Home Chef: How Does it Work?

Many companies offer a food delivery system that can make your life much easier and your meals fun, exciting and healthier. There are ones that will deliver ready-made food to your doorstep and others that will provide all the ingredients you need to prepare the meal for yourself at home.

One can ask the question why do I need food brought to my doorstep when I can go to the store and buy everything I need? Is this worth my time and money? Why Are there so many companies? And how do I choose the one I want?

These food delivery systems all work on the same principle; the only difference is in the policy the company has and in the ingredients they use in their recipes. We want to talk about one such company and to digest all they have on offer so you can make a choice. We will answer the question how does Home Chef work?


The Process

The food selection process is the same for all the companies, and there is no room for experimentation in this part of the process. The logic is straightforward.

You go on to their website and look at their ordering list and select the food types you want. Home Chef has made sure that all food preferences are represented on the site, so you can eat the ingredients you want to. That also means that they take into account all the different health issues people have with food.

How it Works Home chef website

The other thing you select is the amount of food you want to be delivered to your home and how often you want it to come. There is one thing that they promise before they send a package and that is the guarantee of freshness and they are so bold that they say that you do not have to be at home when the package arrives because it will stay fresh for hours.

Is the Food That Fresh?

There are two reasons why the ingredients stay fresh. The first one is the fact that the food is sourced from local producers and distributors that work around the area the company covers. That means that all the ingredients they send comes from the field and it does not spend a lot of time in transport and it does not get treated with chemicals like food from our supermarkets.

fresh ingredients

The other reason why the ingredients stay fresh is the packaging they send them in. The company packs all the ingredients separately, but they also put in special bags with the thermal isolation that they fill with ice. Those ice packages are thick, and the ice will keep the entire boy and all of its content nice and cold until everything gets to your kitchen and you chop it up.

​Once you get the package at your door, you will see that all the food in it is nice and cold and all the ingredients are fresh and firm like they should be. That means that this freshness guarantee is something that they hold on. If this were a lie, their entire company would also be a lie, and they would not have as many customers as they do.

The Food

The food you get delivered is ready for use, and it’s placed into packages that are carefully measured, so you do not have to throw any of it away. The packaging has been significantly reduced because a lot of companies got some criticism from conscious consumers because of all the plastic that they used in the packaging process.

Besides the raping paper and the packaging, you will get a set of instructions on how to prepare the meal. That is the most critical part of the entire service because otherwise you would get a package of ingredients that might seem random to you and you would not know how to use.

3 meals from the offer Home Chef

Home Chef delivers their recipes in a binder so you can keep them in your kitchen and use them any time you want. The other great feature about these recipes is the fact that the instructions are very straightforward so even a beginner in the kitchen can follow them and end up with a delicious meal.

That means they have step by step instructions with pictures that depict everything that needs to be done in the process of food preparation and all of that is put together on a laminated piece of paper that can withstand everything the kitchen will throw at it.

The Recipes

After trying most of the recipes they offer, including the preparation process, we can say for sure that you will enjoy the meals and your taste buds will have a blast. You can choose the meals by yourself, or you can take the ones the website randomly selects for you based on your food needs and preferences.

There are more traditional meals for you to choose from and others that have more taste and flavor in them.  Of course, the choice is completely up to you, but no matter what you choose, you can expect only the best fresh ingredients and some really tasty meals in the end. Find out more about their recipes in this review of home chef.

A recipe for a vegan meal

Is it worth it?

Many people protest against these food delivery systems, especially when they give you just the ingredients because they think that people should buy their own ingredients. Now, that’s all fine if you have the time. Since most of us either can’t find the motivation to cook or don’t have the time to do it this company is a God sent.

Companies like this will save your time, and you will not get inferior goods just because they are mailed to your home every week. All of these companies have a reputation to hold, and they will not send you something that will make you spared lousy gossip about them. That means that you will have all the ingredients in your home without the list making and waiting in lines at the cash register.

image of vegan pizza

Even people who cook every day sometimes do not know what to prepare their dinners or lunches, or they lose interest in going shopping. That usually pushes people to eat less healthy foods like processed foods and fast foods.  It is not a problem in itself, but we all know that the food we prepare at home has more nutrients and tastes better (if done correctly) than the meals served in most fast food restaurants.

The Price

The last part of the review is the price. Some people say that it is too much money for something as simple as a bag of ingredients. That is not the case. Take into account all the different aspects of the package we have mentioned here. That includes everything from the food selection process, the packaging, the ice, the shipping to the recipes that someone had to come up with and perfect.Put all of that together, and the equation is simple enough the price they ask for is just about right, and when you take into consideration that all of this is a service that does something for you, so you do not have to. When all things considered, this service is a life-saver in a number of different ways.


Home Chef is a food delivery system that promises fresh ingredients brought to your home on a weekly basis. They are professional and well thought through so you get fresh ingredients at your doorstep and the only thing you have to do is unpack the box and prepare all the food by following the instructions. This service is something you should try out especially if you like to cook and don’t have the time to make the shopping trip and to plan. The prices they ask for are all reasonable, and you will not be disappointed.