Lean Meals Review


Jun 19
lean meals review

What is Lean Meals?

Lean Meals is a food delivery service focused on transporting freshly cooked meals to the doorsteps of their customers. The founders and contributors of this service have been delivering healthy meals since May 2014. Since this date, they have expanded their horizons and are now encouraging healthy eating nationwide.

In a fast-paced society like the one that we live in, consumers fall victim to fast foods and processed foods – mainly because they are convenient, quick, and cheap. While all of this is true, processed foods bring serious health issues and are large contributors to heart diseases, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Lean Meals understands this problem and has developed a solution. They do all the busy work to give consumers a quick, convenient, yet healthy meal. Their highly trained culinary team keeps meals fresh and flavorful. Since meals are already cooked, all consumers need to do is heat up their nutrient-packed meal and enjoy!

There are other services that provide pre-cooked meals to consumers, however, Lean Meals is different from other meal preparation services in three important ways:

• Quality – meals are sealed in special containers to ensure the highest quality product upon delivery. Many companies use dry ice, even though it defeats the purpose of sending out fresh food.
• Freshness – every single meal is made with fresh ingredients. Chefs do not pre-cook meals and then freeze them until they get sold. They also do not use preservatives. Instead, Lean Meals cooks and gets the dishes ready to ship all in the same day.
• Shipping – Lean Meals is proud to announce that they are providing their services nationwide with FedEx as their provider. Consumers can track their order online once the meals have been picked up by a FedEx representative. Tracking orders is a good idea to ensure there is someone home upon delivery.

Ultimately, this service saves consumers both time and money. Consumers will spend less time at grocery stores and they will not spend money on unhealthy ingredients that they do not need. It will also save them the hassle of cooking after coming home from a long day at work.

Lean Meals prepares 30 unique meals every week, guaranteeing customers never get bored with their meal selections. Every meal is nutritious and a great alternative to dining out. There is also a brief description of meals to give insight on calorie intake, ingredients, and portion sizes.


Their Team

The food experts behind this company have a clear understanding of how to achieve a nutritional, healthy diet. Most meals provide between 1200-1600 calories per day and have the right amount of protein, carbs, and vegetables. The wide variety of meal plans will be discussed in detail further into this review.

The main goal of this service is to create a long-term healthy eating style. Through nutritious, natural foods, consumers will receive the right intake of nutrients to maintain a healthy diet. These meals are made to better consumers overall physical well-being including weight loss and muscle building.

lean meals ordering

Lean Meals is equipped with an experienced culinary team whom are experts in their work. They continuously create new recipes to keep their menu exciting and new, giving customers something to look forward to. Contributors of this service have the following goals in mind in regards to the meals provided:

• Fresh ingredients
• Low-calorie count
• Macronutrient content
• Wide variety of options

In addition, individuals have the option of selecting a pre-made meal plan or customizing one of their own. This interactive way to develop meal plans makes it fun and simple. There are plans specifically for males and females to ensure they receive the right amount of nutrients for their bodies. If for any reason the consumer does not want a meal provided, they can replace it before checking out.

The chefs of Lean Meals understand that healthy living does not consist of dieting, but rather a more permanent way of eating. Their passion and belief in the science of nutrition have helped them develop these tasty meals. Lean Meals gives their customers the same product, every time, no matter where they are located.

How This Service Works

Lean Meals brings forward a simple process for individuals to order fresh meals. To save their customers time, they have the option of creating an account with this service. By creating an account on the company website, individuals are able to subscribe to specific items, track order history, start or stop deliveries, and more.

If a customer chooses to cancel their order they must do so 48 hours before food leaves the kitchen. If the order is canceled after the 48-hour mark, they will receive a credit for a future delivery or 50% of the purchase price returned. This is because after the 48 hours ingredients have already been purchased and will go to waste. Lean Meals is flexible with their customers and expect the same in return.

This service works in 3 easy steps:
1. The consumer must select their desired meals – a minimum of 10 items is required before purchasing. After the consumer selects their 10 dishes or meal plan, they can proceed to the checkout screen.
2. The chefs at Lean Meals will prepare the selected meals fresh and ship them according to their shipping policy. Orders placed between Monday and Thursday will be shipped Monday. Orders placed between Friday and Sunday are shipped on Wednesday.
3. Consumers will receive their meals directly to their doorstep and should refrigerate immediately. When it comes time to eat, simply heat and enjoy!

Customers are encouraged to create an account and utilize the portal for all orders. Creating an account and subscribing automatically saves them a percentage on orders. Subscriptions can be canceled online at any given time.

Creating an account is quick and easy. It gives individuals access to their account details such as managing their subscription and viewing order history. Lean Meals has created a smooth and simple process to get consumers started on their program. The have the option of customizing their meals or selecting a premade plan. Agents can be reached online by leaving a message through the online portal.


• Large variety of meals

• Customized meal plans available

• Nationwide Delivery

• Zero preservatives in foods


• No vegetarian or vegan options

Current customers have great things to say about the services Lean Meals provides. It brings a new meaning to eating healthy for busy individuals or those who simply do not enjoy to cook. Whatever the case may be, Lean Meals strives to be the best they can be in terms of quality and customer service – and it shows!

Continue reading for the full Lean Meals review!

The Menu

Lean Meals offers a large variety of foods. Customers have the option of customizing their meals or selecting meals from the lists below. If they decide to choose their own, they will select their preferred choice of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and side sauce.

Sauces are also freshly made and for every individual ingredient, macronutrient information is provided – based on weight after cooking. Customers have the option of messaging a Lean Meal agent if any question arises through this process. However, the customer portal is very easy to use with a nicely organized layout.

For custom made breakfast meals, customers can choose a breakfast protein such as scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, or ground beef. Carbohydrates include oatmeal, protein pancakes, or breakfast potatoes. It is the same concept for lunch and dinner entrees.

Consumers who don’t wish to customize their meals have the following options:

Signature Meals
• Arroz Con Pollo
• Baja Tilapia
• Chicken Stir Fry
• Teriyaki Turkey Burger

Breakfast Meals
• Chocolate Chip Pancakes
• Sausage and Egg Breakfast Plate
• Strawberry Protein Pancakes
• Steak and Potato Breakfast Bowl

Gluten Free
• Caveman Steak Plate
• Classic Turkey Chili
• Firecracker Shrimp
• Turkey Bolognese

Low Carb
• Greek Salad
• Buffalo Chicken Dippers
• Chicken Caesar Salad
• Ginger Spiced Chicken

By clicking on a meal from the “select meals” option, individuals will get a short description of the dish. The variety of tasty meals to choose from gives consumers options to select foods based on their liking. If they are unsatisfied with the selected meals on a pre-made plan, they can easily replace the meal with another healthy option.

Meal Plans

The culinary team at Lean Meals does a great job cooking meals that target weight loss and muscle building. Their two meal plans are designed to help customers achieve their weight loss goals regardless of age, lifestyle, or physical limitations.

The following program options are available:

• Weight Loss Program: This low carb and lean protein based diet are designed to promote weight loss. For best results, consumers are encouraged to pair it with daily activities such as light jogs, bike riding, or swimming.

• Fitness Program: This lean protein, veggies, and complex carbs meal plan are designed for maintenance and muscle building. It is best suited for people with active lifestyles that enjoy spending time lifting weights at the gym.

These meal plans are further divided into categories – which we will get too soon. Portion sizes differ depending on gender. For example, in the weight loss program, men need to consume an average of 1600 calories per day while women need approximately 1200 calories per day. On average, every meal is between 325-425 calories.

A minimum purchase of 10 meals is necessary for consumers who do not wish to participate in a program and want to purchase meals straight from the menu. Once meals are in the shopping cart, individuals can add or remove meals based on their specific tastes. Lean Meals customizes meal plans to help guide their customers, but they can change anything prior to purchasing.

Every week, Lean Meals offers 30 new meal items to choose from. This keeps it interesting for customers, giving them the option to mix things up and add something new to their weekly selection.

For a more customized program, individuals can contact Lean Meals by sending a message through the online portal. Normally, this is not a problem among individuals as Lean Meals offers enough variety as is. Everything can be done completely online saving consumers time. This means less frequent trips to the grocery store or fast foods.


The pricing for meal plans provided is listed below. If individuals choose to be on a weekly plan, they will be charged the day after meals are received. If for any reason they prefer to be billed on a specific day, they can contact customer service at cs@leanmeals.com.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

• 5 Day Program (10 meals) you pay $89.50
• 7 Day Program (14 meals) you pay $134.25
• 5 Day Program (15 meals) you pay $129.25
• 7 Day Program (21 meals) you pay $189.90

Weight loss meal plans are based on lean proteins and contain 325-425 calories on average. The 5-day program with 10 meals includes 5 lunches and 5 dinner entrees, while the 7-day program includes 7 lunches and 7 dinner entrees.

The larger meals such as the 5-day program with 15 meals include 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinner entrees. The 7-day program with 21 meals includes 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinner entrees.

Fitness Meal Plans for Men
• 5 Day Program (10 meals) you pay $101.50
• 7 Day Program (14 meals) you pay $141.30
• 5 Day Program (15 meals) you pay $141.25
• 7 Day Program (21 meals) you pay $196.95

Fitness Meal Plans for Women
• 5 Day Program (10 meals) you pay $89.50
• 7 Day Program (14 meals) you pay $125.30
• 5 Day Program (15 meals) you pay $129.25
• 7 Day Program (21 meals) you pay $180.95

Meals can be replaced at any time – before checkout – to ensure customers only get meals that they want. When meals are received, individuals are encouraged to take the following measures to get the most out of their meals:

• Consume a Lean Meal every 3-4 hours depending on fitness goals
• If breakfast is not included in the meal plan, it’s suggested that consumers eat breakfast on their own 45 minutes after waking up.
• Because meals are already cooked and packaged in a microwave-safe container, all that’s left to do is heat. Microwave for 60-90 seconds.
• Eat meals during the 7-day period that they arrived in. It is best not to freeze meals for more than 2 weeks – keep in mind that meals taste best when eaten fresh.
• Upon delivery, refrigerate meals immediately

On average, when dishes are purchased individually, Lean Meals cost $8.95 per plate. All breakfasts cost $7.95 per plate and gluten free meals range from $7.95 to $8.95. Each meal includes a 1 oz side of dipping sauce – also made fresh. Compared to other providers, this service sells their meals at a moderate cost. Individuals are receiving great meals at a good price.


Shipping is offered to all the continental United States. Shipping costs differ depending on location and works in two ways. Orders placed between Monday and Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. Orders placed between Friday and Sunday are shipped on Wednesday.

Lean Meals uses FedEx as their provider. Once meals are picked up, consumers can track their order online and are encouraged to do so to ensure someone is home at the time of delivery. FedEx also allows clients to customize delivery times. Meals will arrive in the following ways:

• In recyclable, 100% BPA free microwave-safe containers
• Delivered inside an insulated box with ice packs

It is important to store and refrigerate as soon as possible upon delivery. If any meals are damaged during transit, individual will need to take a photo of the meal(s) and email them to cs@leanmeals.com. Lean Meals will then replace those meals on the next order completely free of charge.



While writing this review it was discovered that Lean Meals has some awesome perks and features that distinguish them from other food preparation providers. Unlike other meal delivery services, Lean Meals never freeze their meals. They send the food out with fresh ingredients in safe microwavable containers.

Because they don’t use preservatives, it’s important that customer refrigerate their meals upon delivery. If for any reason the individual can’t be home at the specified delivery time, it’s recommended they find someone who can do it for them. Other great features include:

• Quality – There’s no doubt Lean Meals prepares ready to go meals, free of preservatives. Their main focus is to provide consumers with freshly prepared meals they will enjoy and benefit from.
• Cost – In comparison with other food preparation providers, Lean Meal prices can be considered moderate – especially with everything they have to offer. Certain companies such as Plated, charge up to $12 per meal. On average, Hello Fresh meals start at $9 plus per meal. On average, Lean Meals cost $8.95 per dish. All breakfasts cost $7.95 and gluten free meals range from $7.95 to $8.95.
• Food options – With the endless food options, consumers will find the foods they like to eat. Companies such as Freshly, also offer the option of building their own meals.

The Verdict

Lean Meals is very highly rated by consumers and a safe alternative to fast food restaurants. They have an amazing team of culinary professionals who know the ins and outs of preparing healthy meals. Saving individuals the hassle of preparing their own foods, this provider is here to help simplify the process of healthy eating.

This service has proven to be a great selection for consumers who would like to develop a healthy eating pattern. Lean Meals has amazing ratings in terms of variety, nutritional value, portion size, and cost. We encourage consumers to contact Lean Meals online, for any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

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