9 Important Things You Can Learn About Cooking

The overall number of meals cooked in the US homes is at a steady decline. However, the business of selling homeowners everything they need to create home-cooked meals is at a constant increase.

Today, there are dozens of meal kit delivery services out there, each of them offering a promise of delicious meals with calorie limits that take only about half an hour to make. According to interviews with customers and their social media posts, the commitment is fulfilled – all it takes is reading the instructions, doing some chopping, and then enjoying the tasty food.

To put it simply, a meal kit delivery service is quite a convenient way to simplify the whole idea of meal planning, while at the same time letting you develop new skills in your kitchen. Already-prepared ingredients make the entire process a lot less intimidating and allow complete novices to cook delicious dishes under 30 minutes.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the positive effects that subscribing to a meal delivery service can have on your cooking skills. Read on!

Meal Kit Preparation

Meal kit preparation is as simple and straightforward as it gets. For the price of a subscription, users receive a weekly delivery of everything that’s not the most fundamental ingredient (such as salt or olive oil.)

This is one of the best ways to get groceries – fresh vegetables, baggies of herbs, and raw meat all come in portions, together with ice (to keep them fresh) and the instruction cards.

Apart from some especially spicy seasonings, every piece of each ingredient will become a part of your reasonably-portioned meal. For that matter, there are usually no leftovers or stray leaves of chard left to rot in the drawer – food waste is reduced to a minimum.

The recipe cards that come with each dish are very simple, giving the subscriber a brief rundown of the meal and its origins. The steps are usually illustrated, showing one how to unpack the ingredients and use his kitchen tools to turn them into a delicious dinner.
Home Cooking Made simple by Home Chef

Is This Actually Cooking?

Whether using services of companies such as Sun Basket or Freshly is actual cooking hugely depends on one’s experience with ingredients and his talent in the kitchen. It also depends on one’s definition of cooking – is it just preparation, or sourcing too? Do you consider education and improvisation as essential factors?

Cooking is, actually, becoming quite a rarity in the US – less than 60% dinners that Americans eat at home are actually prepared there, which is 10% lower than in the 80s. Our readers consider the meal kit delivery services as a fantastic alternative to take-out and sit-down restaurants. They claim that the prospects of easy preparation, limited calories, no grocery shopping, and excellent flavor all combine to make a meal delivery service a far better solution than getting a take-out.

The fact that people use stoves and not their smartphones to eat is indeed a good thing and one that, hopefully, leads us into a future with healthier food for everyone.

9 Things That a Meal Delivery Service Could Teach You About Cooking

In this part of the article, we’ll analyze the most significant benefits that come with using a meal kit delivery service. Some of them could actually make you grow as a cook and improve your culinary skills – take a closer look at them:

#1 – Get Out of Your Routine

Those who cook the same meals every week could greatly benefit from being subscribed to a meal kit delivery service. Home delivery kits are guaranteed to get you acquainted with taste profiles from all around the planet.

As you can already guess, this will help both you and your family from breaking out of a recipe routine and enjoy a much more diverse meal rotation. You’ll have an opportunity to taste meals that have been inspired by Mexican, French, Italian, Asian, Thai, Southern, Argentinian, Swiss, and a plethora of other world cuisines.

#2 – Add Some Professional Skills

Even those who regularly cook at their homes are certain to get bored with their same old sauté scene. Upon trying new dishes due to being subscribed to a meal delivery service, you’ll almost certainly be prompted to try out some new cooking techniques. Steaming fish, searing steak, roasting vegetables, preparing a finishing sauce, and segmenting fruit are just some of them.
Happy girl cutting a pepper
Have you ever wanted to expand your repertoire of kitchen methods? If the answer is affirmative, subscribing to a cook-at-home service is precisely what you need. It will undoubtedly blow open the possibilities for your regular lunches and dinners.

#3 – Prevent the Food Waste

Restaurants are well-known for serving mountains of mashed potatoes and platter-sized steaks, and meal kit recipes are the exact opposite of this.

You will receive the precise amount of ingredients needed to prepare each of your recipes. This, in turn, will help you to get used to healthful eating by teaching you how to recognize correct portion sizes. You will also learn how to prevent food waste and save money – it’s one of the most significant benefits and something that should make you seriously think about signing up.

#4 – Trade the Harmful Fats for Tasty Flavor

Creating a sauce with a heavenly flavor is quite easy when you use heaps of sugar or lots of butter. The actual key to creating an unforgettable taste is in doing so without adding fat and calories. The meal kit recipes are more than capable of showing you how to do that.
Bunch of parsley on the wooden table
These recipes usually feature things like chives, cilantro, parsley, thyme, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, and various custom blends that you regularly wouldn’t even think of using. A big bonus is the fact that each of these spices comes with its own health-enhancing elements, such as antioxidants and others.

#5 – Be More Efficient

The business model of almost every meal delivery service is to teach their subscribers to create a nutritious and flavorful dinner under half an hour.

Many people claim that the only thing that prevents them from everyday cooking is that they don’t have enough time for it. With a quality meal delivery service, this won’t be a problem – you should be able to have at least three delicious meals for most days of the week. And the best thing is that each of them can be made for just 30 minutes of your time.

This will also enable you to spend a lot more of your free time on things you really like – such as having family time or pursuing your hobby.

#6 – Make Healthy Swaps

A vast majority of meal services list things such as carbohydrates, calories, sugars, sodium, fiber, protein, and saturated fat on their recipe cards.

Learning how to read these labels is guaranteed to make you far more vigilant when it comes to planning healthier meals for your family. It’s a habit that stays with you even if you decide to cancel the subscription.
Shrimp & Andouille Paella nutrition facts

#7 – Get Familiar with Your Kitchen Tools

Most of the recipes provided by these companies don’t require users to utilize specialized gadgets, but still give them an opportunity to use kitchen tools that they never had a chance to use before.

After a couple of weeks of being subscribed to a cook-at-home service, you’ll become a master user of a chef’s knife and know when it’s time to pull out a zester. This kind of familiarity with all of your tools will undoubtedly make you more skillful in the kitchen.

#8 – Reusable Recipes

As you cook along with meal kits, you’re bound to bump into recipes that you’ll love and want to cook more than just once. Fortunately, most companies keep recipes on the menu for at least a month, allowing their subscribers to order their favorites more than once.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from reading the info on the recipe card and cooking your favorite meal for as many times as you’d like. Typically, the ingredients on these cards aren’t that hard to find, giving you an opportunity to recreate your favorite dishes no matter where you live.
Za'atar-Roasted Cauliflower

#9 – Fewer Utensils to Clean

The fact that most of these ingredients come portioned will prevent you from using more pots and plates than you actually should. With a meal kit delivery service, the recipe efficiency is maximized, and the number of utensils needed for cooking is minimized.

This, in turn, leads to a lower number of pots and plates in your sink at the end of the evening – and who doesn’t like that?

Overall, it is pretty easy to see that getting subscribed to a service of this kind comes with a myriad of benefits. You are guaranteed to get some neat cooking skills by trying out new recipes and flavors and by using ingredients and tools you’ve never even thought of using before.

Furthermore, you will introduce healthy food into your routine, prevent the potential food waste, have a lot less utensils to clean, and also save time and money that you could use for something else. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?
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