Kansas City Steak Company Reviews and Ratings for 2022

Are you a meat lover? If you are, you’ve surely heard of Kansas City Steak Company and their delivery service. If you’ve never used them, you must be wondering are they any good? Their prices seem steep, are they worth it?

This Kansas City Steak Company review will go over the basic aspects of the service. We’ll cover how their delivery works, as well as their subscription options. We will also go over the main features that set them apart from their competition and provide you with an overview of what they offer.

After reading this article, you should have all the information you need to know whether they’re the right service for you, or if you should look elsewhere.

What Is Kansas City Steak Company Delivery?

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They are a meat delivery service with a long tradition and a great reputation for quality cuts. They’ve been around since 1932, and they’re a family-owned and operated business. That’s what allowed them to maintain their integrity and quality.

All the meat comes from their own stock, which they raise responsibly and humanely. Their beef is grass-fed and free-range, and they also offer pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, as well as lobster and crab, so you’re sure to find plenty of options.

How It Works

Their service is geared more towards selling meat. They have a subscription, but you don’t have to subscribe to buy their products. You can simply choose what you like and place your order. That way, you have all the control.

If you’d like an ongoing subscription, you can buy into one of their clubs. You’ll need to choose the length of your subscription in advance, though, and you’ll have to pay for the whole duration, too. You’ll still receive the packages monthly.


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Wide Variety of Meat Options

Apart from the meat sourced from their own stock, they also offer a wide variety of other options, too, all available in many different cuts. You can choose between beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and salmon, which should cover the needs of most people.

Grass-Fed Source

As they are the source of their beef, they have full control over their raising. All of them are grass-fed and free-range, and they don’t use antibiotics or hormones, either. That should ensure that their products have a higher quality standard, and they could be safer in the long run, too.

A Lot of Add-ons

Alongside the meat, they also have plenty of appetizers, sauces, dips, seasonings, and desserts in their offer. They will also add an informative booklet full of recipes and tips for preparation, which could be handy. You’ll always have plenty of choices here, too.

45-day Replacement or Refund Guarantee

They provide a generous replacement plan if you’re unsatisfied with their products. They’ll give you 45 days to ask for a refund or a replacement if one of their cuts wasn’t to your liking. If the item in question was only a part of a package, the refund or replacement will also be partial.

28 Days Meat Preparation

All their steaks are wet aged for 28 days, which means that they were wrapped in plastic and left in a refrigerator. That should ensure maximum tenderness and flavor before they are even sent to you. By that time, their products should be much more tender and delicious than what you can find in a store.

Top Meal Categories

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Filet Mignon

They are particularly known for the quality of their Filet Mignon. You’ll find plenty of choices in their offer, including Super Trimmed, USDA Prime, Bacon Wrapped, or Beef Wellington, and all their options can also be gift-boxed.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, they also have lobster and crab, as well as other seafood which includes sea bass, halibut, salmon, shrimp, and ahi tuna. So, whether you prefer seafood or you want some variety, they can provide that.


They have plenty of choices when it comes to barbeque. You can choose from several items, including beef burnt ends, pulled pork, pork ribs, or their combo package with a bit of everything.

Steak Burger

Their steak burgers are made from the same quality beef as their steaks, so you should know you’re in for something delicious. Their offer contains classic, USDA Prime, and garlic butter burgers, and many others.

Beef Roasts

Prime rib roasts are another area they specialize in. They have plenty of choices there, too. You can pick between the standard and USDA Prime types, and each has several options to choose from.

Kansas City Strips

These are their specialties, and they are widely known for the quality of their strips. They have a wide selection, too. You can choose between steak, filet, bone-in steak, or boxed versions.


Among their non-beef selection, their turkey-based menu offers the greatest variety. You can purchase whole turkeys, whether smoked or herb-roasted, or you could opt for one of their combinations.

Rib Eye

Their ribeye steaks are also known for their delicious taste. They have a variety on offer, some from their private stock and others carrying a USDA Prime label.

Cost and Pricing

The prices can seem steep, but if you keep their quality in mind, you’ll find that they can be worth it.

If, however, you opt for one of the subscription plans, you could find yourself saving some money. The subscriptions themselves, however, are expensive and need to be paid upfront, while the deliveries are still monthly.

The cheapest option covers 3 months and costs $299.95, while the priciest 12-month package has a price tag of 1049.95. Your savings will be greater in the more expensive options, though.

Meal box

Classic Steak Sampler Gift Box
Classic Cuts Trio
Welcome to Kansas City Collection
Heartland Collection
Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon and North Atlantic Lobster Tails

Price per box

$94.90 - $449.80
$94.90 - $449.80
$109.90 - $289.90
See Kansas City Steak Company Plans and Pricing

Customer Service

Their customer service is on a high level, too, especially considering their reputation and long tradition. If you’re not satisfied with their products, you have a 45-day guarantee. During that time, they’ll either send a replacement or refund you for the items you’re displeased with. You can also get a gift certificate for your next purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are their specialties?

You’ll find that they’re most famous for their strips, as well as their filets. Their offer is largest in those categories, too, so in most cases, you can’t go wrong with either of those. They have a wide variety of steaks in general and those make the bulk of their offer.

Do they offer coupons?

Yes, they offer a variety of discount codes and coupons. Some will offer a 10% discount; others will have free shipping. They also have an e-mail list in which they can notify you when they have a sale, so that could be a great option if you’re looking for a deal.

What does the package look like?

The steaks are flash-frozen, sealed in plastic, and packed in a cardboard box. Those are then added to a package containing dry ice to keep the contents fresh, and the whole is insulated in a Styrofoam cooler. That should make sure that the meat won’t go bad in transit.

Final Thoughts

Kansas City Steak Company has been around for almost a century. Even though they originally only supplied restaurants and hotels, in the last several decades, they expanded their service to consumers, as well.

They offer a wide selection of steak, primarily beef from their own stock, raised humanely and responsively. Apart from beef, their offer includes other meats, including pork, chicken, turkey, and various seafood.

While their prices might seem steep, they are well worth it. You’ll receive a product with a high standard in quality, made from decades-worth of expertise and tradition. If you’re a meat connoisseur, you’ll know how to appreciate their products.
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