Home Bistro Frozen Meals: Are They Worth Buying?

For some being a kid is the best time in one’s life, due to the reason that we are not responsible for anything, and we usually get food prepared for us by our parents. Once you grow up, you have to start doing chores, get a job and make your own food. However, what if we told you there is a way to get all kinds of food as fresh as possible with as little preparation as you can imagine delivered to your door, and no, we are not talking about ordering pizza.

When it comes to food delivery services, it’s usually the same products being delivered by different food chains which make their products a bit different than their competition, but in the end, it’s almost the same product. Take for instance Mc Donald’s and Burger King. They both have their different items on the menu, but essentially, it’s 80% the same choice no matter where you go to eat. If you want to move out of that same old routine of eating junk food all the time, then we have a special meal delivering service that can and will satisfy all your needs.

Home Bistro frozen meals are the new best way to eat fresh, healthy foods at home, with as little hassle as possible when it comes to the preparation process of cooking that food. What does ​Home ​Bistro frozen meals actually deliver you might wonder, well, they prepare all kinds of snacks, that are specially selected by their certified exclusive chef that handpicks the best and most fresh products for the meals, which are then flash frozen, and stocked for later shipping? That ensures that all the food that is being prepared down the line comes out as fresh as the day it was frozen. Believe us when we say, that the selection when it comes to different products, is more varied than what you could order in many restaurants.

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This gives them a unique opportunity to offer you every specific kind of meal that you either love eating or are limited due to specific reasons. For instance, if your doctor specifically told you that you can’t eat one type of vegetable, or that a piece of meat can’t have certain herbs on it, Home Bistro frozen meals have you covered in every possible way imaginable. All you have to do is choose the right ingredients for your needs. In our home bistro review here, you will find everything you want to know about this company and its delicious meals.


How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy and can be done with an internet connection and a credit card. The easiest way to get your daily frozen meals and groceries frozen up and delivered to you is to make a profile on their website and start adding things to your favorites list, or to the shopping cart. Once you create your list, you can just go check out and finalize the order by paying online for it.

The meals will take a few days to reach your address, depending on the location from where you are ordering, but rest assured that they will arrive you still frozen and as fresh as the day they were packed for distribution.

Types of Food They Offer

When it comes to the food type, they offer you will be amazed at their extensive list of products they have.  They have everything you can order from other services, plus a ton more that you sometimes won’t be able to find at your local restaurant. Depending on your diet, you can order things that may not be available in your local food market.

Some of the category-specific things they offer are:

  • ​Healthy for the heart food
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Gluten free
  • ​Low Carb        
  • Vegan and vegetarian foods
  • Low sodium
  • Healthy gourmet
  • ​Rich in specific vitamins or iron

The best part about their list is that everyone can create their custom combo that can be stored on their profile and ordered again without spending the time to create it every other time you want to place the same order.


Delivery of packages

Let’s start with the sad news, which is that at this moment the state of Hawaii and Alaska are not eligible for delivery. With that said, every other state in the United States is covered by home delivery, and orders will usually take anywhere from 3 business days up to six business days.​ The deliveries are dropped off even if you are not home, which means that you don’t need to be physically present to receive and sign the package, which is fantastic if you expect your order during the workday.

How fresh is the food?

As we mentioned before when we talked about food preparation, the food is picked fresh, flash frozen and packed the same day. Now while we can talk about why freezing the food is safe and healthy, we will first focus on what kind of produce is being frozen.

When it comes to meals, every piece of meat and vegetable is farm fresh. That means that the cows were raised on natural cage-free farms and that the vegetables are non-GMO and steroid free. Everything is 100% antibiotic free, and the livestock was fed with fresh vegetarian food.

The vegetables were either not sprayed with herbicides or were subjugated to naturally made pest protection chemicals. Nothing you will find on the list when you order has been altered in any way than how nature made it, which if you ask us, is amazing!

fresh food

The Price

Usually, when it comes to food, we are used to setting aside a large chunk of money as we know that fresh and natural products cost more than what we would pay compared to eating at fast food restaurants. That is not the case in-Home ​Bistro!

The best part is that the price can vary entirely on the items you select, and it’s totally under your control. You don’t have to pay 50-100 bucks if you want to have an excellent dining experience, as you don’t have to go out to the restaurant and pay for the service.

You can have the same experience at home for only a fraction of the price, and usually, the food you order from Home Bistro will be even fresher and healthier than what you would get at your local restaurants. Additionally, you don’t have to become a monthly subscriber to get the benefit of ordering the fresh food, like in other home food ordering services. When it comes to meet certain cuts can go up to $20, and single dish servings go up to $10, which in our opinion is cheap especially if you live in a huge city where the fresh food is a luxury for most.


As we are moving to a new era when it comes to healthy dining, we as a society are always looking for ways to get ourselves the best possible product for the most affordable price. With Home Bistro being a pioneer when it comes to the way food preparation and delivery can work, we think that is a bargain for every food lover out there. We would highly encourage everyone to at least give this company a try, and if you have the same dining experience as we did when we first tried it, you will instantly be hooked where you will enjoy countless lunches or dinners from Home Bistro.

Home Bistro strives to provide an exceptional dining experience for everyone and the variety when it comes to the things they offer is a big plus when it comes to ordering food to your home address.

If you are looking for a unique dining experience and a delivering food service that can surprise you every time with their service and selection, then Home Bistro should be on your radar.