Home Bistro Meal Delivery Review 2022

Home Bistro blends high-quality food with quick convenience, offering a meal delivery service that’s perfect for time-strapped gourmands who enjoy good flavors. In our review of Home Bistro, you’ll learn why this food delivery service comes out top. Keep reading to discover some of the popular menu combos, highlights and pros & cons, to help you decide if this is the meal delivery service for you!

What is Home Bistro?

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Home Bistro is a meal delivery service based in New York. Each week, it delivers pre-prepared meals straight to customers’ doors across the US, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. As each meal is readymade, customers simply need to heat them up to start eating.

Home Bistro is unique compared to other food delivery services in that it offers healthy Mediterranean-inspired meals using natural and locally-sourced ingredients. The Mediterranean diet is widely regarded as the healthiest diet around, and Home Bistro incorporates this into its ethos to deliver nutritious, wholesome and delicious meals every time.
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Home Bistro Menu

One of the best features of Home Bistro’s menu is its huge variety of meal types, more so than other meal delivery services we’ve reviewed. As well as your standard meat and vegetarian options, Home Bistro also offers diabetic-friendly meals, low-carb and low sodium dishes, and even options for cancer sufferers.

In terms of taste, Home Bistro excels in comparison to its competitors. It’s a food delivery service that prioritizes quality above all else, and it shows. Its menu includes such dishes as Chianti braised short ribs with rice or Mediterranean orange honey shrimp — sumptuous meals that rotate every week.

Every meal is made with 100% fresh, natural ingredients and high-quality meat — you won’t find any cheap cuts here. Plus, Home Bistro flash-freezes each meal to seal in freshness and flavor.

Home Bistro delivery

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All Home Bistro meals are delivered by FedEx or local couriers, straight to your door. You don’t need to be in to receive your meals, as each box is packed with insulation and dry ice to ensure your food stays cold.

Home Bistro delivers in every US state except for Hawaii and Alaska, and you will receive your meals between 1-3 days after placing your order.

Home Bistro Cost Comparison

In terms of cost, Home Bistro is somewhat expensive compared to other meal delivery services. The lowest price you’ll pay (for an individual meal) is $14.


$19.9 - 2 servings
$9.95 - per serving
$39.8 - 4 servings
$19.9 - per serving

Premium Meal

$15.98 - 2 servings
$7.99 - per serving
$39.8 - 4 servings
$19.9 - per serving


$19.9 - 2 servings
$9.95 - per serving
$39.8 - 4 servings
$19.9 - per serving

Premium Meal

$19.9 - 2 servings
$9.95 - per serving
$39.8 - 4 servings
$19.9 - per serving
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Home Bistro Packaging

Each meal you order is prepared fresh and then flash frozen. This process doesn’t allow ice crystals to form or to change the texture of the food. Therefore, to maintain an optimal temperature of the ingredients, Home Bistro ships their orders in an insulated box, so nothing will spoil before it arrives at a designated address.

Additionally, they place dry ice inside of the boxes to mimic the refrigerator effect. As soon as you receive the shipment, make sure to put food in the freezer.

Is Home Bistro Worth it?

Similar to other meal delivery services, Home Bistro offers convenience when it comes to cooking. Moreover, various dietary plants are suitable for different types of people, while their ingredients are all-natural and locally sourced. However, the price of their meal plans might put off some eaters, but if you can fit Home Bistro in your budget, then you’ll most certainly enjoy fresh ingredients and high-quality meats


Wide variety of choices, suited to a range of dietary preferences
Locally-sourced and natural ingredients
No cooking or preparation needed — simply either microwave or boil in the bag


Slightly more expensive compared to other meal delivery services.
No refund policy.

Final Thoughts

Having reviewed plenty of meal delivery sites, in our opinion Home Bistro ranks among the best when it comes to food quality. Each dish is made with good quality meat and 100% fresh ingredients, and that shines through in their flavor.

When you combine this with natural and locally-sourced ingredients, Home Bistro easily trumps in terms of taste compared to other brands.

But great-tasting dishes come at a price, and Home Bistro is comparatively more expensive than other meal delivery services. With a minimum price of $14, the costs can quickly add up. However, with Home Bistro, you pay for what you get. If you want delicious meals that are quick to prepare, then Home Bistro is for you
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