Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Review for 2022

Are you one of those people who don’t have the time nor the will to deal with grocery shopping? Or maybe your cooking skills are seriously lacking, while ramen noodles and take out just don’t cut it anymore?

Well, now might be the time to think about some healthy food choices while you are trying to channel your inner chef. What if we told you that you could prepare dinner under 40 minutes, without going to the store, finding the recipes, or discovering the right set of ingredients.

In fact, we will dedicate this article to Hello Fresh review, which is an online-based meal kit delivery company, designed to deliver pre-measured, fresh ingredients to your doorstep and help you create magic in the kitchen.

Keep reading to discover what special features this company has to offer!

What is HelloFresh?

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This is a meal kit delivery that ships pre-measured ingredients directly to your doorstep, enabling you to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your family. If you are one of those millennials who enjoy eating frozen food, or you prefer takeout, then odds are you either lousy cook, or you simply don’t have time.

And, when it comes to time, preparing healthy meals isn’t only about allocating time to cook them. In this case, you have to plan, prepare recipes, cook, and clean afterward. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you what many people choose to eat out.

On the other hand, a meal kit delivery service such as HelloFresh does the majority of work instead of you, by offering your pre-measured ingredients, along with the recipes. Additionally, it eliminates grocery shopping, cutting, chopping, and browsing through countless web pages in search of a delicious lunch or dinner.

How HelloFresh Works

how it works hellofresh

Selecting a Box Option

This company offers four types of boxes: Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family, and Low-Calorie box. They are all designed to accommodate the dietary needs of two and four people. Once you enter your personal information, such as a delivery address, email, name, and payment details, you can pick recipes for the first week.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the content of your box, you can change your order anytime by visiting the account page. For example, the Family plan features five recipes each week, while Meat & Veggie Box contains nine recipes, some of them including meat and fish options.

The Veggie plan is specially designed for vegetarians and offers a wide selection of vegetarian recipes. On the other hand, Low-Calorie box is for individuals who are watching their calorie intake, while each meal is around 650 calories.

By clicking on each recipe, you will notice a detailed description, which includes nutritional description, ingredients, and allergens.

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Choosing Meals

Once you have selected your plan, as well as the day of the week you want to receive your order, you have the option to sort out kits for the upcoming week. And, to be honest, there is a lot to choose from!

A rotating menu is a great option since it allows you to experience a variety while preventing you from becoming bored with a particular type of food. In this case, you can choose meals based on your personal preference, but also your family’s taste.

With such a diverse selection of dishes, you will have a hard time deciding on recipes.

Cooking Meals

By generating three levels of recipes, ranging from least challenging to most demanding ones, HelloFresh managed to create a great alternative for all people who aren’t so skilled in the kitchen.

  • Entry – these types of meals are straightforward and familiar. Basically, you will need maybe two pans and post, and you aren’t required to have any cooking experience.
  • Medium – with this type, you will need to engage a bit more, since the recipes are slightly more demanding than previous ones. But, once you master entry-level, you can head to this one.
  • Pro – in this case, you get to test your culinary skills with more adventurous ingredients.

Subscription Options


When it comes to the Classic plan, it provides a variety of meat and fish entrees for two people, but you can increase the number of servings according to your needs. Additionally, this plan allows you to pre-select dishes for the upcoming week, through your online account, and always have a new meal on your table.

On the other hand, if you like surprises, then HelloFresh will choose the weekly recipes for you. This meal plan is also suitable for one person, so if you want to know more check our guide for best meal kits for singles.


The Veggie plan offers individuals an opportunity to get creative and try well-balanced vegetarian meals. In this case, you get to enjoy delicious food, along with healthy and fresh seasonal produce. If you are a vegetarian and don’t have time to cook, then the Veggie plan will save you a lot of time and money.

In this case, you don’t have to think about the particular type of ingredients, seasoning, and recipes. Choose the meals they are currently offering, receive a box with fresh produce, and start cooking.


This option helps you choose healthy and well-balanced meals, featuring meat and fish. Considering it’s specifically designed for families and young kids, the dishes are highly nutritious, flavorful, and wholesome. You can pick additional ingredients to make your meals interesting.

But, overall, the Family plan aims to please everyone, you won’t have a hard time choosing your dinner or lunch.

HelloFresh Features

image of Hello fresh meal plans

There are Low-Calorie Meals

Whether you are on a restrictive diet, or you pay attention to your calorie intake, this meal plan might be a suitable choice. Here you can pick various meals, each of them counting approximately 650 calories. For more options you can our top meal kits with low-calorie meal plans.

However, lack of calories doesn’t mean dishes are skimping on essential nutrients. In fact, this service has managed to find a perfect balance between the number of calories as well as healthy food options.

Vegetarian Meals Are Available

Nowadays, not many meal kit companies offer vegetarian meals, but HelloFresh managed to exceed our expectations. You get to choose up to five recipes per week, featuring plenty of variety to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Additionally, easy-to-follow recipes will mostly help inexperienced cooks to prepare delicious food.

On the other hand, you will be glad to know that the Veggie kit is children-approved, so your kids can enjoy healthy and nutritious meals. Therefore, forget grocery shopping and late-night meal planning because this plan has everything you need.


Finding a family-friendly meal kit delivery service these days comes as a challenging task, especially if you are concerned about the food your kids are eating. However, HelloFresh has managed to bypass these issues by offering meals that are suitable for adults, as well as children at the same time.

In this case, you don’t have to order two separate kits to enjoy delicious dinner because only one box will satisfy the dietary needs of your loved ones. Moreover, this plan includes four servings per meal, which will be more than enough for an average family.

Wide Meal Variety

In terms of variety, HelloFresh provides plenty of dishes to choose from, along with the incredible taste and quality. The rotating menu is an excellent addition to the existing features since you can pre-select food for the upcoming week.

The service provides a couple of subscription plans, different meal options, as well as three levels of recipes. Therefore, even the pickiest eaters can find their match. However, some kits may depend on the season of the year, since HelloFresh tend to provide fresh produce, so you can’t expect to eat green lettuce in the middle of the winter.

Easy to Make Meals

Any meal kit delivery service should be all about convenience, and HelloFresh is no exception. With that being said, you will take no more than 40 minutes to prepare dinner. Additionally, each kit includes recipe cards, easy-to-follow instructions, and pre-measured ingredients.

Therefore, you don’t have to plan your weekly menu, or waste time on grocery shopping, when you can have everything delivered to your doorstep. This service provides three different meal categories, suitable for beginners, more experienced cooks, and professional. In this case, you can select a group of recipes based on your culinary skills.
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Is HelloFresh Worth It?


Easy-to-follow instructions – this food company enables you to cook simple and delicious recipes, even if you don’t have kitchen experience.
Pays attention to dietary restrictions – you can choose to leave out some of the ingredients or go for a low-carb or vegan meal.
Plenty of food options – with the rotating menu, you are bound to find something according to your needs. Each meal features a photo to help you imagine what the dish looks like.


No discount for family orders – HelloFresh charges per portion, so you can’t experience a discount usually applied to large bathes.
Some preparation needed – you still have to chop vegetables, while some recipes require a bit of work.

Minimum order – if you are living alone, then you can’t order one meal since two servings per meal is a minimum.

Who Should Subscribe in HelloFresh?

  • Individuals who lack culinary skills – if you have finally decided to improve your cooking skills, then you can try one of the many recipes that are easy and doable. 
  • You don’t have much time – planning for meals, grocery shopping, cutting, and chopping can be a tedious and time-consuming experience. Therefore, HelloFresh can save you a lot of time by delivering everything you need to your doorstep.
  • People looking for convenient ways to prepare food – in this case, you get pre-measured ingredients, along with the instruction and recipe card to your home address.
  • Vegetarians – here you will find a lot of options for vegetarians.
  • People who know how to cook, but still want to improve their skills – with more complicated recipes, you can quickly improve your skills and become a pro.


Who Should Not Subscribe in HelloFresh?

  • Professional cooks – the recipes you find here might be too simple for your level of skills.
  • People who are really short on time – you will need at least 40 minutes to prepare a dish.
  • Vegans – there is no option for vegans, vegetarian only.
  • Individuals or families who want organic ingredients – the majority of the ingredients aren’t organic.

Hello Fresh Cost and Pricing

It all depends on the plan and the number of meals you choose. However, here is a total breakdown of the costs:

Number of people


Number of kits


Price per serving


HelloFresh Customer Service

Whether you are missing some of the ingredients or you have experienced particular issues with your box, you can contact their customer’s support via phone or email. Based on the customer’s feedback, they are quite responsive and will solve your problem almost immediately.

Additionally, HelloFresh representatives are customer-oriented and very welcoming, which is quite refreshing for one meal kit delivery service. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone waiting for someone to pick up.

How to Cancel HelloFresh Subscription?

HelloFresh executes two types of cancellation policies:

Skip week – in this case, you may select the day of the week you wish to skip while your order will be resumed in the following week.

Cancel altogether – if you prefer to cancel your account, head to your account, click on the “Account Settings,” and under “Status Section” you will see an option for “Cancel Plan”. Follow the brief instructions and wait for confirmation that your account has been terminated.

However, for your changes to be eligible, make sure to skip/cancel by 11:59 P.M. PST, five days before your scheduled delivery. If you fail to miss this date, you will be fully charged for the content of the box.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, people are under a lot of stress, and they simply don’t have the time nor the will to plan and prepare recipes every day. Therefore, if you don’t want to live off frozen food and takeout, then HelloFresh might be a great way to have a fresh and healthy meal every night on your table.

This food company can also engage your entire family and teach your kids how to cook since recipe cards are colorful and easy to follow. We hope our review will help you make up your mind, especially if you want to experience the best of two worlds, convenience, as well as healthy and delicious meals.
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