How Do You Cancel HelloFresh Subscription?

Have you tried HelloFresh but felt like something is missing? Even though this food company is an absolute favorite among Americans, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, right? 

Regardless of your reasons for canceling your subscription, we will walk you through this process and even offer you some alternatives. Before you completely cancel your account, keep in mind you can always pause or skip weekly orders. 

Now, let's see how do you cancel HelloFresh, and is it time-consuming?

Steps on How to Cancel HelloFresh Subscription

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Log in

Do you know how to cancel HelloFresh subscription? Well, everything starts with logging in. Enter your username and password or whatever login data you left during the initial stage to access your account.

Click on Your Name

Once you enter your account, your name will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner. Click on your name, and then scroll down until you find the plan setting page.

Click 'Cancel Plan'

Under the status sections, you should locate the button that says "cancel plan." Once you click this button, a popup will appear asking you to name some reasons why you are canceling your account. Choose the option that best relates to your situation.

Follow the Prompt for Your Cancellation

As you are canceling your account, several prompts will appear, making you question your decision. If you are sure that you are done with HelloFresh, press the "cancel anyway" button. Eventually, you should see a message that confirms that your account has been canceled. 

Also, this screen will tell you whether to expect a final delivery that has already been charged. You can always reactivate your account.

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How to Pause HelloFresh Subscription

Log in

Do you know how to pause HelloFresh subscription? It's similar to canceling. You log in to your account and enter your username and password.

Click on My 'Menu'

The next step would be to locate the “my menu" button and click on it.

Select the Delivery Day You'd Like to Skip

Suppose you would like to skip particular weeks within a current billing plan. No problem. HelloFresh allows you to select the week or delivery day you'd like to skip.

Click 'Skip Week'

The final step involves clicking on a "skip week" button, which ensures you get to skip your order for that week. 

Tips For HelloFresh Cancellation

Before you go through the cancellation process, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: 

  • Before canceling your account, make sure you are five days from your next scheduled delivery. In other words, this is also known as the cut-off date. If your next delivery is scheduled in the following days, you can still cancel, but you will be charged.
  • While you can skip a week or two, you can always change the number of meals and frequency of your plan. This might be a better option than canceling HelloFresh altogether.
  • Canceling is much easier using a laptop or desktop. You can use your phone for this purpose, but HelloFresh is more optimized for larger screens.
  • By canceling your account, you are canceling the promotions as well. You may get additional promotions in the future, but current ones won't apply until you sign up again. Skipping a week or two is a great option, especially if you need a short-term break.
  • Their customer support team is amazing and will assist you if you encounter any troubles.  

Other Alternative Meal Delivery Companies

Home Chef

Home Chef will offer you a more diverse range of meal kits than HelloFresh, along with more customization options. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to prepare their meals, but it goes much faster with ready-made dishes. 

Home Chef offers 15-minute meal kits, grill- or oven-ready recipes, fast and fresh prepared dishes, and entry salads. This food company will offer you plenty of customization options. So, whether you are a picky eater or have specific dietary needs, you can easily swap proteins or go for organic options.

Blue Apron

If eating well means more than counting calories, you will love exploring Blue Apron's Wellness plan. In fact, you might even find it better than HelloFresh's Calorie Smart recipes. 

Blue Apron offers nutritionist-designed meals with a holistic approach. It features WW-approved options as well. This food company has been present on the market for a long time and has an excellent score among customers. 

It also offers vegetarian and signature menus similar to HelloFresh's in terms of price and quality. Their recipes are easy to follow and come with detailed instructions and guidance. With Blue Apron, you will feel like a chef in the kitchen.


Meal kits or ready-made dishes are an age-old question everyone has a different answer to. But have you ever wondered if you could mix these two? With some services like HelloFresh, you get to choose only one option, but with others like Sunbasket, you get to explore meal kits and prepared recipes simultaneously. 

Sunbasket features ready-made meals you can grab and go whenever you want to have a healthy lunch at the office or when you don't feel like cooking.  

Not only does this food company cater to different cooking styles, but it covers a wider range of diets than HelloFresh. It has ten specialized meal plans, including paleo and Mediterranean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel HelloFresh anytime?

Absolutely! You can submit your request anytime. However, if you want to avoid being charged for your next delivery, please put in your cancellation request before 11:59 PM PST, five days prior to this cut-off period.

Is the cancellation process easy?

We love this food company because it doesn't make us stay at all costs. There is no commitment whatsoever. It means you can skip, cancel, or pause your order anytime. The cancellation process is pretty straightforward and involves only three easy steps.

Can you cancel HelloFresh after your trial box?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription after receiving a free trial box. If you decide that this meal delivery service isn't the right choice for you, just hop online, head to your account, and cancel your subscription. You will be charged for the last box you received but not for any future boxes.


As you can see, canceling HelloFresh is relatively easy and involves only a couple of clicks. While they will do anything to keep you as a customer, you can cancel your account without commitment. 

If you decide to try something new, we gave you a couple of great alternatives you might find interesting. Make sure to test some of them and tell us what you think.

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