Home Bistro vs. Freshly Ultimate Comparison for 2021

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Home Bistro

Home Bistro has been in the meal delivery business since 1999, and for years there is one thing they are most proud of – education! Certified Executive Chef runs home Bistro’s kitchens. Subscription is not necessary, meaning there’s no commitment – order whenever you feel like having a healthy dish! Home Bistro meals are prepared one day before the delivery date and instantly frozen to lock all those vitamins and surprising flavours.

  • Shipping Cost: Depends on location; FedEx delivery cost
  • Average Price Per Meal: $17.49 Per Meal
  • Delivery Area: 48 States
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Freshly is a meal delivery service founded in 2012 and based in New York, NY. With delivery service shipping nationwide, it’s necessary to prepare meals on differently located kitchens – Arizona, Phoenix, and Savage, Maryland. Furthermore, Freshly prepared meals are available in Wawas throughout the Northeast, but those in-store meals aren’t free from gluten as delivered ones. If you are tired from shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning after, check out Freshly offer and order your first box!

  • Shipping Cost: All shipping charges will appear on the checkout page; it depends on the location.
  • Average Price Per Meal: $10.49 Per Meal
  • Delivery Area: 48 States

Meal Options

Home Bistro


Plan & Pricing

Home Bistro

  • Individual Meal Plan $14 to $28.99

    Serving: 1

  • Meal Combos $101.99 to $299.99

    Serving: 6-20

  • SUPERBowls $85.99 to $149.99

    Serving: 7-14


  • Four Meals Plan $11.50

    • Serving: 1 • Price Per Serving: $11.50 • Meals Per Week: 4 • Kit Prices: $45.99

  • Six Meals Plan/ Nine Meals Plan $8.99

    • Serving: 1 • Price Per Serving: $8.99 • Meals Per Week: 6, 9 • Kit Prices: $53.94 to $80.91

  • Twelve Meals Plan $7.99

    • Serving: 1 • Price Per Serving: $7.99 • Meals Per Week: 12 • Kit Prices: $95.88


Home Bistro


Popular Meals

image of Steak with Gratin

Home Bistro

  • Lemon-Caper Picatta Steak with Gratin
  • Chianti Braised Short Ribs with Rice 
  • Meditareanean Chicken with Orange Honey Sauce


  • Veggie Baked Penne with Sautéed Zucchini and Spinach
  • Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower
  • Mexican-Style Shredded Beef
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Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Not many meal delivery services have options for one-person households! Freshly’s tailored meal plans serve one person four to twelve times per week. Parents can add multiple subscriptions under their account to provide more meals! Each week 30 or more dishes are available – each week, different ones, plus one new recipe. At the moment, Freshly has no specific dietary programs (e.g. diabetic) but some recipes are free from major allergens.

Home Bistro both individual and family plan (so-called Combo plan) offer restaurant-quality dishes. Recipes from dietary menus are tailored to suit vegetarians, diabetics, gluten intolerant people, or those in favour of losing weight.

Ingredients Quality

Freshly is not a USDA certified company, but they provide organic and non-GMO vegetables whenever possible! In other cases, meals are made from natural and fresh veggies and meat, free from additives and chemicals. Chefs prepare dishes, the courier delivers them inside of a box cold but never frozen! Home Bistro is not an organic handler either! However, they guarantee local and natural veggies, and meat which is free from antibiotics, hormones and steroids.

Nutritional Value

Freshly has banned 85+ ingredients – artificial ingredients and flavours, refined sugar, chemicals, hydrogenated oils, additives, etc. Freshly meal is 13.6 ounces – portion for an adult! Recipes are a perfect balance of veggies rich in fiber, high-quality proteins and healthy fats. All Freshly dishes are free from gluten (follow for more gluten-free meal deliveries). Home Bistro gourmet dishes are designed by educated chefs and registered dietitians. Recipes from dietary menus meet the requirements of people with medical treatment, but advice from their healthcare provider is necessary by all means!

Recipe Variety

Freshly has ways to help you sort recipes by a category (e.g. soy-free, under 500 calories) and indicator tags. Also, you can classify meals according to their nutritional structure. If you are not a fan of specific ingredients or have a food allergy, easily label them and avoid getting any similar recipes on your account in future! Home Bistro menus are rich in flavours of world cuisines, especially Mediterranean ones. Each category of food (meal combos, lunch bowls, chefs choice, etc.) is easily searched and transparent on Site.

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The Packaging

image of home bistro box

Freshly box has the lowest amount of oxygen thanks to modified atmosphere packaging that slows down the growth of aerobic organisms and speed of oxidation reactions! Meals stay cold for over two days in transit with the help of gel packs (sometimes they partially melt during the transportation – no reason for worry).

freshly boxes image

The packaging is environment-friendly, almost all of the bags and boxes are recyclable – applies on both Freshly and Home Bistro! Home Bistro uses the technology of flash-freezing to prevent ice crystals from forming! Insulated box keeps it frozen during the transit. Please keep them in the freezer and microwave according to instructions.

Customer Support & Service

Home Bistro

  • Free Trial – Subscribe to get access to bonus exclusive deals and giveaways!
  • Customizable – Home Bistro’s recipes cannot be customized.
  • Switching plans – Customers can shift from individual to combo meal plan, or Superbowl lunches – there is no commitment with Home Bistro!
  • Cancellation– Cancel your order by contacting customer support service via phone or email one week ahead of the delivery date.
  • Gifts – Home Bistro Gift Certificates are great gifts for any event!
  • Refunds – Home Bistro has a strict no-refund policy due to perishable products they deliver.


  • Free Trial – Try out Freshly meals and get promotions as first-time customers! After every purchase, customers get promo codes on the checkout page.
  • Customizable – Customization of meals is not possible with Freshly at the moment!
  • Switching Plans – It is possible to change your order, but it needs to be done 5 or 6 days before next week’s delivery date! Deadline depends on your location, so make sure to find the precise one on your account.
  • Cancellation – Skip, pause, or cancel an order for free before the deadline!
  • Gifts – Freshly gift cards with some meals by your choice is a suitable present for any friend or family member in love with healthy and tasty eats!
  • Refunds – In case food came damaged/warm, please contact a Customer Care team every day from 6 am to 11 pm PST!

Become a part of the Freshly Referral program to get some coupons! By referring a friend, you get a promo code worth $40, and your friend gets $20 off their two weeks of meals.

Our Verdict

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Neither Home Bistro or Freshly are USDA certified handlers, even though they guarantee all-natural and fresh ingredients! Both meal services feature many dietary recipes, weight-loss weekly plans, and family-size meals. Home Bistro is a bit pricey, which is its significant disadvantage! To sum up, our opinion matches customer’s review – Freshly wins!