals with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Basically, you get to order high-quality, low calorie meal kits with no more than 650 calories per serving. In that case, you can plan your weight loss journey. Additionally, you will receive hello fresh calories on card to know what you are dealing with.


So, final thoughts, should you try Hello Fresh calorie smart meals? We believe you should go for it, for many reasons!

First of all, they make your work in the kitchen appear less demanding. You can prepare meals in half an hour, and there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, pick low carb or low-calorie meals or choose smart calorie dishes to manage your weight loss.

Every recipe we tried was tasty and super easy to cook. We found that healthy eating doesn't have to be too challenging. And, we can't wait for our next box to arrive.

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