Home Chef vs. Blue Apron - Ultimate Comparison for 2021

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Home Chef

Home Chef was established in 2013 and still is consistent with the idea about the importance of reducing food waste, home-cooking, and beauty in family moments around the table!

Company’s policy is to weekly deliver measured and packed ingredients along with a recipe card, but since last year they also sell Home Chef meals in specific grocery stores! Check both options before you make a decision!

  • Shipping Cost: $0*
  • Average Price Per Meal: $8.97 Per Meal
  • Delivery Area: 48 States

*only for orders worth +$49; otherwise $10

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Blue Apron

Blue Apron can compete with Home Chef in a few major categories – “addons,” organic and high-quality ingredients and inspirational worldwide-cuisine recipes! Company is one year older than Home Chef but still is on top and running great!

  • Shipping Cost: $0*
  • Average Price Per Meal: $9.53 Per Meal
  • Delivery Area: Enter your zip code and check on their website

*only 2-serving meal twice a week delivery costs $7.99 per shipping

Meal Options

Home Chef

Blue Apron

Plan & Pricing

Home Chef

  • 2-Person Plan $9.95

    Offers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 meals per one week. Kit prices $39.80 to $119.40

  • 4-Person Plan $9.95

    Offers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 meals per one week. Kit prices $79.60 to $238.80

  • 6-Person Plan $8.74

    Offers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 meals per one week. Kit prices $119.40 to $358.20

Blue Apron

  • 2-Servings $9.99

    Signature / Freestyle / Vegetarian. Meals per week 2,3. Kit prices $47.95 to $59.94

  • 4-Servings $7.49 - $8.99

    Signature.Meals per week 2, 3, 4. Kit Prices: $71.92 to $119.84


Home Chef

Blue Apron

Popular Meals

image of Adobo Chicken Enchiladas Home Chef meal

Home Chef

  • Adobo Chicken Enchiladas
  • BBQ Shrimp Pizza
  • Avocado and Tofu Sushi Bowl
image of Buenos Aires Beef Empanadas Blue Apron meal

Blue Apron

  • Buenos Aires Beef Empanadas
  • BBQ Pork Burgers
  • Creamy Pesto Cavatelli
Steaming food tray with lid

Our Comparison

Meal Plans

Meals on Home Chef and Blue Apron Menus are designed by chefs inspired with Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai cuisines. Omnivore, vegetarian, red meat, pescatarian, low-carb, and many other plans will make you want to order the first box from each company! 

Home Chef features dinner and 5-minute-lunch recipes plus two fruity addons each week! What makes this meal kit company stay on the top is also the fact they deliver meals up to six times per week serving two, four, or six people! Pricing is average, and shipping is free above $49!

All of these most popular meal services are great in saving your time and money (some maybe not the second one!) but Blue Apron made it to another level with a unique idea! Wines on Wine Menu are matching meal recipes, so you don’t have to bother searching for a perfect bottle! Prices are slightly better on 2-person Menus.

The Quality of the Ingredients

Both Home Chef and Blue Apron seems to be aware of the importance of organic and healthy ingredients! Plus, meals taste much better when food is sourced from local, nearby farms and ranches like Home Chef does! Blue Apron’s policy is only organic, Non-GMO vegetables, meat-free of hormones, or antibiotics! In this category, both of them are winners, if you ask us! 

Nutritional Value

Blue Apron has WeightWatchers Menu to help weight-loss, and Home Chef has two menus for these customers! But, neither one of them has Keto or Paleo Plans, even though they offer customization of recipes. Portions are quite big and balanced (proteins, fats, carbs, etc.). Blue Apron has a variety of specific weight-loss meal kits, so we give our vote to them!

If you’re particularly interested in Keto and Paleo plans you should check our guides:


Recipe Variety

Home Chef dinner meals take 30 minutes to prepare while smoothies and lunch take only 5 minutes of your day! Recipe cards are inside each box with photos and tips on how to go through every step of the cooking process. Besides wine and cheese offering, Blue Apron has online kitchen-tools-shop. Home Chef sells kitchenware, and again they both prove why they deserve to be on top of the list!

See more:

Steaming food tray with lid

The Packaging

Side view of the Home Chef box

In rare occasions, there are some significant differences in packaging between compared meal delivery services. This is not one if we talk about recyclable materials; everything is environment-friendly.

But, we can say a bit more about customer reviews. Home Chef’s plastic bags are well-known for organization and labels on each! Saves your time!

Blue Apron box with recipe pamphlets, salmon, meat and vegetables

Blue Apron doesn’t seem to group meal ingredients inside of a box, so if you order two meals, you need time to separate them! Besides that their packages are ECO-friendly and secure freshness of your ingredients.

Customer Support & Service

Home Chef

  • Free Trial –Company doesn’t offer free trials; sign up, and get a $20 discount!
  • Customizable – One of the first sign-up steps is to select your favourite ingredients; customize meal recipes as much as you like! Customer can customize, pause, or cancel a subscription by 11:59 pm/CST on Friday for the next week delivery!
  • Cancellation – Subscription is free-to-cancel, but only by mentioned time!
  • Switching Plans – Mix between programs and plans, order for 2 or 6 if you have guests! Easy to do online or by phone.
  • Gifts – Use their Gift Cards to surprise someone you love! Minimum amount of credit is $50, and you can pick a method of purchase (send to their email or send it to yourself and print it).
  • Refunds – If your products are defective or you didn’t get what you ordered, send an email within seven days after delivery and ask for a refund or so-called “credit” for your next  purchase!
  • Referral – “$30 for $30 referral program” is giving Home Chef credit to both – active, old member and a new member!

Blue Apron

  • Free Trial – Blue Apron gives three free meals for new members! 
  • Customizable – If recipes don’t fit your diet, you can customize them on your account!
  • Cancellation – Cancel subscription free-of-charge online or by calling customer support team!
  • Switching plans – Mix and match meal plans, number of servings but don’t forget to do it on time! 
  • Gifts – Send love in a shape of wine/food gift card to someone who never tried Blue Apron or did, and they want more! The minimum amount of credit to redeem is $60.
  • Refunds – Contact customer support team to start a refund procedure if products are defective in any way!

Our Verdict

Home Chef icon

In the end, there’s only left to say how hard it was to make a choice! Home Chef offers more recipes each week, and they even add new ones! Home Chef can feed six people with only one order, and delivers max six times a week! Average prices are slightly higher on Blue Apron Menu, so it won’t be a decision-maker for anyone who wants to eat healthy food. It is a personal choice, but if you ask us, we pick Home Chef for these few reasons!