Ice Age Meals Review - Frozen Paleo Recipes

Are you finally ready to say goodbye to processed food, empty calories, and refined carbs? Turning a new leaf and changing your eating habits requires a lot of time, dedication, and hard work.

But, choosing wholesome ingredients eventually pays off. You might be able to lose some weight, control a long-term chronic disorder, or overall feel better in your skin.

This article will focus on the Ice Age Meals review, a paleo and keto food delivery service based in Reno, Nevada, whose recipes feature fresh and primarily organic ingredients.

Let's discover their unique offer, prices, and whether you should spend money on their menu.

How Ice Age Meal Delivery Works

There is no subscription, so you can order meals at your own convenience and choose recipes according to your taste. However, you have to follow one simple rule. The order needs to have 12, 16, 30, or 56 meals per delivery.

The ordering process is pretty straightforward:

  • You decide how many meals you want.
  • You go through the menu to select the dishes you want to be delivered.
  • You choose how many servings of each dish you want to have.

All servings, some in separate containers.

image of ice age home page

Ice Age Meals Delivery Meal Options


This company is famous for its paleo dishes, featuring more than 30 single-serving items, suitable for zone dieters and clean eating. Each month they add new ice age meals paleo to this mix, so you will never be bored with their choice. When putting together your box, you get to choose the type of protein and carbs.


A gluten-free diet is more of a necessity than a choice for many people. That's why this service only makes 100% gluten-free recipes, so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination. This type of diet is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. You can finally enjoy ice age food without any fear.


The Keto diet is a popular option that you can include in your ice age elevate kit. There are six keto meals you can choose from. While this is not much, it can cover your weekly lunch or dinner options. All the dishes we tried had a very pleasant taste and were packed with proteins and low in carbs.

For Singles

While there is no special menu for singles, this food company is great for those living alone. You can order single servings, ideal for your current situation. There is no commencement nor strings attached, just wholesome meals that will nourish your body and soul.

Check out more meal deliveries ideal for single people here.

Nutritional Value

image of ice age meal plans
See Ice Age Meals Plans and Pricing

Recipes are under 500 calories, with only a few dishes exceeding this calorie range. They contain between 28g-50g of protein, 20g-45g of carbs, and up to 20g of fat. There are no more than 800 milligrams of sodium per serving. 

If you are on a Zone diet, then you know that each dish on the menu features four Zone blocks. When it comes to portion size, they are between 13-18 ounces. Each recipe comes with a detailed description of nutrients.

Ice Age Meals Pricing

How much is ice age meals worth? The price depends on how much food you choose to order and whether you opt for keto or standard dishes. Usually, the price ranges between $11.35 and $18.50. Keep in mind that the price will be lower if you order more food.

Also, Keto meals are more expensive than some of their standard offering. For example, if you order 6 standard recipes, expect to pay $15.83 per serving, while keto meals will cost you $17.42 per serving. As you increase your order, the price will drop.

Number of meals

12 pack
16 pack
30 pack

Price per box

$141 - $168
$189 - $225
$354 - $422

Ice Age Meals Packaging

Since food is shipped frozen, it arrives carefully packed in a cooler box, lined with a thermal insulated bag to maintain optimal freshness of ingredients. Your meals will remain frozen during the shipment and should be stored in the freezer upon arrival.

Their website doesn't provide information on whether the packaging is recyclable or not. If this is something you consider important, you should contact them to ask for more details. Each dish measures 5" wide and 2 ¼ high, perfect for easy storage.

Ice Age Meals Delivery Areas

This meal-delivery service is one of the few that delivers to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. While they mostly ship to residential areas, you can order food from a hotel or somewhere else, making this food company unique.

Once the package leaves their warehouse, you can expect it to arrive within two business days. As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive tracking information. If you notice that something is wrong with your shipping information, make sure to contact their customer support immediately.

If it's not too late, the service will redirect your shipment, but you might be required to pay a $20 fee. Shipping costs are between $10 and $50 per delivery.

image of ice age meals box

Ice Age Meals Customer Service

You can contact their customer support through a phone, email, or live chat. Send them an email at or call them at (844) 423-2431. Keep in mind that they aren't available during weekends and that their business hours differ during weekdays.

  • Monday – Wednesday: 10 am – 5 pm
  • Thursday: 12 pm – 5 pm
  • Friday: 10 am – 5 pm

What We Like About Ice Age Meals

No Added Sugar and Artificial Fillers

With this food company, there are no empty calories. You get what you pay for. Meals are free of artificial fillers or added sugar, ideal for people looking to maintain their body weight or take a healthier approach. We really loved this "no sugar" label.

Nut-free, Soy-free, and Dairy-free

There are a lot of people out there who are allergic to all kinds of things, like nuts, milk, soy, and other commonly used ingredients. However, when it comes to Ice Age Meals, you can be assured that their food is 100% nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. You can finally enjoy some of your favorite dishes without worrying you will end up in an emergency.

Low Calorie

Another great thing about this service is that you can choose recipes based on their ice age meals calories. Most of their dishes have no more than 500 calories. To make things easier, the first thing you will see when selecting meals is the caloric content.

Organic and Grass-fed Meat and Vegetables

Organic food is a big thing nowadays, and Ice Age Meals tries really hard to deliver mostly organic produce. Their ingredients are always fresh and mostly organic, which you can check on their website. However, we should mention that not all fruits and veggies are organic.

On the other hand, their meat is grass-fed which is a huge plus. Meals with grass-fed meat cuts have this label in their name, so it's easy to select them. You don't have to look for additional information.


There is no commitment! You can order as many meals as you like. But the minimum order is 12 meals; you can't order less. If you like the service, you can keep ordering your food. If not, just forget about it; there is no cancellation involved.

What We Don't Like About Ice Age Meals

A Bit Pricey

The cheapest meal you can order is around $11, while the priciest goes up to $18. Even though this is not the most affordable service, it offers specialized diet plans, which to some extent justifies the price. But, overall, meal prices are higher than the competition.

Ice Age Meals Sample Dishes

This service is famous for its delicious meals. To discover what delights you can expect, we will share a couple of suggestions you might find interesting. These dishes accurately represent what this food company stands for and will help you decide whether to order or not.

  • Bison Filly Frittata - Low Carb
  • Butternut Squash Lasagna - Grass-Fed
  • Chicken Chile Colorado with Rice
  • Chicken Chile Verde with Yams
  • Chipotle Turkey Chili with Butternut Squash
  • Elk Meatballs with Basil Pomodoro and Sweets
  • Grass-Fed Tri-Tip with Yams
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

Ice Age Meals Alternatives

The ability to eat food that suits your body should be your priority. And, the food we eat is everything but healthy, meaning it's at the bottom of our list. Ice Age Meals tries to change that by offering organic, frozen meals packed with beneficial nutrients.

These chef-designed dishes are mainly focused on the zone, keto, and paleo diets and the owner itself, Nick Massey, mixes and matches the ingredients that consist of starch, fruit, seed, nuts, veggies, and meat, without added sugar.

But, if you want to try some alternatives or aren't sure whether Ice Age Meals service is a good choice for you, we have a couple of competitions whose food might suit you better.

What Makes Ice Age Meals Unique?

To be honest, this food company shares a lot of similarities with some of the best Paleo meal delivery services currently available in the food industry. It uses fresh, premium and organic ingredients and offers options for other popular diets.

You are given the freedom to order as much food as you like, no commitment, no strings attached. Chef Nick personally designs meals and personally handpicks the ingredients. Then he lets his team taste recipes and shares their impressions. 

After this initial phase, the dish is cooked in a large batch to check whether it needs further adjustments. They will freeze the dish and then reheat it if everything is alright. If the meal doesn't pass this test with flying colors, it will not be on the menu.

Another great thing about this service is that you get to make their meals at home. All the recipes are available on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reheat Ice Age Meals?

You can reheat dishes using an oven or a microwave. It takes approximately four minutes to reheat ice age foods in a microwave, with the seal on. Then, take it out of the microwave, remove the seal, poke the food, and pop it in for another four minutes.

If you are using the oven, preheat it at 375F and bake the dish for 30 minutes.

How long do Ice Age frozen meals last?

According to information we found on their website, you can keep meals in a freezer for a year or longer. However, as a general rule, they recommend six months.

Do they offer promos and coupons?

Unfortunately, there are no available promotions or ice age meals coupon available for March 2022. But, make sure to follow their blog section because that's where they publish the latest news related to promos and coupons.


Let's wrap things up! While reviewing this service, we loved a lot of things about it, but what stood out was its commitment to healthy food and premium ingredients. Each meal is carefully crafted, ensuring that everything on the menu is delicious and great for your body.

While their meals aren't cheap, the produce they use don’t come at lower price. Additionally, if something is wrong with your order or you don't love the food you received, this company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Overall, we couldn't think of any valid reason why you shouldn't test this meal delivery service.

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