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Everybody who has ever heard of the term “meal delivery service” has probably also heard for Hello Fresh. Based in Berlin, Germany, this company is the second-largest meal-kit provider in the US (after Blue Apron). The fact that it also has operations in Australia and Canada makes it one of the biggest international meal-kit companies in the world.

The idea behind the creation of this company started growing when two good friends from Germany realized that lots of people simply don’t have enough time to prepare and enjoy the truly good food – getting handpicked ingredients became a luxury for the people living in urban communities.

For that matter, Hello Fresh provides individuals and families with a chance to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals without the hassle of planning and shopping. They deliver everything you need right to your door – all you have to do is to cook the ingredients and enjoy an amazing meal.

We were quite surprised to hear that the Hello Fresh decided to launch a wine plan, too – their Hello Fresh program is there to provide subscribers with monthly wine subscriptions, together with character profiles, tasting notes, and pairing suggestions. How does it work? Is it worth the extra money? In the following paragraphs, we’ll try to find answers to these questions – join us and find out everything about the company’s all-new wine delivery service.

Working Of Wine Plan

How it works page of Hello Fresh Website

The “Wine” section of the Hello Fresh’s website shows a pretty good explanation of how the whole system works. Upon signing up to a plan, the user is asked to select whether he wants to receive white wines, red wines, or a combination of both. Each month will cost you $89 (fortunately, the price includes shipping fees) and each box comes stocked with 6 bottles of wine.

In case the user is not particularly happy with the wines he has received, he has two choices: give them to someone as a gift or simply return the whole package with unopened bottles, which leads to a full refund.

What it Looks Like?

To find out everything about Hello Fresh’s wine delivery service, we’ve decided to subscribe to it. We used the standalone wine delivery subscription, but it’s important to note that the service can be used in combination with your already-existing Hello Fresh meal kit subscription. The fact that the monthly box of wines costs $89 brings us to a conclusion that each bottle costs $15, which is quite impressive. We have selected a mixed plan and received the box the following day.

Just like we expected, the box was packed very carefully, so that the bottles don’t break during the shipping process. The box itself is quite similar to those used for Hello Fresh meal delivery – they’re made of thick cardboard and feature some interesting logos and mottos.

Online wine shop

One thing we particularly liked is that the box comes with a small, folded booklet – it contains the necessary info as well as some tips about the ordered wines. The basic wine tasting tips are presented in a very creative way, showing us that the company puts the concept of pairing as the central idea of the whole program – the box of wines is an ideal complement to their meal kit packages. Each recipe in the company’s meal delivery service comes with a suggested wine pairing. The back of the booklet, on the other hand, contains some info about the company’s Wine Club and what one can expect from it.

​Our box contained the following six wines – 2015 Barquette Chardonnay Monterey County, 2016 Apercu Merlot, 2016 Remarquable  Lirac Rogue, 2016 Le Ruse Renard Cabernet Franc, 2016 Coeur White Blend, and 2017 Querencia  Red Blend. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

The Wines We Got

Apercu Merlot

Apercu Merlot is a fruity red wine that features a pretty interesting mix of flavors – bing cherry, black fruit, blackberry, and plum. This enticing aroma makes it suitable for special meals, such as marinated steaks.

Remarquable Lirac Rogue

Just like the Apercu Merlot, this wine also boasts a fruity flavor (blackberries, plum, cherry etc). One interesting thing about it is that its front label is almost completely blank, allowing the customer to write a personal note if he wants to give it away as a gift. Hello Fresh says that Remarquable Lirac Rogue is best when combined with grilled lamb.

Le Ruse Renard Cabernet Franc

This wine, on the other hand, features a peppery taste, with noticeable flavors of graphite, herbs, plum, and red currant. Its taste is rather earthier than fruity, but with a small addition of bitterness. The booklet says that it should be paired with red meat and lamb.

Different drinks to pair your meals

Querencia Red Blend

In Spanish, Querencia marks an area where a fighting bull prepares for the upcoming battle. It’s an ideal name for this wine, as it is a perfect starter for a tasty meal. Its flavors include dark cherries, plums, as well as blackberries, and it’s a perfect choice for grilled and marinated red meats.

Coeur White Blend

This wine’s name (Coeur Sauvage) means “wild heart” in French, and it suits it well – it has a very crisp and dry finish, with a taste that combines lemons, white grapefruit, and lemongrass. To make the most out of it, one should pair it with goat cheese, vegetables, and fresh seafood.

Barquette Chardonnay Monterey County

This Chardonnay wine features a mixture of flavors from pear and citrus fruits, with a little touch of almond and toasted oak. The texture is full, the acidity is just right, and Hello Fresh says that it’s best when paired with chicken, lobster, and fish dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the delivery address and date be changed?

Yes, they can be changed. A subscriber is able to change his delivery address or date, and even to skip a monthly delivery. However, the changes need to be made by 12 pm EST seven days before the next delivery.

Is signing necessary?

It is. An adult of at least 21 years of age has to be present for the delivery, in order to show the ID and sign the papers. Hello Fresh makes things easier by allowing one to have the wine shipped to a business address.

Which wine fits you?

Can the plan be canceled?

Yes, it can be canceled. A subscriber can easily cancel the plan through the website or the app. If he does so by 12 pm EST seven days before the delivery, he will not be charged. Canceling after the cutoff date causes the order to get processed and sent to the subscriber.

Can a box of wine be returned?

Yes, it can. The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and provides a phone number where a customer care team can help a subscriber with the return.


As far as we’re concerned, Wine Plan by Hello Fresh is a very good subscription for people who’d like to try new and different wines. As we said, it can be used standalone and in combination with the company’s meal delivery service and allows one to have a taste of quality wines for just $15 per bottle. The fact that the box with unopened wines can be returned for a full refund is yet another good thing about it.

In case you’re interested in trying new wines at a reasonable price but without having to go and purchase them yourself, giving the Wine Plan by Hello Fresh is a very good idea. We recommend it!
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