Home Bistro Review

Home Bistro is a unique meal delivery service that distinguishes itself from other meal delivery services for its “healthy gourmet” options. The service started off catering healthy, low-calorie meals for the Emmy-award winning show The Doctors, and since then, the company has taken off in popularity. Offering menu creations based on the Mediterranean diet, the meals that are available on the Home Bistro menu are easy, fast, low-calorie, and all natural.

With hundreds of healthy menu items, it’s no wonder Home Bistro has received so many rave reviews. In our Home Bistro review, we’ll discuss the highlights, some of the popular menu combos, and weigh the pros and cons to help you decide if this is the meal delivery service for you!


Meal Delivery Highlights

Home Bistro’s meal delivery service stands apart (and dare we say above?) other meal services because of one feature: microwaveable meals. But wait! Before those words send you running in the other direction, it is worth hearing the argument for their service. And once you see the delicious meals that their chefs have cooked up, you’ll probably reconsider microwaveable meals.

While microwaveable meals tend to be bland at best and unappetizing to say the least, the meals from Home Bistro are surprisingly delicious. The chefs responsible for coming up with the Home Bistro menu were initially hired to create low-calorie meals for participants on the show, The Doctors. These meals were not created by food scientists in lab coats, but by real, professional chefs.

Realizing they had a great idea—low-calorie yet tasty meals that could be easily prepared—they decided to launch a meal delivery service. And thank goodness they did! The meals are scrumptious, all-natural, and best of all, they are low-calorie without being diet food.

Perks of the Home Bistro Meals:

• Healthy gourmet

• Healthy but not diet food! 700 calories and 800 mg sodium or less in each meal

• All natural, locally sourced ingredients

• Restaurant-quality meals prepared by real chefs

• No meal plan contracts

• Fast preparation for “slow-food” Mediterranean lifestyle

• “Friendly” food options for vegetarians, paleos, diabetics, and more!

Food Fit For a Gourmand

Home Bistro markets itself as “healthy gourmet”, and that’s a pretty accurate description of their culinary style. From recognizable twists of traditional classics, like the Chianti Braised Short Ribs and Ratatouille, to multicultural affairs like the Pomegranate-Fig Pork and Lebanese Rice, their menus have enough diversity to excite any foodie.

Having a diverse spread isn’t just important for getting you excited about food—research has shown we developed to be excited by new foods; eating new foods heightens our dopamine responses. Eating a repetitive or monotonous diet is also a major reason why people fail with diets. Eating spinach salads every day can get old, really fast. The range of options—there are currently 77 entrees to choose from—on the Home Bistro menu keeps the whole fare exciting. And it helps that all the gourmet meals were created and prepared by professional chefs.


Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Home Bistro’s menus are based on the Mediterranean diet. But don’t let the word “diet” fool you—Home Bistro’s meals are not diet food! That’s probably why it works. Diets tend to be so restrictive that it’s hard to come up with imaginative meals each time. A diet that is too restrictive is another reason so many people fail to stick to their diet plans. But that’s totally understandable because anybody who has tried a diet meal plan before knows how monotonous the meals can become.

mediterranean diet

Because the Home Bistro meals are based on a Mediterranean diet, it’s easy to eat low-calorie meals while enjoying a diversity of great ingredients. Each meal is only 700 calories and 800 mg of sodium or less! Even cooking meals at home rather than going out can’t guarantee such a low-calorie diet. With Home Bistro, the work of coming up with interesting meals and counting calories is all taken care of.


The Mediterranean diet doesn’t mean that all you’ll be eating are olives, tomatoes, and mozzarellas though. Home Bistro offers a huge spread of different meals, and they have meals for every type of eater. Their meal types include:

• Healthy gourmet

• Diabetic friendly

• Vegetarian

• Gluten-free

· Low carb

• Heart friendly

• Cancer support

• Lower sodium

• Paleo

All Natural, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Another factor that makes Home Bistro a cut above the rest is that their ingredients are all natural and locally sourced. Most meal delivery services might be able to boast these types of ingredients, but they also require you to go through the hassle of preparing meals based on those ingredients. On the flip side, there are the microwaveable meals that, while they save you time, also are full of preservatives, hormone-treated meat, and high-sodium vegetables. Home Bistro is a happy balance between convenient and healthy.

meal delivery

It’s not just the vegetables that are natural and local; the chicken and beef are antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free and 100 percent vegetarian-fed. Home Bistro has partnered with local farms—Tecumseh Farms and Aspen Ridge Natural Beef—that are known for humane treatment of their animals, which are born and raised in the United States. The difference is one you can taste.

Freedom to Eat How and When You Want

Home Bistro’s no-contract meal plans let you have the freedom to eat how and when you want. Other meal delivery services are usually available with year-long subscriptions, and the downside to those types of contracts is that when you don’t like or want to eat the ingredients being provided, it simply goes to waste. Those meal delivery services also seem to assume that you never go out to eat, so if you don’t eat all the meals provided, it ends up going bad and getting thrown out.

With Home Bistro, you can choose the number of meals that is right for you, and you can order on a weekly basis. So if you know that you’ll be going on vacation for a few weeks, no worries, just don’t order for that week. When you do order their meal plans, you’ll typically receive 10 meals: 5 meals for lunch and 5 meals for dinner, Monday through Friday. The weekends they leave open for you.

Other types of meals plans include three-day plans (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), or just lunch plans (the SUPERBowls). If you find that some of the meals in the combos are not to your liking, you can also customize your meal plan by ordering individual entrees, although that tends to be pricier than the meal plan packages.

Embracing the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle

The Mediterranean lifestyle is not just about eating food that is healthier overall and promotes longevity—it’s also about truly enjoying each meal by taking the time to savor the flavors, maybe sip a glass of wine, and most important of all, to spend time with family and loved ones. That slow approach to mealtimes is why the Mediterranean is recognized for its slow-food culture. But for a lot of families, balancing work and family schedules is time-consuming enough and leaves little time for cooking and actually enjoying a meal.

That’s what makes the Home Bistro plan so great. On top of providing an array of healthy food options, their easy-to-prepare meals actually allow you to spend time with loved ones. Compared to other meal delivery services, many of which send a box of ingredients and leave you to do all the work of cooking, the culinary work is all done for you with Home Bistro. All the meals are fully cooked by professional chefs and then flash-frozen. They can be reheated either by boiling in the ready-to-boil packages or heating in the microwave.

The fast and easy preparation means you can fully embrace the Mediterranean slow-food culture by spending less time cooking and more time being with loved ones. No more rushing home from work, slapping together a meal, and shoveling it down before putting the kids to bed. By cutting down on the time taken up by cooking, families can actually sit down, converse, and enjoy a meal together, for a truly Mediterranean experience.

Doctor’s Success Kit

This is meal plan that includes menu items that Home Bistro created for The Doctors as part of a healthy-eating series. The package includes five lunch and five dinner meals for one individual. In total, the Doctors Success kit includes 7 weeks of meal plans.

The Doctor’s Success kit includes low-calorie meals that are also diabetic friendly. The healthy-gourmet cuisine is really noticeable in these meal options. A meal from week one of the Doctor’s Success Kit might have something like chargrilled salmon with Mediterranean tapenade, risotto, and ratatouille, or it might have the pork tenderloin medallions with pomegranate-fig sauce, lentil rice, and honey spiced carrots. The creativity of the Home Bistro entrees makes not only for mouth-watering meals but makes every meal an exciting experience.

multi meal packages

Table-for-Two: Lunch and Dinner Collection

The Table-for-Two package is a lunch and dinner plan for two. At the time of this writing, the meal plan comes included with 4 free meals, or two extra days of meals for you and your loved one. It’s a full week of cooking you won’t have to do!

Probably the best part of this package, after the delicious meals of course, is that all the meals are individually portioned. It really makes for a restaurant experience. If the hubby doesn’t want a fish entrée, he can choose a steak dinner instead. If the wife feels like chicken, she’s free to choose to her heart’s desire. Eating together doesn’t have to mean you can’t each eat what you want.

Budget-Friendly, Or Introductory Meal Plans

Home Bistro offers budget-friendly meal plans, but they should probably just be called introductory meal plans because all their plans are budget friendly, especially for gourmet food.

However, their budget-friendly combo plans are all available for under $90. Each of the combo plans comes with three meals—for Monday, Wednesday and Friday meals—and offer lunch and dinner entrees for each day. These plans are perfect for people who don’t want meals for every day of the week but want to leave some nights open for home cooking or going out.

The introductory meal plans are not only great for the budget but great for dieting and reducing caloric intake. All the menus on the introductory meal plans are designed to help with weight loss.

There are three budget-and-diet-friendly combo plans: Body Shred 1, Body Shred 2, and the Mini-Max pack. The Body Shred 1 and Body Shred 2 are designed to complement each other, so for those wanting to use Home Bistro’s menus for the full week, they can choose both plans and not have to worry about cross-over and repetition of menu choices. The Mini-Max pack is designed for even lighter eating than the Body Shred plans.


super bowl

For people with busy schedules, lunch can be the toughest meal to eat healthily for. A one-hour lunch break isn’t enough time to cook something, eating out can get expensive, and bringing leftovers every day quickly becomes boring.

The Home Bistro SUPERBowls are perfect menu items for the busy person and don’t require bringing tons of tupperwares to work. Each lunch comes in just one bowl that can be microwaved at work in no time at all, giving you time to actually kick up your feet and tune out into your zen place before going back to the grind.

For being confined to one bowl to hold an entire meal, the chefs at Home Bistro have outdone themselves in coming up with varied menu items. The SUPERBowls range from superb items like the Udon Red Miso SUPERBowl, to the Mushroom Bolognese Pappardelle, or the Vegetable Chili SUPERBowl with cornbread.

Friendly Food Menus

On top of these popular and budget-friendly meal plans, Home Bistro also offers menus that are friendly to many types of diverse eaters. Gluten-free? No problem. Diabetic? Dig right in. Vegetarian? You can still get a nutritious and extensive menu.

Home Bistro has several friendly food menus that support various types of eaters. Their menus don’t just offer one or two options—they are catered to support the nutritional health of those with restricted diets. This can be a huge plus for people like vegetarians, who might find it difficult to get varied and nutritious meal plans that have protein-packed foods. The friendly food menus also support those seeking to change their diet, such as by switching to paleo or a low-carb diet. Home Bistro menus make it easier to eat well and still have many options. Other people might have to switch eating habits because they have been put on restrictive diets for medical reasons. There are menu options available for them as well, such as the low-sodium diet, which would be suitable for people with high blood pressure.


Home Bistro doesn’t just have entrees. They have entire menus that present friendly food options:

• Heart friendly

• Diabetic friendly

• Cancer support

• Vegetarian

• Lower sodium

• Gluten-free / Celiac’s disease

• Paleo

· Low carb

Compared to Other Meal Kit Delivery Services

There are numerous advantages of Home Bistro’s meals compared to other meal kit delivery services. One example of this is in the nutritional value. While many frozen foods have high-sodium content because salt is used to help preserve the frozen foods, Home Bistro ensures all their entrees have 800 mg of less of sodium and preserves nutrition through flash freezing. Also, not all meal kit services are created with the purpose of caloric reduction in mind, but the entrees on Home Bistro’s menus are all less than 700 calories each.

Here’s how Home Bistro stacks up against its competitors:

meal delivery services compared

Home Bistro:

– Low-calorie options, less than 700 calories

– Low-sodium meals

– Healthy gourmet prepared by chefs

– Diverse menu options

– Friendly food menus for any type of person

– Flash freezing preserves nutritional value

– Order as needed

– Easy and quick preparation

– No-mess reheating

– Affordable average meal of $14

Other Meal Kit Delivery Services:

– Caloric quantities can vary

– High sodium for food preservation

– Bland flavors

– Generic and limited menu items

– Generally only cater to one type of diet

– Old produce loses nutritional value

– Long subscriptions—use or waste!

– Cooking raw ingredients can take 90 min!

– Cleaning cooking utensils, pots, and pans

– Costs can vary from $10 to $20 per meal

Pros and Cons

For a fair review, we’ll lay out the pros and cons of the meal delivery service. The pros and their benefits were outlined earlier in the Home Bistro review.


• Healthy and gourmet

• Low-calorie but not diet food

• All natural, local ingredients

• Natural and humanely raised chicken and beef

• Freedom to choose number and types of meals

• Fast preparation, just 5 to 10 minutes

• Gives you time to enjoy the Mediterranean slow-food approach to meals

• Convenient for lunch and dinner

• Friendly food menus


• No breakfast menus

• No family-combo package

As with anything, there are some cons to discuss. Mainly, the biggest downside to the Home Bistro meal plans is that there’s not more of it! The variety of menu items is definitely fantastic, but we were left wanting breakfast options too and family meal plans.

The Verdict

The Home Bistro review is positively going to lean in support of the meal delivery service. In terms of nutritional value and quality, their menus are hard to beat. Whether it’s menus that cater to certain types of diets, or the use of all-natural and locally-sourced ingredients and humanely raised chickens and cows, their choices in ingredients say a lot about their mission to provide wholesome, satisfying meals.

The convenience of their meals is another winning factor. The past few years have seen a surge in home-delivery meal services that deliver fresh produce and menus for consumers to cook and prepare on their own. While those meal plans might appeal to some, many of us have too busy of lives to spend 90 minutes preparing a meal, especially after working a full day. The prepare-at-home meal services can also lead to a mountain of dishes in the sink. With Home Bistro, preparation is as easy as a pot of boiling water or just using the microwave and the plate you want to eat from.

how it works

The healthy gourmet catering style is also what makes Home Bistro so appetizing. This is especially true for a meal that has been frozen. Frozen foods, on the other hand, are usually not gourmet but more standard and generic. An entree like chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes can be tasty occasionally, but on a weekly basis can be really unappetizing, not to mention it is probably overloaded with calories. The Home Bistro menu, however, has so many options that it would be hard to get bored of the variety.

Having the freedom to choose when and how often to eat Home Bistro lunches and dinners is another perk of their service. While other meal delivery kits come with an overwhelming guarantee of deliveries, like 30 days of meals in a row, Home Bistro leaves you room to order only as needed and craved. Not having to stick to eating their food every day of the month means you won’t have to waste food that doesn’t get eaten, or worse yet, turn down invitations to go out because your entire month’s menu has already been determined.

As the Home Bistro review has shown, the meal delivery service is a great option if you want your menu to have food variety, nutritional value, all natural ingredients, fast and easy preparation, calorie-reduction, and options for diet-friendly foods. For healthy gourmet food, check out the Home Bistro menus. Bon appétit!