HMR vs. Medifast - Is There a Winner?

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HMR is a weight-loss meal delivery service providing a combination of shakes, entrees, snacks, and soups to help customers achieve their ideal weight in a safe way. Their plans are designed by clinical experts and psychologists, teaching people to build healthy and sustainable eating habits. 

  • Delivery Area: 50 States
  • Average Price: $2.64 Per Serving
  • Shipping Cost: $0 (for orders over $225)
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Medifast is weight-loss meal delivery service, clinically proven and recommended by more than 20.000 doctors since 1980 when it was established. After years of practice and many satisfied customers, they formed several super-healthy plans for losing weight, but also a psychological support service after going through all those changes!

  • Delivery Area: 50 States
  • Average Price: $14.25 per day
  • Shipping Cost: $0 (for orders over $250)

Meal Options



Plan & Pricing


  • Healthy Shakes $2.36 / serving

    3 servings per day; 2-week kit price: $99*

  • Healthy Solutions $2.64 / serving

    4 servings per day; 2-week kit price: $185

  • In-Clinic Healthy Solutions

    price dependent on where you live

*With the registration to auto-delivery. $123.50 for a once-off order.


  • Medifast GO Plan $341 / 30-Day Kits

    Meals Per Day: 6

  • Medifast ACHIEVE Plan $323-$399 / 30-Day Kits

    Meals Per Day: 7

  • Medifast THRIVE Plan $312.90 / 30-Day Kits

    Meals Per Day: 7




Popular Meals

Cheese and Basil Ravioli in Tomato Sauce by HMR


  • Cheese and Basil Ravioli in Tomato Sauce
  • Beef Stroganoff with Noodles
  • Chicken with Barbecue Sauce and Rice and Beans
Chicken Cacciatore by Medifast


  • Peanut Butter Crunch Bar
  • Chicken Cacciatore
  • Dutch Chocolate Shake
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Both HMR and Medifast provide options for vegetarians. Medifast offers guides to help customers with diabetes type 1 and 2 (top meal delivery picks here), allergy to gluten, nursing moms, and seniors. HMR has a lot on offer for allergy sufferers, and all their products are marked clearly, making it easy to identify what foods you can eat. Medifast Plans feature 4-5 meals, one Lean and Green meal, and one snack on the daily menu. Thrive Plan gives you shakes, smoothies, bars, and prep meals. On the whole, Medifast seems to go the extra mile here.

HMR provides plans based on support required, as opposed to many services which base ideas on product selection, number of meals, etc. Two of the plans can be followed safely at home – the Healthy Solutions at the Home plan and the Healthy Shakes plan. The In-Clinic Healthy Solutions plan requires medical supervision and offers support groups too. This plan’s price depends on your location.

Medifast features three different Plans, depending on which level of weight-loss are you on. So, Medifast GO is for customers interested in a fast and effective way; Medifast ACHIEVE is for those who prefer steady and graduate weight loss. Both of them are safe and doctor-approved! The third Plan called THRIVE is the one helping to maintain perfect weight and healthy lifestyle! On their website you can do a short questionnaire to check which Plan is ideal for your weight and health!

The Quality of the Ingredients

HMR try to use mostly good, healthy ingredients but their food does contain artificial flavors and colors. Medifast doesn’t have any information about the quality of their ingredients, and yet they’re trying to sell healthy lifestyle idea!

Nutritional Value

Naturally, both companies are talking a lot about the nutritional value of their meals and healthy snacks due to the idea of weight-loss. With HMR, your daily calorie intake depends on the plan chosen. While the In-Clinic Plan allows for 500-800 calories per day, this is only because it comes with regular medical supervision to make sure you stay safe while dieting. Their home plans allow up to 1400 calories per day, with their shakes and meals containing 120-280 calories. Medifast gives a variety of 65 diet meals, and all are low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein, high-minerals, etc. Lean and Green Meal is mandatory meal each day but it can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or separated in two meals! Even their snacks and treats are healthy but still crunchy, sweet, and tasty! In this category, we pick them both!

Recipe Variety

HMR is planned in such a way that allows customers to combine their own ideas with pre-made products. Both services, within their menu, offer some tantalizing choices from popular world cuisines, including Mexican and Italian. This category comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a little more freedom, as we do, your choice must be HMR.

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The Packaging

image of HMR Sample package

HMR and Medifast both deliver to all 50 states and allow customers to make changes to their orders by a certain time.

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While HMR offers free delivery on offers above $225, Medifast charges for shipping under $250, making HMR the winner.

Customer Support & Service


  • Switching plans – Can be done within the company working hours at any time.
  • Cancellation – Possible at any time during the company working hours by contacting the customer support team.
  • Refunds – If the products are returned within 60 days of the date of purchase, a full refund (shipping costs excluded) is offered.
  • Gift – Some plans come with an HMR cookbook and support guide.
  • Free Trial – HMR does not provide a free trial.
  • Customizable – Fully customizable since the customer gets to choose which products they want in their plan.

With HMR, customers can register to auto-delivery and get a 10% discount and free shipping on regular deliveries. However, there is also the option of once-off shipments. If you want to cancel or change an order, this can be done at any time by contacting customer support within company working hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST.


  • Switching plans – It’s possible and easy to do by phone or on the website.
  • Cancellation – Contact customer support and cancel!
  • Refunds – Not a 100% satisfied? You can return products within 30 days of delivery date and wait two more days for the company to process request.
  • Gift – Usually, with your monthly kit order, you get gifts from the company!
  • Free Trial – Discount for Medifast members, no free trial!
  • Customizable –  Company is open to customizations of any kind!

Changes can be made via phone or online account by 6 pm EST the day before your order processing date. As a Medifast Advantage member, you get free shipping over $250 and discounts up to 10% per order. Due to many different nutritional requests and diets, Medifast is open to make customization of meals and also help you with their support team!

Our Verdict

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Both of these services offer plans which combine food products with plenty of support to achieve their weight goals. However, Medifast is far more cost-effective, both in terms of products and shipping, while still providing delicious meals for their customers to enjoy while they lose weight. The overall winner today is Medifast!