Hello Fresh Oven Ready Meals Review for 2022

As life gets busier, many of us find it hard to keep up with all the things that come our way. Ever since Covid hit us hard, people have changed their working habits. While we get to spend some time at home, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have it in our schedule to prepare meals or go grocery shopping. 

Therefore, several meal kit services came up with an idea to offer an oven-ready recipe, among them HelloFresh. In this post we will review HelloFresh oven ready meals and tell you whether they are worthy of your time and money.

Does HelloFresh Offer Oven Ready Meals?

This is an old-time favorite, offering not only affordable meal options but delicious and fresh ingredients. While they do provide occasional oven-ready meals, they are primarily focused on meal kits. 

Sun Basket or Home Chef is your go-to solution if you need a more permanent option. Now, when it comes to HelloFresh, all recipes come with nutritional information and a list of ingredients, so you can keep a close eye on your calorie intake. 

Their over-ready dishes have an amazing flavor and are quick and easy to make. You will receive a recipe card as well; just make sure to follow the instructions provided.

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Hello Fresh Oven-Ready Meals Sample Menu

At the moment, HelloFresh oven ready meals menu contains only a couple of recipes, including:

  • Oven-Ready Chicken & Gnocchi
  • Oven-Ready Enchilada Chicken
  • HelloFresh oven-baked parmesan chicken

Each of these are packed with healthy and delicious ingredients that take no more than half an hour to get ready. On their website, you will find detailed cooking instructions along with the utensils you need to fix your dish.

Benefits of Ordering Oven Ready Meals in Hello Fresh

Calorie and Portion Controlled

Finally, you don’t have to worry about calorie intake and overeating. Customers receive pre-portioned and measured ingredients. If you monitor your diet, you can easily calculate your daily caloric intake since the company provides detailed nutritional information for each recipe.

Need more info? Check our in-depth HelloFresh calorie smart meal plan review.


Their oven-ready meals are quick and easy to prepare. They come with instructions, while ingredients are already selected and measured for you. We all know how much time takes to prepare a good meal; however, they have recipes which reduce prepping time significantly. 

Considering everything is placed in aluminum containers, you just need to put it into the oven and have your lunch or dinner ready in minutes.

Quality Ingredients

This company works really hard on providing fresh and quality ingredients and they get their meat cuts from trusted suppliers that follow USDA guidelines and food safety protocols. While they don’t feature entirely organic fruits and veggies, some of their kits contain organic produce.

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In terms of price, this is one of the affordable meal kit services available on the market, and ordering their meal won’t break your bank account. You can adjust the number of orders according to your liking. The average price per meal is around $9.


You can prepare a great meal at home without looking for recipes online, second-guessing your cooking skills, or grocery shopping. HelloFresh oven meals feature the right amount of seasonings, along with sauces that boost the meal’s flavor, providing a rich and delicious taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze HelloFresh oven ready meals?

Of course! You can freeze their dishes for up to two months in order to prolong their shelf life. If your dishes contain proteins, make sure to put them in air-tight containers. Premade recipes should be frozen within four days before the expiry date. If your meal has a lot of water, avoid freezing it. 

By following safety instructions, you ensure your food remains fresh and flavorful for a long time.

Can you use a microwave for HelloFresh oven ready meals?

Absolutely! These fully-cooked dishes need only three minutes in a microwave. You can heat them in the oven if you don’t own a microwave. When you are feeling extra busy or don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, these hello fresh microwave meals are a lifesaver.

Is it expensive?

No, because this company has thought of everything. They offer affordable meal plans, and besides having cheap meal kits and oven-ready dishes delivered to your doorstep, you can also add more meals to save extra cash. 

Did you know that HelloFresh has some kits starting at $3.99, so you can hardly go cheaper than this? We even went one step further and compared grocery shopping to HelloFresh kits. Guess what? You can save 30% on groceries when ordering food from this company.


HelloFresh oven-ready meals are a great option for all people who are busy and don’t have time for meal prepping. They provide an excellent blend of ingredients and delicious flavor. Unfortunately, these over-ready kits aren’t offered weekly; therefore, they won’t be something you can rely on for a steady supply of weekly meals.

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